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What if Legendary Goji is the most powerful incarnation of Godzilla yet?

The Hood

Dec-04-2015 3:04 AM

Ok, I know this sounds ludicrous, but I'm just saying what if? Yes, from what he have seen of him, he is at least in the Top 10, but what if he is 1? We all agree his atomic breath isn't destructive like others, but what if it's so hot it can melt steel easily. What if he is durable enough to tank several Spiral Rays? What if he is string enough to lift his own bodyweight and more with ease.  Yes it seems very, very far-fetched but what if this is revealed in future movies? If he is truly this powerful then Ghidorah really needs to step his game up. 

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"


49 Responses to What if Legendary Goji is the most powerful incarnation of Godzilla yet?


Dec-08-2015 4:15 PM

Do I have proof that the missiles weren't armor piercing missiles? Yes I do. Armor piercing missiles actually go through any known materials and then explode. Those missiles in 2014 were exploding on impact. That's common sense Gg. And as a side note, I'll let you in on a little bit about myself. I'm a weapons enthusiast. I guarantee I know more about guns than you do pop-tarts. Why? My family served in WW2, and Vietnam. My uncle who passed away last year told and taught me a lot about guns, missiles, bombs, grenades, etc. 

Don't bring God into this conversation either. He has nothing to do with this. Except created the filmmakers who made these films but that's about it. 

What point am I missing exactly? The stuff you bring up is entirely "fan" output. Film critics, movie reviewers, and even the experts will tell you the same thing myself, Wolfguy, something real, Durp004, and Gman2887 have represented. 

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Dec-08-2015 5:27 PM

First of all, G'14 has not taken more punishment or more blows than any other Godzilla. That's just false. And the Mutos were not stabbing him, the FemMuto was pummeling, pushing, and stepping on him while the Male was sort of grabbing onto him and dragging him around. Never saw any chunk of flesh torn out.

Yes, pound for pound, he's one of the strongest... simply because he's one of the biggest. But if you look at each Godzilla in their weight class, the others simply have far more impressive feats of strength, power, durability, what not. BUT, G'14 only has one film and less then half an hour of film to him. I'm waiting for the next film to see what happens. And it's not bad that he's weaker, he's just more realistic.

If we're going to go for the strongest, it's probably the Marvel Godzilla. While not visually impressive, he's the largest and strongest of all at about 190 meters.

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Dec-08-2015 7:13 PM

Wolfguy I actually agree with everything you just stated.

Ben when did I ever bring God into the conversation?


 "...I hope they remember you."-Thanos

Something Real

Dec-08-2015 7:16 PM

Boys! Boys! Saints alive! Easy with each other! We are all Godzilla enthusiasts; there is no need to let our shared passion cause rifts between us! Each of you has made extremely intelligent arguments; you should be extremely pleased with the knowledge you have each evidenced! :)


Dec-09-2015 3:51 AM

No worries, Something Real. Besides, I can easily come up with counters favouring LegendaryGoji.

Huge-Ben, the Pan-Pacific tests actually ended in the early 60s, and '54 was definitely not the last test. As well, factoring in Awakening (and don't you give me that look, the graphic novel is marketed as an official prequel, and should be interpreted as such), we have even greater feats of durability.

As for the bridge scene and Final Wars Goji, easily countered as well. Look more closely, you see that LegendaryGoji is reeling back from his left side, the side facing the naval fleet. You can even see their artillery fire being focused on the gill area, and LegendaryGoji was fine afterwards anyways. And with regards to Final Wars's scene, looking at the actual crater created, that asteroid had a force of much less than an average kiloton-range nuke.

The destroyed Tokyo around it was already like that, creating the illusion that ALL of Tokyo was decimated by Gorath.


Dec-09-2015 5:14 AM


Does "by God " not ring the bell? 


Actually in the 60's it was the Soviet union still nuclear testing.

