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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Godzilla 2) is the upcoming sequel to Legendary Pictures' and Warner Bros. Pictures' Godzilla (2014) movie. Directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters will see the introduction of other Toho monsters Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. All three superspecies will vie for dominance of Earth and Godzilla will rise again to restore nature's balance.

Draegar: The Hooded Figure



Posted Apr-25-2017 1:55 AM

Chapter 2: Into the Deep Blue Sea

1 week after the annihilation of Control & F-22/Rodan incident;
2 days before the worldwide no-fly zone by UN.

Challenger Deep,
The Mariana Trench,                      Western Pacific Ocean

Carrier Strike Group 5
Part of the U.S. Seventh Fleet

It is daytime. The oceans are calm, no waves are overlapping with one another, there are few clouds in the sky. The Pacific Fleet, traveling together to Challenger Deep, with no beacons appearing on the air radar, nor the sonar, it's quite the day for a sailor to breathe in that fresh sea air.


These were the sounds of the U.S. Navy's Arleigh Burke-class destroyers firing their Mk. 45 guns in the distant waters on their routinely exercises. Each gun firing sent shockwaves on the water surface. The shells pop out from the gun, landing on the deck near the Mk. 45's and the rounds from the guns can be seen traveling into the distance, but the human eye can only see so far in a bright almost clear, sunny day. All ships are traveling at 25 knots each with the three newly advanced created Legendary-class aircraft mega-supercarriers in the middle, than accompanied by the 8 Ticonderoga-class cruisers surrounding the carriers, and the 9 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers surrounding all other warships in a diamond formation shape. The might of the Carrier Strike Group 5, it seems that nothing can stop them from continuing forward.

The U.S.S. Legendary, the flagship of the Carrier Strike Group, boasts its ever extraordinary size, power, and weaponry to its group. Coming in at 1300 ft. long, 850 ft. wide, and 4 Westinghouse A4W nuclear reactors, with a displacement of 200,000 tons, it is the largest, heaviest, and fastest warship the U.S. Navy has in its service. It's armament consists of 50 RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missiles, 35 TACTTOM Tomahawk missiles, 25 Mark 48 torpedoes, 20 Phalanx CIWSs, and 8 experimental torpedoes. It carries 25 F-35Cs, 20 F/A-18 F Super Hornets, and 10 MH-60 Helicopters. This is a carrier that no other ship should fight against.

In the Legendary's bridge, the Rear Admiral, the Carrier Strike Group 5's commander, walks in. He enters as a confident, standing up straight man...a man whose dedicated his life to the Navy and will give his life for the greater good.

-"Attention! Admiral on deck!", said Capt. Reyes, immediately stopping what he was previously doing and saluted the Admiral, along with the rest of the crew on the bridge.

The Admiral salutes back, letting everyone continue on doing their jobs.

-"As you were.", said the Admiral, as he walks towards Capt. Reyes, one of the best leaders the U.S. military has in their service. "Captain, what's the situation with our training exercise so far?"
-"Going as continued sir. The Joint Chiefs of Staff wants us to fire our newly acquired experimental torpedoes onto the Challenger Deep bottom point.", said Capt. Reyes, answering the Admiral's question without any error.
-"The torpedoes?! There's a reason why they're called experimental weapons Captain which because their full potential hasn't been discovered yet.", said the Admiral, giving his full concern about the danger the torpedoes pose. "Than firing them on the deepest part of the Earth, the Challenger Deep? Doesn't make any sense."

Admiral Raines picks up a manifest to see what the next given objectives are, but he is perplexed by it though. The manifest with the objectives are new, but they were sent from Control. The Admiral is taking in a few moments to reel in what he's seeing, but he simply cannot comprehend of why this is happening.

-"Captain...uh...w-w-what was the status for Control?", asked Admiral Raines, feeling surprisingly confused to the point that he must ask his XO for confirmation if Control was destroyed.
-"Destroyed sir. An unknown being wiped it completely off the map."
-"Who else has seen this...manifest?", asked the Admiral, continuing to trying to understand why Control is the one that sent the manifest.
-"No one sir. You're the only in the Carrier Strike Group with the authorization to read what's inside the manifest."
-"You said that the Joint Chiefs wanted the torpedoes to be fired onto Challenger Deep for damage examination?", asked Raines, continuing to try to figure out why Control would send something when they've been destroyed.
-"Yes sir. The Joint Chiefs were told to let us know that we are to continue our training exercise and to follow what's being said in the manifest."
-"So, the Joint Chiefs were told to let us know that we are to continue our training exercise and to follow what's being said on the manifest?"
-"Yes sir."

Admiral Raines stops turning through the pages. He raises his head up to turn towards Capt. Reyes, handing him the manifest to read, followed by a question...a question questionable itself in its own right.

