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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Godzilla 2) is the upcoming sequel to Legendary Pictures' and Warner Bros. Pictures' Godzilla (2014) movie. Directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters will see the introduction of other Toho monsters Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. All three superspecies will vie for dominance of Earth and Godzilla will rise again to restore nature's balance.

Draegar: The Hooded Figure



Posted Apr-19-2017 10:47 AM

I apologize in advance that I didn't include artwork because I'm a horrible drawer. I wrote in detailed descriptions to help you understand what's going on to make up for my lack of not being a good artist.

The monster I'll be using is him:


I chose this look because I find this one very appealing. He'll have the roars of the Heisei Rodan, speed & flexibility of the Final Wars Rodan, and the wingspan & height of the Final Wars Rodan.

Chapter 1: Fear the Open Skies

60,000 ft. in the air, somewhere...over the Northern Hemisphere

The day is clear, the sun, roaring its ever bright, beautiful lights onto the Earth. There's no danger anywhere to be seen, so this must be a good day, a good day...to take in the view. The majestic beauty of the clear high, blue sky no longer now a sight to behold in as the sounds of six thunderous F-22 jets zoom past by, breaking apart the clouds as they fly.

1st. Lt. Packard, the arrogant-hotshot Maverick of the group, looks to his left, continuing to fly in cruising speed formation with his team, gives a face of an absolute gazing, wondrous expression at the heavenly blue sky, coupled together with the extraordinary cloud formations and the near complete outer space view above them.

-"Ain't that a beauty to look at.", said Packard, in a soft spoken, peaceful tone. "Makes you feel like you're the king of the whole world from up here."

2nd. Lt. Harrington, the youngest and newest pilot to join the group, gives a quizzical face upon from hearing Packard's comments.

-"Man, you say that every time we come up here.", said Harrington, who immediately responded without any hesitation. "The first few times I took to the skies, yeah it was an awesome experience, but I'm 209 log flights in, you, you're what, about 1,000?"
-"869 logs, not counting this one.", said Col. Kobayashi, in his deep, heavy Japanese accent, keeping his wingmen under check during their mission. "We're here to do a mission, not talk! You want to talk, you talk to yourself in head! Only talk when we must!"

The mood was silent and tense. The pilots continued on their flying. All they were told was that they have a mission, but what exactly was the mission? What could possibly be in the skies that six elite fighter pilots have to circle around the entire Northern Hemisphere for? Col. Kobayashi speaks to his other two Japanese wingmen, 2nd. Lt. Saito & Capt. Tanaka regarding the Americans and the mission.

In Japanese translation:
-"<These Americans are starting to get on my nerves.", said Kobayashi in a loathing, angrily despising tone to his men. "What was the point of America creating an elite joint task force with Japan to just circle around this Hemisphere.", said Kobayashi in a questionable manner. "First it was the Lower United States, than Western Canada, than Eastern Russia, and now, now they have us circling the entire Northern Hemisphere.>"

Capt. Tanaka, a loyal and respectful follower to Kobayashi, is hesitant on about answering Kobayashi's questions. He knows that when given a mission, questions must not be asked, only know what's been given to you, following it, and executing it. He desperately wants to provide an answer, but he's to cautious to give one, but it matters not to him. He's just in the same situation as his Col. and his other wingman, so he bravely steps up to give his answer.

-"<Perhaps the leaders are worried there are fast moving enemies that are not capable of being tracked sir. They may be carrying WMD's. So far as of yet, no dangers have been conducted nor attempted on any country yet.>"
-"<I have been trying to establish a connection to Control sir, but no one is picking up, not even the Atlantic Fleet.>", says 2nd. Lt. Sato, in an indifferent straightforward tone, the almost always quiet young pilot who keeps to himself mostly.

Col. Kobayashi can feel something is wrong. He tries connecting with Control using Morse Code...but no response at all still. Packard and Harrington, who have remained silent throughout the talking, have been getting anxious as they to know that Control isn't responding. Seeing that they're soon to make their turn around of the Hemisphere, Kobayashi turns to Capt. Walsh, knowing that what he must say next will be something neither of them want, but nevertheless, they must be ready for what may come next. As to make sure only Capt. Walsh hears what Col. Kobayashi says, Kobayashi establishes a secure connection to Walsh and proceeds to speak.