Graphic novel being a prequel? Since when was it marketed as such? Just because Borenstein wrote the script for Godzilla 2014 and the graphic novel doesn't mean it's Canon. If that were true then marvel, idw, and dark horse comics would be Canon to the films as well but, they are not. Why? Simply because the directors, the artists, and screenwriters never lay claim to any comic book being Canon to the films. Comic books and graphic novels are nothing more than "fan" interpretations. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Saying they were focusing on the gills is complete horse crap. How did they know that was a weak point when most missiles were hitting his back and stomach? 

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Dec-09-2015 5:31 AM

"Does "by God " not ring the bell?"

Don't get so butthurt over a simple expression. Not like he intentionally started some theological debate. Thicken your skin.


*Rolls eyes* Gill area... Not going through this again.

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Dec-09-2015 6:27 AM

That was just an expression Ben lol. Okay guys we're getting horribly off-topic.

 "...I hope they remember you."-Thanos


Dec-09-2015 8:07 AM

I see people arguing that Godzilla was weakened by the MUTOs and thus, render him a less powerful incarnation. I find it intersting that in the original script for this film, the MUTO's EMP actually somehow prevented Godzilla's atomic breath from working at all. As rival species tend to do - they developed adaptations to one another to give themselves a chance at survival. Thankfully this concept was not shown in the film because I'm sure it would have caused a massive uproar, but the concept in itself is interesting.

I think we're trying to compare two different angles of Godzilla. The Godzilla present in Toho's line is more fantasy-based, having insane, unrealistic abilities that make him an indestructable force. I mean, he flies on his tail at one point and uses his atomic breath as propulsion to fly...

Legendary's line however puts G in a more natural setting. So, to compare the incarnations is tricky considering they're on two very different playing fields.

Something Real

Dec-09-2015 9:05 AM

I happen to agree that Final Wars' Godzilla is likely the most powerful iteration. However, he might as well have gone Super Sayin x50, what with the ludicrous power he displayed! :)

Something Real

Dec-09-2015 9:11 AM

Please forgive my ignorance, but I have seen the phrase "butt hurt" utilized multiple times on the forums and I do not know what it means exactly. Would one of you fine individuals please help me understand this bit of slang? :)


Dec-09-2015 9:42 AM

It means "an inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the 'aggressor.'"


Dec-09-2015 11:44 AM

The marketing for Godzilla: Awakening, Huge-Ben, touts it as the prequel to the movie, all interpretations from major film sites such as Screen Rant and the like cite it as an official prequel, and even Wikipedia cites such sites, stating the graphic novel to be a prequel. A stronger case can be made for it being made canon than not, given all the reasons I've listed.

As well, although not ALL of the shots were focused on the gill area, wolfguy and Huge-Ben, you can see a good portion of them being fired there at the point when the military managed to cause LegendaryGoji to recoil. This is a logial assumption, for a few reasons:

LegendaryGoji's neck area, where his gills are, were at the right height above the bridge, and the artillery fire being utilized was shot in the general area of the neck, which would logically impact his gills, given their large surface area and positioning.

Besides all that, even if you guys don't wanna bother considering Awakening, the vanilla movie still has greater durability feats with a nuclear bomb that didn't damage LegendaryGoji's CGI model.


Dec-09-2015 1:02 PM


This is still nothing but fan conjecture. I can form a hypothesis as well, like Godzilla gets hit with the nuke, and is so injured he had to retreat for so many years that he was thought to be a myth. Or that he was a big CGI model getting hit by CGI missiles and it didn't really matter where as long as his big head was in the shot. THAT is how a director or story-boarder does it. Gills... seriously...

Out of 19 minutes of footage you've tried to draw so much to compare him to other iterations that have... a helluva lot more than that. 29 more films than that. Bat shit, anime levels more than that. Already to the point that you're actually trying to bring up real science and anecdotal evidence, when none of that should even apply to something like the Godzilla universe, because he himself is impossible to begin with. MOST G-Fans aren't that impressed. Yeah, he looks cool. He looks great, because he's CG, one of the best looking, but his feats... no.

