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Godzilla Movies

Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters - Film by Michael Dougherty

Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters

Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters releases in:

Godzilla Wars: Battle for Monster Island

Sci-Fi King25



Posted Mar-16-2017 4:05 PM



     Godzilla wakes up and steps out of the small crater he sleeps in. He looks around, trying to find any disturbance on Monster Island. Finding nothing, he steps back into the crater. However, he soon hears a loud screech from above him. He looks up, but sees nothing. He continues to scan the skies, searching for whatever was making the noise. Once again, he sees nothing. Suddenly, something slams into his back. It grabs on to him and begins to flap its wings. With a little effort, the massive creature lifts Godzilla off the ground. As Godzilla is slowly lifted higher, he charges his Atomic Breath, and the high temperatures force the creature to let go. In about ten seconds, Godzilla slams chest-first on to a group of trees.


     When he gets up, the King of the Monsters sees Mothra and Battra fighting the giant creature, which Godzilla recognizes as Shinomura. He remembered it from a couple encounters long before even the first battle with SpaceGodzilla and his army of monsters. Godzilla charges his Atomic Breath again and fires it at Shinomura. The blast creates a hole in the already wounded creature’s chest. It stops moving and falls to the ground. As Anguirus and Rodan cautiously approach the body, it seemingly crumbles apart.


     The five leave the carcass, believing it to be dead. However, a couple minutes later, two slightly smaller Shinomuras fly at Mothra and Battra and begin their attack. Before long, the two Divine Moths are able to destroy the two Shinomuras. However, they divide into two more slightly smaller than the destroyed two. Mothra leaves the battle as Battra fires his Prism Beams at the Shinomuras. The blast kills one and splits one into two. The remaining ones continue their assault as Rodan flies in to fight. Rodan tears one of them apart with his talons and Battra kills the other with his Electric Grab. However, they notice one more and two smaller Shinomuras flying to Mothra. Before they can reach her, Battra uses his Electric Grab on the big one and his Prism Beams at the two smaller ones.


   Finally, they stop splitting. The Monster Island residents return to their daily activities, but Godzilla still feels like the Shinomura isn’t killed. About an hour later, he hears a loud screech as looks behind him. A Shinomura almost the size of the first one lunges at him, but he blocks and swipes at it. Before he can attack again, it stabs him in the side with the large spike on the end of its tail. Godzilla winces in pain as Mothra, Battra, and Rodan attack from the air. As the Shinomura is distracted, Godzilla fires a long, powerful blast of his Atomic Breath at the Shinomura’s tail, heavily damaging it. Then, he pulls it off and throws it on the ground. Screeching in pain, the Shinomura ignores its opponents in the sky and flies toward Godzilla. Mothra and Rodan tear at the creature’s wings, and eventually it loses the ability to support itself in the air. The creature falls to the ground and is quickly finished off by Godzilla, Anguirus, Mothra, Battra, and Rodan.


     The five do the best they can at separating and destroying the parts to make sure the Shinomura can’t replicate itself or heal. The severed tail is dropped into the volcano along with the main body, and the remaining chunks are buried by Anguirus and Baragon. Eventually, not a trace of the monster is left.


   However, during the battle, the monsters failed to notice the large beacon set up above the channel in between the two islands, and the large airship above it…




     As the Monster Island residents get back to their daily activities, Godzilla Junior notices a bright, neon blue light piercing the fog in the sky. He goes to Monster Island, just a short swim away, to tell his father, the King of the Monsters himself. Soon, both members of the species go to investigate, along with Rodan and two Kamacuras.


     By the time they reach it, two smaller lights appear below the first one. Then, a faint buzzing noise is heard. The Kamacuras go to investigate, but fly back out a minute later with multiple cuts on their skin. The second time they investigate, Rodan aids them. However, they’re all chased out and come back with a swarm of Meganulon. The large insects jab and bite Rodan and the Kamacuras attacking them as Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath. The blast takes out a large chunk of the swarm. Godzilla Junior does the same, but his attack is slightly less effective. Soon, the Meganulon all fly away as a loud, low pitched hum emits from the large obelisk. The lights flash on and off for a couple seconds before returning on and the humming becomes quieter.