-"Capt. Walsh?", said the Col., trying to hide the fear in his voice as best he could.
-"Yes Col., what do you require from me?"
-"Tell your men to arm all weapon and defense systems. Something is up here with us. I can feel it."

Capt. Walsh doesn't argue with the Col. He opens his connections to Harrington and Packard and tells them what the Col. requires of them. Packard and Harrington do as they're told, but still worried about why Control isn't responding. They never expected something like this to happen, but than again, one must always expect the unexpected.

Kobayashi opens his connections to his men, Capt. Walsh, and his men, establishing himself to be as straightforward and honest as possible.

-"Men, given the circumstances of our situation with Control not responding, it's with my utmost decision to assume that Control has been destroyed.", said Kobayashi, in a pain stricken , sorrowful voice, knowing that they are alone in the sky.
-"There is something in the sky with us. I have not seen it, but I can feel it's power. Harrington, try to see if you can patch in to the Control's network.

In Japanese Translation:
-"<Never have they ever been unable to respond to their forces, but now, the first time in 30 years, doesn't make any sense?>", said Kobayashi, quietly thinking it to himself, while awaiting Harrington's response.

-"Come on Harrington, we need some answers now. We're barely entering the Canadian airspace, so we'll be in U.S. airspace in no time, which means they'll have to tell us what to do.", said Packard, who's begun to panic, but trying to remain as calm as possible.

-"I've found something it's-"


-"What the hell was that!", Harrington said, as he quickly gets on his controls, ready for combat. "Y'all heard that loud noise right, cause I know that wasn't our 22's!"
-"We all heard it Harrington, just try to remain as calm as you can. This is something you've trained for and you need to be ready for whatever comes next, you got that Lieutenant?", said Capt. Walsh, in a soothing voice in hopes that Harrington will relax, being the ever optimistic & peacekeeping man he is.


-"Y-y-y-y-yes sir Capt., I-I-I-I-I'll relax. A-All I have to do is relax.", said Harrington, in such a terrified, broken voice, only to be wishing at the moment that he never should've joined the Air Force.

What possibly could have been that loud noise they heard? Could Harrington and his wingmen have mistakenly confused what they believed to be was a "loud noise" to actually be their engines from the F-22's, given that they are after all, flying inside very loud jets.

Immediately after Harrington's panic attack, Col. Kobayashi establishes another secure connection to Capt. Walsh to speak of an urgent matter that's must to happen, regardless of the rules set on them.

-"Capt. Walsh, since there is something up here with us, I will be going against orders of us keeping in formation together. You and your men are to break and head forward ahead of us. If whatever is up here with us decides to attack, it can't go after us both at the same time.", said the Col., feeling confident with his decision that they'll have a better chance at fighting in different points, rather than in one.

"Yes sir. Harrington, Packard, on me!"

Capt. Walsh, 2nd. Lt. Harrington, and 1st. Lt. Packard proceed forward, their afterburners breaking apart the sky with their monstrous rumbles, as if it could just crack open the sky in half.

-"You think they'll be okay Capt.?", Packard asks, even though he was one to not agree with the American-Japanese Elite Joint Task Force, but the thought of something happening to them with the presence of an unknown potential attacker in the skies with them would only seem as the likely natural feeling.
-"I hope so Lt., I hope so.", said Walsh, knowing full well that it's only a matter of time before its time to fight.

In Japanese Translation:
-"<Lt. Saito, Capt. Tanaka...prepare for battle men.>", said Col. Kobayashi, in a serious, hard tone. "<When I say "Break", I want to you to do it as fast as you can.>"
-"<Why Col.?>", said Capt. Tanaka, not understanding of what's happening to where Col. Kobayashi is making this decision.
-"<The "thing", I can feel it right behind us. I'm not exactly sure where it's at, but if it's using these clouds to hide, we need to lower our altitude, to keep away from the clouds.>", said Kobayashi, as he arms his offensive and defensive weapon systems.