Like I said, if he bench presses and throws Ghidorah in Godzilla 2, I'll apologize. But pushing  and pawing another monster through a city like a big grizzly bear to another smaller predator... it just means it's more realistic, as it should be with this series. It fits. Meanwhile, Final Wars and Heisei Godzilla probably would've grabbed FemMuto, thrown it several miles into the air and blasted it. The male would've been treated like Kamacarus.



Dec-09-2015 2:53 PM


"That was just an expression Ben lol." What feelings are you expressing then? That's not expressing anything.

@Chris Picard,

"Original script..Mutos emp actually somehow prevented Godzilla's atomic breath from working at all." Yeah, radiation doesn't work the same way as a flamethrower does. That's what Godzilla's atomic breath is. A blast of radiation. It's not fire as fire requires oxygen and a gas compound to ignite.

As for the original script..that's a grain of salt taken when it comes to wikizilla. Wikizilla and Wikipedia have a lot of "facts" with added "fan" interpretations making it un-true.


"Major film sites such as screen rant and even Wikipedia state that the graphic novel to be a prequel." Show me some interviews with the actual directors to back this up Please. Again, grain of salt taken with websites. The best part is, you won't find interviews with directors saying this graphic novel or this comic book is Canon to the film. Again, if that were true, Koichi Kawakita would have said "oh, the dark horse comics of Godzilla are Canon to the films I made." Or, Shusuke Kaneko saying "all IDWs comics are Canon to all millennium films." 

And as I recall, the movie was released before this so called "prequel."

http://hugeben.deviantart.com/  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on [email protected]

Something Real

Dec-09-2015 2:53 PM

WOLFGUY - Thank you so very much for the clarification! Despite it's somewhat crude appearance, that phrase elegantly conveys the extremely detailed description you took the time to provide. I am now slightly more well-armed in the field of internet vernacular! :)


Dec-15-2015 7:16 AM

Hi Everyone!

Hope I don't ruffle any feathers but thought i'd post evidence of a point in this thread:"Show me some interviews with the actual directors to back this up" regarding Godzilla: Awakening being somewhat canon to the 2014 film.

Youtube Link

^That's the director announcing it saying it will "pave the way" for the film.
Not using the phrase 'canon' but I think unless it gets retconned out by a future film it is as good as.

On the main point, onscreen definitiely not the most powerful. If he was it would be a completely different type of film.

I still really like it though. :)


Dec-15-2015 5:14 PM

^Gareth Edwards said "it'll pave the way." That means for marketing purposes. That's still not proof of the graphic novel being Canon to the film. Until Gareth Edwards says something on the lines of, "this novel is Canon to the film" I'm not buying into it until it comes from the horses mouth.


http://hugeben.deviantart.com/  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on [email protected]


Sep-04-2017 11:50 AM

Legendary Godzilla is one of the most powerful, but I don't think his the most powerful. 


Legendary Godzilla has:

1-Extremely tough hide that can withstand some of the most powerful explosions known to man.

2- Experienced fighter. Has awaken throughout the years to keep the balance. 

3- It's one of the biggest and heaviest Godzilla's that can still move fast and even sneak attack. 

4- His atomic breath in the movie was probably weakened by the MUTO's EMP. If that's true, then in the sequel we could see a much more powerful atomic breath. So I will hold judgement on that. Even though the graphic novel shows that his atomic breath was on par with the Heisi series, so the 2019 movie will answer that when it comes out. 


As for weaknesses:

1- His gills are exposed and are a weak spot.

2- Has a hard time against ganged up attacks. To be fair he was against MUTO's that evolved specifically to take him down. 


I believe Shin Godzilla has the most powerful atomic breath, and Final Wars has the most coverage. Still not sure which incarnation is the strongest. 

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