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Posted Jun-24-2016 4:36 AM

disclaimer:i did not make this, i just found it on the internet (but i posted it cause it was cool:) )

a gif of zilla with cartoon mode atomic breath.

Take That You Dinosaur.

3 Responses to zilla with realistic atomic breath.

Lord Tyrannos

Jun-24-2016 4:38 AM

Zilla with atomic breath?  Sounds like Zilla Jr. to me!


Jun-24-2016 6:49 AM

I was gonna say, they mimicked the Carrion's atomic breath for this. Would've been cool to see. I remember first time watching Zilla 98, this scene, at first I thought Zilla actually unleashed some atomic breath, but realized later it was just a Hum V exploding.


Jul-07-2016 8:31 PM

Love it.

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