Col. Kobayashi and his men still keep together in formation. They slowly begin their descent...slowly, working their way towards the surface, but remaining high enough to have a view of the "thing".


Kobayashi veers his eyes towards his rear-view mirror, only to see something approaching at such high speeds.

"<Dear God...what is that thing?>", says Kobayashi, quietly thinking to himself in such shock.

Everything has now somehow slowed down for Kobayashi. He sees this giant Pteranodon-looking monster naturally flowing with the sky. The clouds swirling into with each other from the monster's wing tips. Kobayashi cannot believe what he sees, but he only thinks of one thing that immediately comes to mind to him.


The three Japanese pilots, without any hesitation crank up their afterburners and head for different directions. Col. Kobayashi heads downward in an effort to see if he can get behind the monster, Capt. Tanaka makes a hard left, and 2nd. Lt. Saito makes his hard right. The giant Pteranodon monster heads after Tanaka with Kobayashi & Saito managing to be able to get behind the monster.

Tanaka looks to his mirror and sees the monster's mouth opened, ready to crush him, but Tanaka quickly dodges to the right.


Tanaka sees that he barely missed being crushed to death, but the monster continuously flies at high speed, bringing its head ever close to Tanaka's plane. Kobayashi and Saito are right behind ready to fire their weapons, but they fear they may fire upon Tanaka accidentally.

-"<Tanaka, we have him in our sights, but the chances of you getting hit by our cannons his high!>", said Kobayashi, as he struggles to speak from both being trying to focus on the monster and traveling at high speeds.
-"<Shoot the son-of-b**** already!>"

Kobayashi and Saito fire their cannons at the monster's back & wings, but only for shells to be reflected off, giving no damage. They than open their missile bay doors. The armament of missiles the F-22 is carrying spins clockwise fast as which Kobayashi & Saito fire their Sidewinders at the monster. The monster turns its head to the side, acknowledging to the pilots that they're next. The monster brings its wings outward, braking hard in an instant and at the same time, hoping that the jets would crash into its wings. Kobayashi & Saito manage to dodge the wings, but now, they are being chased, giving Tanaka the break he needs.

Tanaka is able to quickly establish a connection to Capt. Walsh while following the monster and orders him to to come to their location.

-"Capt. Walsh, you and your men must come to our position! We are currently over the Rocky Mountains in the Canadian airspace! The monster is chasing us. We don't have much longer! We don't know how much longer we have left against this thing! Come NOW!!!"
-"Capt. Tanaka? Hello, are you there?! Dammit!"
-"What's going on sir?", Packard asks, not quite understanding the situation of what's going on right now.
-"We have to turn back! I'm not exactly sure where Kobayashi and his men are at, but they need our help. Capt. Tanaka said they're somewhere over the Canadian Rocky Mountains being chased by a monster!", exclaimed Walsh, as Walsh and his men make the immediate turnaround towards the Rocky Mountains.

Kobayashi and Saito are at their top speeds, but the monster just seems to be going faster. Kobayashi releases his flares, hoping that the flashes from them will confuse the monster, but the monster doesn't budge. Mere seconds later though, Kobayashi spots a large mountain boulder, overlooking vast fields of flat land about thirty miles out. He thinks to himself that the rubble from the mountain will completely bury the monster, resulting in it to be trapped if they could get the monster to ram into it. He quickly tells Saito that they will fly straight into the mountain, but to only pull out at the last minute, having the monster ram into it. They are getting closer to the boulder, but Saito is beginning to have engine problems. His engine...it...it...it won't stay on, it's beginning to die out.

In Japanese Translation:
-"<No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not right now. We're close to ridding of this devil. Come on you plane, just make it for me.>", said Saito as he struggles to keep the jet flying.

Kobayashi looks to his left and sees smoke coming out of the engine. His worries start to begin, but he can't focus on that, he must focus on the mountain and the monster.


The monster is getting closer to them. He opens his mouth ready to get them both with one bite. Tanaka who has been following immediately pulls out when he sees what Kobayashi & Saito are planning.

-"<Pull up!>", said Kobayashi, as loud as he could.