-"Who told the Joint Chiefs...Captain?", asked Admiral Raines, as he awaits to hear Reyes's response upon from reading what's inside the manifest.

Capt. Reyes takes the manifest from the Admiral, carefully opening it to the first page and sees what confused the Admiral in the first place.

"All Training Exercise & Objectives are to be followed as instructed & ordered by Control"

-"This doesn't make any sense. Control was reported to have been destroyed by an unknown being in the area, unless of course, Control had another-"
-"For all we know Captain, is that this could have been the manifest that was intended for us before their inevitable fate."
-"But why does it have today's date, the time it was printed, the base it previously came from, and the General's signature, sir?", asked Reyes, desperately wanting to find out the answers, but is in no way of receiving any, especially since Control was destroyed.

The Captain puts the manifest down and lets out a deep sigh, relieving himself of any stress he's worked up through the day while using the fingers from his right hand to rub his forehead, hoping that the rubbing will help. The Admiral walks towards the windows of the bridge, looking at the ocean view...just thinking about what he should do. He sees the ground crew working on the planes, he sees the other warships traveling alongside with him, he sees the entire ocean view for as far as the eye can see, but what he doesn't see, is what will happen to Challenger Deep when the torpedoes are fired on it. The Admiral bites on his lower lip, deciding whether or not he should go with what the manifest instructs him of...but he finally comes to a decision. The Admiral walks towards the bridge's phone, enables a connection to where the entirety of Carrier Strike Group 5 can hear him.

-"Attention all crew of of the Carrier Strike Group 5, this is Rear Admiral Raines speaking. Moments ago, I was give a certain manifest of instructions that I was told to follow. The U.S.S. Legendary is to fire its newly acquired experimental torpedoes onto the Challenger Deep for damage level assessment purposes. All other Admirals, Captains, and Commanders of your ships, order your helmsman's to stop the ships, so as we may prepare to launch the torpedoes."

The Admiral places the phone down. He walks back to the window he previously went to, standing in a at-ease position while watching Carrier Strike Group coming to a halt. The Captain walks towards the Admiral, advising on whether they should send up some of the F-35C's & F/A-18 F Super Hornets in the air for a perimeter defense.

-"Admiral, sir, I...uh...wouldn't it be best to send up a few F-35's & F-18's in the air for a perimeter defense around the warships?", asked Reyes, given the feeling that they're the only ships in the area, about 200 mi. southwest of Guam, but to still have no proper air defense, the potential dangers of something happening to them is high.
-"Not one chance in hell Captain.", said the Admiral, with a stern, immediate response, whilst continuing to look out at the ocean view. Have you not heard what happens when something man-made goes flying into the skies. Don't know why the UN hasn't issued a worldwide no-fly zone throughout yet. Those three "Rodans" have been calculated with speeds up to 4600 mph. and just sending one plane into the air...

Raines head shakes in a "no" manner

God only knows how they're able to pinpoint exactly where any aircraft is at in the world."

The Admiral knows the Captain means well, but he must understand that sending any aircraft in the air, results in the "Rodans" coming after them and thereafter putting the entire Carrier Strike Group in high-level danger. An hour into the preparations for launching the torpedoes, the U.S.S. Legendary is finally ready to fire its experimental torpedoes onto the Challenger Deep point.

-"The torpedoes are ready for firing sir, awaiting for your approval.", said Reyes, standing by the firing button, looking at the Admiral, along with everyone else in the bridge.

The Admiral heads towards the panel with the firing button. He slowly brings his hand forward to the button...but he pauses, he feels...he feels, he cannot do it.

-"Captain, I've decided that I'm going to abort the-"

The Admiral brought his head towards Captain Reyes, only to see that something is wrong. Fear and shock has taken over the Admiral, for time itself has been stopped.

The Admiral doesn't know what to do. He just stands there, looking at everyone and everything around him not moving. He rushes to the windows...but only to see that the ocean isn't moving, the Earth isn't rotating, the ships aren't rocking. He begins to panic...he begins to hyperventilate...he begins to go crazy, but than...than he hears a voice. This voice had a deep, calm poetic wisdom sounding to it, but only have two lines to say.

    "On this day, a monster shall pay;
    On this day...two beasts shall slay."

The voice disappeared. The Admiral, still panicking from what's going on, wakes up to realize that his finger is still on the firing button. The surrounding sounds are distorted in the beginning m, but they began to reconnect with each other. The Admiral stars to hear the other voices also, the voices of his crew members. They're to distorted for him at first, but he begins to understand what's being said.

-"-going to fire sir?"

The Admiral turns his head towards the Captain who was asking if he was going to press the button to fire the torpedoes.

