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Nov-19-2016 4:07 PM

May, 8 2002

Greetings Dr. Serizawa,

I'd like to inform you of the recent discovery of several key articles of information. It's absolutely splendid!

Report: Ghana, Africa

We have detained a bombardier beetle, referred to by the locals as "the Adze", the creature is nearly 90m in length! It appears to ingested some other chemical separate from its regular two reactants. This new reactant appears to be some sort of hallucinogenic agent, causing mass panic when sprayed from it's abdomen. This fits into the local Adze legend. It killed two teams of local police before we arrived, making it more difficult to hide it from the public eye, though not as impressive and difficult as what you and your team have successfully accomplished in Janjira. But, I digress, the beetle does seems to have the anatomy of a regular sized bombardier, having two chambers with Hydrogen-Peroxide and Hydroquinone. When both come together, an explosive mixture capable of destroying most any man-made structure, with the aforementioned hallucinogen added as well. As to what caused it's incredible size, we're not quite sure, American companies that have outsourced have factories in the area. Improper waste-disposal procedures perhaps? I'll be sure to send you any updates on this "Adze" as we discover more about it. I'm curious if we could somehow get it on the Island?  

Dr. Suan Hsuang

We have a direct hit sir.Oh... oh my god! It's him, sir he's still alive! Go!GO!GO! Get out of h... Skreeeeeeonkkk! The King has Awakened...
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