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Is Godzilla 2014 the Monster of Steel?

High FLYERS Tag Team

Jul-21-2015 8:56 PM

Now I've had this theory for a while and I've been wondering? Is Godzilla 2014 just like superman?

Now what I by this is after watching the final showdown, I was wondering if there are some a huge similarity there? now your probably asking what similarity I'm speaking of, and that's if Godzilla 2014 can get powered or has to get powered up after long period of time and draining of radiation possibly? Now superman can get drain out and needs to get powered up by a star, and the more energy he gets from the star, the more powerful he is! And in the center of the star be unstopable basicaly, so I'm wondering, does Godzilla get drain of radiation energy and needs to get more to become stronger of just to charge back up, and if he's at the bottom of the ocean or towards the center of the earth, what could he do? 

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3 Responses to Is Godzilla 2014 the Monster of Steel?

Something Real

Jul-22-2015 12:56 AM

HIGH FLYERS TAG TEAM - Now this is a very interesting notion you have raised! Hmm...I would honestly think that Godzilla simply requires radiation to remain active in the same manner that you and I require calories. I have doubts that Godzilla could "overcharge" himself with radiation in order to become more powerful. With that being said, I could certainly see Godzilla taking advantage of nearby sources of radiation in order to recharge his reserves after a protracted and/or draining battle! This was a very fun question to ponder! :)

Sci-Fi King25 #TeamRodan

Jul-22-2015 7:08 AM

An interesting theory.

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Jul-22-2015 8:05 AM

We all know what happen to Big G when he gets too much radiation in him...


Will Godzilla 2014 ever become like this?

No, it is highly unlikely that the Legendary version of Godzilla will ever become like Burning Godzilla.  Doesn't mean it couldn't happen, but plot wise it wouldn't work.  Especially since Big G is the equalizer when it come to the balance of nature for the Legendary series.

How it "Could" happen:

Someone (President) gets it in their head that Godzilla is a threat (How orginal...) regardless of his status of hero or whatever.  Said person orders multiple nuclear strikes on Godzilla to try and kill him.  This fails as Godzilla absorbs the radiation turing him into the Meltdown (Burning) form.  In pain, Big G goes on a rampage.  With no way to stop him, Big G explodes and the Earth goes with him.  The End.

Okay, okay...

Well regardless, its not likely to become something like that.  One thing for sure is, that in Godzilla 2, Big G will definetly have a stronger beam attack without the Muto's EMP affecting him.  If Ghidorah is in the next film, he's going to need that extra boost in power to survive.

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