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Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 6

Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 6

The Hood



Posted Sep-17-2016 3:05 PM

(Previous Chapter)

Zilla Jr knew he would heal from his wounds on the way, but it wasn't exactly the best of logic. Yet he still didn't want to let Amblygon get too far ahead of him.Godzilla knew what he had to do, he had to start following Zilla Jr. Zilla Jr is a strong kaiju who is more than capable of handling himself. Godzilla knows this, having seen it himself when he had taken on 2 large Zillas by himself many millions of years ag, but Zilla Jr isn't as experienced as Godzilla in combat situations, and his current anger and rage will cloud his better judgement. 

Godzilla had to start following Zilla Jr. Aurora was still badly hurt, and Godzilla thought he should stay with her for a little longer before following Zilla Jr. Amblygon himself had also fought Zilla Jr too arrogantly. He knew he couldn't afford to underestimate him again. Atleast he knew what he up against now, and needed to continue moving away from Zilla Jr as fast as possible. He knew he would be caught up to anyway, but he would prefer it atleast after he make landfall and his wounds to be healed properly. 


(29 February, 09:42 AM, San Diego, California)

Peter heard someone knocking on the door. He opened it to see Oliver standing there.

- Hey - said Oliver - I'm sorry about last night, I overreacted - said Oliver apologetically

- It's OK, don't worry about it - said Peter

- Can I come in? - asked Oliver

- You're still my brother, you don't need to ask that - said Peter

- What are you doing today? - asked Oliver

- I'm going to meet Thea for lunch actually - said Peter 

- Oh OK, that's fine, just asking - said Oliver. Peter could tell Oliver was feeling quite bad with the way he acted last night. He knew he overreacted and wanted to apologise. He was shot twice in the gut 3 years ago due to trying to stop a robbery. His vital organs were missed by centimeters, and that's why he was on edge last night. Peter doesn't blame him, his older brother has always looked out for him, wherever they were. Oliver already had breakfast, and needed to get to work. 

- I'll see you later man - said Oliver as he left. Peter had just about 2 and a half hours to get ready before his lunch with Thea. He couldn't wait, but he was still a little anxious about it. He just hopes to be himself and that everything goes well.

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, sorry if it's a bit short, I have been trying to write longer chapters these days, as you can see by my last few chapters. Just to let you know, the next 2-4 chapters are going to be much more focused on the human characters, there isn't much to talk about since the kaiju are simply swimming away. Not to give away spoilers, but you might see some cameos of Serizawa and Admiral Stenz and how they will deal with the situation. Peace out guys :)


"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"


2 Responses to Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - Chapter 6

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Sep-18-2016 7:05 AM

Phenomenal chapter.

 "An Empire of power for many, an Empire of hope for most."-MSE


Sep-19-2016 11:12 AM

Nice chapter sir!

"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."

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