-"Huh...w-what happened?", asked Admiral Raines, still completely shocked from what he just experienced mere seconds ago, not entirely sure to believe what's real and what's not.
-"The torpedoes. Were you going to fire them sir?"
-"I...oh, yes, I...uh, am going to fire them.", replied the Admiral, subconsciously feeling that he shouldn't, but he fires it anyway.
-"Firing torpedoes in 3...2...1...", said the Admiral, as he finally presses the button, launching the torpedoes.


These were the sounds of the four torpedoes being fired from their tubes, splashing into the water with deep, clapping impact. The torpedoes are traveling at 522 knots of great astonishing speeds, surpassing the previous highest speed record by a vast amount. The Admiral heads towards the sonar screen. He places his hand on the top of the screen and his left arm with is hand on the sonar controller's chair, with his body bent to view what's happening.

-"Countdown to Challenger Deep impact in 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..."


The Challenger Deep point shakes with such tremendous shock, but it's not shaking with such force because of the torpedoes, it is because Challenger Deep is splitting in half! Above on the water surface, a large whirlpool begins to appear. The resulting split gives birth about to the whirlpool, bringing in massive amounts of water down the hole. The Admiral and all the other sailors are to distracted to see what's happening to the ships that they're being pulled in, but Admiral Raines is able to establish a connection to the rest of the Carrier Strike Group and orders for them in full reverse.

-"Full reverse on your ships, NOW, or we'll be sucked into the whirlpool!", yelled the Admiral, acting as fast as he could and able to get the entire Carrier Strike Group's attention off the whirlpool.

The entire Carrier Strike Group is in full reverse now, safely moving away from the whirlpool's danger, but it is not the only danger in the area.

-"Admiral, look!", exclaimed Capt. Reyes, as he points to out to the bridge's windows to the sky.

The Admiral steps out of the bridge to head outside. He begins to feel so much powerful winds blowing against him that he must hold on to the railings for support and the winds also blowing against the Carrier Strike Group. The Admiral looks to the sky where Reyes was pointing out at and sees black clouds, darkness, terrifying lighting, and monstrous thunder claps coming from all around them. The ocean waves begin to rise high, the electronic systems for the ships are beginning to fail, the ships are slowly...straying away from each other, but are still in visual range. The whirlpool is getting deeper...and deeper...and deeper...until it has finally disappeared from the surface. The Admiral realizing that soon the wild weather and ocean waves will blind and separate the Carrier Strike Group, heads back inside the bridge to establish a connection to the entire Carrier Strike Group, but it's no use. The electronic systems are down, so the Admiral has sailors communicate with the other ships by signal lamp.

-"We will be blinded & strayed away from each other soon. Whatever threats that may happen to come our way, you are free to engage."

The signal was passed on to each ship, but in moments later, the weather conditions overcame them and all the ships were for themselves now.

-"What's the probability of chance we make it out of this alive Captain?", asked the Admiral, believing that no one can make it out of it.
-"I have no idea sir.", replied Reyes, giving the answers as straightforward as possible.

The lighting all around the 100 mi. wide wild weather ring is the only means of visual seeing, even if the loud & powerful, breaking sounds of the thunders doesn't help to what's already happening.


-"Admiral, come here!", said Reyes, as he watches the sonar, indicating multiple unknown large beings rising from the hole in the Challenger Deep.
-"What is that Captain?", asked the Admiral, fearing that something much worse may happen.
-"I don't know sir, but whatever they are, they're headed for fast."

All the Admiral can do is wait, for deep in the Mariana Trench, nothing can be seen, but what can be heard are the monstrous roars headed towards the Carrier Strike Group 5...


Up Next:
Chapter 3: Fear the Open Waters

What did you think of it? Tell me where should I improve on more. Thank you for reading!

4 Responses to Chapter 2: Into the Deep Blue Sea

The Hood

Apr-25-2017 2:33 PM

Another fantastic chapter! Out of curiosity, how many chapters will this story consist of?

"I must become someone else. I must become...something else!"


Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Apr-25-2017 2:54 PM

^Not really sure yet. I've written lots of stories in the past many years that I might include the old elements from them, along with the new ones I'm doing. But to give an answer, maybe between 50-60 or more, if I can keep it up on a weekly basis and if I have time for it. But thank you for the support. My next one will be the actual battle.

Something Real

May-28-2017 9:26 AM

GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS - As I read your chapters, I feel I am being provided a lesson in the military workings and hardware of the United States. It is exceptionally compelling! I very much enjoy the way in which you describe and present your characters as well. Fantastic work! :)

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

May-28-2017 12:16 PM

^I try my best to learn how the military works and the weapons they use for certain situations, but it can be difficult at times. The characters I'm still trying to develop some more because I feel that there's no character depth to them.

But thank you for reading!

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