The monster crashes into the boulder with great impact, sending chunks of the mountain flying great distances beyond the mountains. Tanaka, Kobayashi, and Saito are all flying towards the higher sky. They eventually meet up together and somewhere in the distance, they see Walsh and his men approaching.

-"Capt. Walsh, you're late.", said Kobayashi, in a joking, humorous manner after finally being relieved of the monster chasing them.
-"Sorry sir, we were coming as fast as we could. That's quite the damage down there. What was it?"
-"A monster. A devil. But luckily, we managed to- WALSH, LOOOOK OOOUT!!!"



Kobayashi yelled to Walsh for him to look out, but it was to late. Two more of those monsters appeared from the skies, and plucked all three pilots from the air like an eagle taking a mouse. The two monsters hovered around the spot where the jets were and crushed the pilots to death. Kobayashi and his men had no choice but to leave the area, to leave, the last thing they wanted when their wingmen were killed. As they were leaving, they hear the loud crumbling noise coming from the crashed mountain boulder site. It's the monster...and it's still alive. It joins with its other two species members, letting out their final roars before they fly off higher to the sky. The only sounds remaining from them are there numerous sonic booms they give off after they've disappeared.

It is night time now. The three Japanese men fly close to the surface ground, with the surroundings of small towns of the plains, burned and destroyed. Was this the cause of another monster? Maybe so, but the men were not concerned over it. Despite the troubles Saito is still having with his plane, Kobayashi, Tanaka, and Saito continued flying to the nearest landing strip, their faces haunted by the brutality of their wingmen's deaths.

-"<Their deaths will not be in vain. Harrington said he found something...I'm going to find out what it is.>", said Kobayashi, a now much changed, hardened man, determined to avenge them. But than again, who wouldn't change from the experience and exact revenge that he and his men encountered.

-"Those three monsters will pay for what they've done to them. I swear I will kill them all.", said Kobayashi, as he quietly thought to himself on what he will do to them the next time he comes across them.

The view of Kobayashi's face slowly zooms out to the jets traveling at slow speed as they fly past the night time sky, covered with a blanket of stars overlooking them from space as with the burned down, destroyed towns giving them only source of light in the area.


World News Network:
Within the next two weeks, these monsters would destroy all aircrafts they could find in the skies. The world leaders named each of them "Rodan", based on their similarities to the Pteranodon. But with the different behavioral patterns and positions they displayed from each other, like within a wolf pack, they split them as followed:

The Delta- the one that chased the pilots
The Gammas- the betas to The Delta and the ones that killed Capt. Walsh and his men.

As of yet, no other members of the "Rodan" species has been discovered.

The question that is to remain is, if these "Rodan's" are the mid-ranking members, where are the low and high ranking members? Where are their Alpha's? Where have they been? The world leaders issued a permanent no fly zone throughout the entire skies of the Earth until they could come up with strategies on how to rid the "Rodan's", but during the course of those two weeks, they are not the only dangers of the Earth, for danger lurks in another element as well...

Up next:
Chapter 2: Into the Deep Blue Sea

What did you think of it? Tell me where I should improve on more. Thank you for reading!



8 Responses to Chapter 1: Fear the Open Skies

The Hood

Apr-19-2017 12:14 PM

Loving this so far! Keep up the good work!

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"


Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Apr-19-2017 12:22 PM

^Thank you very much!

Vitas Thanos

Apr-19-2017 12:29 PM

[email protected] straight, Hood

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah aaaahhh blllllllll ah ah

Dragon King Ultrazero80

Apr-19-2017 3:52 PM

Not bad KOTM, can't wait for the next chapter.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Apr-19-2017 5:12 PM

^Thank you UZ, I really appreciate it.


May-14-2017 3:56 PM

This is awesome. Good work Godzilla: King of the Monsters

I love your work! Upvoted


Something Real

May-28-2017 9:22 AM

GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS - This was an exceptionally engaging first chapter! I very much enjoy the visuals you evoke with your writing. Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

May-28-2017 12:17 PM

^Thank you SR! I wanted to be as highly detailed as I could with visualizing the story.

Thank you for reading!

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