     Suddenly, Godzilla is unable to think straight. He slowly begins to feel angry at the monsters around him. He tries to calm down, but it doesn’t work. Soon, Anguirus notices something wrong with the King of the Monsters and runs to his aid. However, Godzilla kicks Anguirus away. Anguirus backs off, surprised by Godzilla’s attack. Soon, Godzilla charges Anguirus and kicks him to the ground. Anguirus rolls into a ball, forcing his spikes into Godzilla’s leg. For a moment, Godzilla feels calm again and backs off. Anguirus glares at him, but Godzilla has no memory of what he did.


     However, the obelisk soon emits another loud hum, followed by a small light illuminating near the bottom of the obelisk. Soon, Godzilla feels an impulse to attack his allies. He tries to control it, but eventually picks up Anguirus by the jaws and pries them open. As Godzilla breaks Anguirus’ jaw, Mothra flies to attack the obelisk while Battra holds Godzilla back. However, the monsters hear a loud beep as Mothra flies back. Instead of attacking Anguirus, she begins to attack Battra. As more of the Monster Island residents attempt to subdue Godzilla and Mothra, Godzilla Junior heads into the water. Mothra notices Godzilla Junior leaving and goes to attack. However, Battra and Rodan go to stop her as Gorosaurus continues the fight against Godzilla.


     When Godzilla Junior comes back ashore, he sees the dark results of the battle. Gorosaurus is lying on the ground beside Anguirus and Battra is being attacked by both Mothra and a Kamacuras. However, every monster on the battlefield is distracted by a loud roar. They look towards the direction, and see a larger creature behind Godzilla Junior.


     Mothra and the Kamacuras under the obelisk’s control abandon the fight with Battra to attack the new monster. However, the two insects are met by a stream of fire emitted from the new monster’s mouth. The fire eventually concentrates into a pink beam before finally becoming a thin, purple streak. Mothra is wounded from the attack and flies above the creature to find another way to attack. The Kamacuras flies above the creature, but is killed by a few pink streaks that shoot out of the creature’s back. Mothra attempts to grab the metallic piece at the end of the tail, but a pink laser shoots out of it, hitting Mothra in the head. She backs off as Godzilla approaches the creature from the front.


     Godzilla recognizes the new monster as Mecha Shin Godzilla, his offspring who was resurrected as a cyborg a year before the present battle. After he was freed from alien control, he has been living in the waters around Monster Island, occasionally coming ashore. Godzilla went to attack, forgetting about what’s inside the chest. As Godzilla bites and swipes at Mecha Shin Godzilla’s chest and neck, the metallic chest opens up, and a spear shoots out, hitting Godzilla in the abdomen. The King of the Monsters winces in pain and temporarily backs off. Feeling calm again, both he and his cyborg offspring wonder why they’re attacking each other.


     Eventually, Mothra attacks the two and the obelisk attempts to gain control of Godzilla again. The two fight Godzilla Junior and Mecha Shin Godzilla, but Godzilla soon backs off. He roars to Mecha Shin Godzilla and Godzilla Junior. However, before he can do anything, he feels the impulse to attack again. He begins to charge a powerful blast of his Atomic Breath, but Rodan, Battra, and the remaining Kamacuras see an opportunity.


     Battra uses his Electric Grab to distract Godzilla as Rodan forcibly turns Godzilla’s head toward the obelisk. Soon, the three Godzillas use their Atomic Breaths, with Mecha Shin Godzilla also using the one from his tail, and Battra uses his Prism Beam, on the obelisk. The combined power is enough to destroy it, freeing Godzilla and Mothra.


     However, as the obelisk crashes to the ground, a bright light appears in the sky, and a dark shape appears above it…

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Sci-Fi King25



Posted Mar-16-2017 4:07 PM

Down to the final two stories of the series before I retire it. This one will be done in a similar fashion to the first three stories, with three chapters, one being posted each day.

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Sci-Fi King25



Posted Mar-20-2017 5:52 PM

Well Chapter Two is probably one of the longest chapters in the entire series.

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Arkian Emperor Tyrant



Posted Mar-20-2017 6:35 PM

That moment when no one has read your new story and you're the only one replying to the thread

"Ghetto Hobbit transcends reality and becomes existence itself." - Emperor GorillaGodzilla




Posted Mar-20-2017 6:40 PM

Neat story! Your knowledge of Godzilla is quite expansive ;)

Keep writing!

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