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Kaiju Death Battle King Ghidorah 1991 vs Destoroyah

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BaragonMember409 XPOct-02-2016 5:09 AM

Hello there and welcome to *drumrolls* KAIJU DEATH BATTLE!In this episode we will have KING GHIDORAH 1991 against DESTOROYAH!Ahhhh i have a good feeling about this one.The suggester is Lord Tyrant a friend of mine.He wanted to see these two beasts murder each other.So without further a do let's analyze.

In the future Japan was controlled by terrorists known as the Futurians.These dudes have bio-engineered pets called Dorats who look like this:

Awww look at them they wouldn't even hurt a fly.But the Futurians have dirty plans for these innocent guys.They took the Godzillasaurus who was supposed to mutate into Big G and replaced him with 3 of these adorable monsters.When the nuke exploded on 'em...this emerged:

LOOK AT THIS AWESOME FREAKING BEAST!!!King Ghidorah was the result of the mutation of the Dorats.He looks like a armless three headed dragon with 2 tails and has golden scales.Now measuring up too 150 metres King Ghidorah is higher than Godzilla.Ghidorah has amazing strength capable of holding Godzilla with his 3 heads and he can fly god damm fast.His scales are so protective that Godzilla's normal atomic breath does nothing on him.He also has gravity beams electric like lasers fired from his mouth who look like this:

But this 3 headed king of terror isn't invincible.In fact if Godzilla fires his spiral atomic breath a stronger versions of his normal atomic breath,it hurts Ghidorah.It can also...well cut his heads.Yeah by cutting the beast's middle head,he is pretty much K.O.But Ghidorah's weird but awesome abilities overshadow his weaknesses.

Millions of years ago in the Pre-Camberian period...little crustaceans dominated the world...YEAH MICROSCOPIC CRUSTACEANS DOMINATED THE WORLD!One of the fiercest of 'em was Destoroyah a species of crab like dudes travelling in packs.But when Goji54 got obliterated by the Oxygen Destroyer (RIP Goji54 your legacy still lives on) these buggers who somehow survived EVERY extinction got mutated by the OD (Oxygen Destroyer).Then this event created these vile beasts who evolved into a singular organism.Here's the evolution chart:

(Credit Kaijudude on deviantart.com for this chart here's the link:http://kaijudude.deviantart.com/art/Destoroyah-Forms-281359667 )

Yeah...that's weird......never mind well yeah mutated from the OD they can inject micro oxygen into their victims dissolving them until they become nothing HAHAHAHA!....That's utterly terrifying well umm yeah in Aggregate or juvenile form (maybe both?) they have an inner mouth like Xenomorphs and moray eels who inject the micro oxygen.But i know you guys want the big apple.THIS IS THE FINAL FORM OF....DESTOROYAH!!!!!!!:

LOOK AT THIS BEAST JUST LOOK AT IT!Now in final form he possesses massive spiky legs and can attack enemies with his stinger like tail.He now measures up too 120 metres tall bigger than Godzilla.He also has a horn katana weapon who looks like this:

Did i mention that he has a micro oxygen beam when he's in flying form and final form?Well sorry.This powerful beam is made of micro oxygen particles.It looks like this:

Though Destoroyah seems like a god,he still has weaknesses.In fact Destoroyah can't support to high temperatures nor too cold ones.This allowed Godzilla to defeat him with his burning spiral ray.

Now with our opponents presented...IT'S TIME FOR A KAIJU DEATH BATTLE!!!!!

Ghidorah was in search of a deadly predator...Destoroyah.He found him in Osaka destroying everything...he smiled malicioucly.Destoroyah watched as Ghidorah landed.Finally an opponent that could match him!Ghidorah roared at him and buffed his chest.Ghidorah was bigger,but the crustacean devil did not care.He opened his wings and flew at him.Ghidorah kicked him but Des grabbed his foot and flung him in the air.Then Des kicked Ghidorah and stung him with his tail.But Ghidorah was no mere punching bag.He rose up and bit the devil.Des coughed blood.Then he bit him and tried to inject his micro oxygen but the dragon's hide was inpenetrable!Ghidorah lifted him up with his jaws and slamed him hard on the ground.The Ghidorah kicked him.Ghidorah stopped and fired his gravity beams and lifted him up with them.He threw him on a skyscraper with his beams.The skyscraper fells on Des.His fate seemed to be sealed when suddenly,he broke into millions of little crustaceans.Then he climbed on Ghidorah and bit him trying to inject the micro oxygen but still in vain.Ghidorah fired his gravity beams on the swarm who jumped off of him.They then reformed back into his final form.Ghidorah weakened from the devil's assault fired his beams again.Then Des horn lit up orange and he fired a micro oxygen beam.The rays clashed into each other.Des's beam was more powerful than Ghidorah's and hit him.Ghidorah fell on the ground in pain.He coughed his golden blood.In his chest was a massive wound.The wound semmed to get bigger.Des approached him and used his horn katana to cut his right and left heads.He grabbed the middle head's skull and pressed it hard.He the fired his beam at his head killing him for good.Then the headless corpse dissolved into nothing.Destoroyah roared in victory.

That was one of the longest fights we've ever had!I was very pleased by writing this and i hope it gets success!As you see if Des hadn't split up he would have died but he has a survival instinct!The king of terror has been dethroned.The winner of this epic clash is non other than DESTOROYAH!!!!

Give suggestions for the next KDB.Peace!

"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."

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7 Responses to Kaiju Death Battle King Ghidorah 1991 vs Destoroyah

I Meme Everything

GiganMember4115 XPOct-02-2016 5:21 AM

King Ghidorah: I am the ultimate enemy of Godzilla!

Destoroyah: (decapitates Ghidorah): ***** PLEASE

"Part of the journey is the end..."


BaragonMember409 XPOct-02-2016 5:22 AM


"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."


BaragonMember409 XPOct-02-2016 5:25 AM

uhhh i meant stung not stinged sorry i'll edit this.

"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."

I Meme Everything

GiganMember4115 XPOct-02-2016 5:25 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."


BaragonMember409 XPOct-02-2016 5:26 AM


"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."


BaragonMember409 XPOct-02-2016 5:29 AM

Uh my grammar.

"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."


BaragonMember409 XPOct-02-2016 6:56 AM

You know what's funny?Des won even though he's 120 metres tall and Ghidorah is 150 metres tall lol!

"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."

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