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Big Announcement for my Zilla Jr: Earth's Second Defender fan-fic!

The Hood

Nov-19-2016 1:57 PM

Hey guys! So after the Final Chapter of Zilla Jr EDS, I said there would be a big announcement to follow suit. I ended Chapter 15 with these exact words - Little did he know, in 8 days on the 22nd of March, another monster would arise… – I hoped that you guys would pick this up as a reference to Godzilla 2, as the current release date is the 22nd of March. Naturally, with me stating an announcement, and a reference to Godzilla 2, you would have thought my next fan-fic would be Godzilla 2.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case! I know this will probably disappoint some of you. That sentence/reference was never really part of my plans, I only thought of it while writing the last 2-3 chapters of Zilla Jr EDS. 2 years ago when I wrote the first original version of Zilla Jr EDS, the actual plan was for Peter (character) to be involved with my Godzilla v Pacific Rim fan-fic. However it never really materialised.

Godzilla 2 is actually a very, very complex, unique and intriguing story, trying to fit in Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah in this new version, plus throwing Zilla Jr into the mix (who is also now with his mate Aurora and son Zillon), it would be quite difficult to pull off, considering also my studies and sport are just going to get more taxing and harder from now on. In the future, I would hope to see myself having redone Godzilla v Pacific Rim and maybe even Godzilla 2.

However, don’t be so sad guys, that doesn’t mean I still don’t have something for you.

So one of the major plot points in Zilla Jr EDS is Godzilla’s relationship with Zilla Jr. My reason was simple, they knew each other from a young age. Some did feel this put a little dent in the whole Alpha Predator status, but he does have a heart, doesn’t he? Surely for anyone who is so important to Godzilla and has a place in his heart, there must be a backstory, and BIG reason too (no pun intended). So I present you with - *DRUMROLL* …...

Godzilla: The Inception

This will be a parallel storyline dealing with both Godzilla and Zilla Jr, as they both are born, growing up, meeting each other, the struggles they go through, all until they become Kings. Obviously, this fan-fic won’t just feature these 2 kaiju, you will see lots more! I’ve just started to get working on it, currently I’m not sure how many chapters it will be, or how long, but I can tell you, it should be one hell of a journey! I will try my best to get character profiles and/or a release date up ASAP!

Hope you guys are excited!

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"


3 Responses to Big Announcement for my Zilla Jr: Earth's Second Defender fan-fic!

I Meme Everything (Tyrannos)

Nov-19-2016 2:01 PM

This is gonna be amazing!

aNd lIsTeN tHiS uP! yOu'Re gOiNg tO...i'M gOiNg tO...iF yOu dO tHiS oNe mOrE tImE i'M gOiNg tO tElL mIsS mUrRaY tHaT yOu dOnE tHaT sH!T! dO yOu hEaR mE?

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Nov-19-2016 2:02 PM

Very cool. I'm greatly looking forward!

 "...I hope they remember you."-Thanos

Darth Shiro

Nov-19-2016 2:13 PM

Looking foward friend!

Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

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