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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Godzilla 2) is the upcoming sequel to Legendary Pictures' and Warner Bros. Pictures' Godzilla (2014) movie. Directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters will see the introduction of other Toho monsters Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. All three superspecies will vie for dominance of Earth and Godzilla will rise again to restore nature's balance.

Chapter 4: The Investigation of Control

Chapter 4: The Investigation of Control

Draegar: The Hooded Figure



Posted May-16-2017 8:35 AM

Two days after worldwide no-fly zone ban as ordered by the UN,
Present Day,
The Capitol,
Washington D.C.

Presidential State of the Union Address

The time has come for the President of the United States of America to deliver his State of the Union Address speech. Many reporters from around the world have flocked to The Capitol; many among them to hear the plans of what he has for his country, but many more of them have came to demand to know of the secrets behind the sudden attacks from the Rodans and the creatures from Challenger Deep. Cities around the world have erupted into massive war zones, believing that the end is near and lay waste to their homes. The president does what he can on delivering his speech, but dozens of reporters overwhelm him with questions regarding "giant monsters". The president can't even hear his own voice when speaking, so he ultimately decides to end his speech and proceed with what the reporters want.

The president raises his right hand, showing to the reporters to calm their calamity. All the loud chatter of questions, reasoning, statements, and etc. and etc. dies down slowly as if the president himself was conducting an orchestra, controlling the atmosphere within the reporters.

-"Now than, since we're all civilized people that know how to properly behave during a speech, especially that of one being my State of the Union address, I'm willing to discontinue my speech and answer your questions.", the president said, affirming the reporters on to remember who he is and to respect what he was there for.
-"You there, the lady in the brown coat,-

The president points at the woman with his finger, acknowledging that he wants her to state her question.

-what's your question?"

-"Why have we not been told about these monsters living among us Mr. President? You expect us to have full trust in the government, yet you keep secrets like these from us as have past presidents from the past. But my real question is this...
Were you ever going to tell us that they existed or we had to wait and find out, case in point with the the Rodans and the creatures from Challenger Deep?

A brief moment of silence overtakes the audience. It is no doubt that people from around the country watching the State of the Union address on live tv or listening in on he radio are tuned in as well to the woman's question. The president slightly lowers his head, looking at the written speech he typed out for the State of the Union address that's clipped on the clipping board. He gives a calmly sigh, a sigh that isn't to deep nor to soft, but enough for him to prepare for what he is about to say. He puts both his hands onto the podium, tapping his index fingers against the clipboard placed in front of him. He slowly raises his head, stands upright again, and is now finally ready to give his answer.

-"To answer your question ma'am...I didn't even know that there were giant monsters living among us, let alone that I'm somehow keeping a secret from you all. If there's anyone keeping secrets of the fact that they knew giant monsters had long existed, those are people that you won't be able to find."

The woman sits back down, pausing her recorder as the president looks to the massive amounts of reporters, journalists, bloggers, and many more of the media workers staring at him.

"The man in the black & purple jacket, what's your question?", the president asked, already feeling of no worthy since he had prepared a while to deliver his State of the Union address, but is now answering question regarding giant monsters.
-"Thank you Mr. President, uh, my question is that, if you didn't know that these monsters existed, than surely there has to be someone or someone's that knew about this. If someone however knew there was, why weren't you informed about this?"
-"I cannot give an answer to that sir. In many countries, there are things that some people are permitted to be given information about and there are some people that aren't qualified to receive the information. I however of course, seem to be that I didn't qualify to receive this kind of...information, but that we as the whole world know about the existence of "giant monsters", we can start to ask the questions on why we weren't told about this."

The president looks to his bodyguards, giving a nod to them as indication that he is ready to leave. The president leaves out back, accompanied by his bodyguards as they form a circular formation around the president.

[As the president leaves, hordes of press flooding him with questions and statements all at the same time.]
-"M-Mr. President, where are you going sir? We need to know more information about these giant monsters."
-"Mr. President, you can't leave, you still need to answer us!"
-"Mr. President, what about the Earth? What if these monsters decide to take it over?"
-"He can't leave us. He's suppose to answer our questions."

The president, still hearing all the clamoring and nonstop pestering of questions happening outside, but chooses to ignore them as he calmly leaves the area. He enters the First Car, relieving himself with a deep sigh as he sits down with his head leaning back against the cushion of his seat, gladly thinking to himself that he's out of that hairy debacle. The motorcade of motorcycles and other armored vehicles begin to drive off, with the First Car following after, than accompanied by another motorcade behind them.

-"You know for a moment there, I thought I might've have to given the "whistle" to take you out. Luckily for you though, you didn't blabber off your mouth to the world, though now that they are aware of what we've been trying to hide, but it matters not to us anymore. They don't know that we exist. Wouldn't you agree...Mr. President?", said the Strange Man, evilly smirking off a grin from both sides of his face as his brown trench coat and hat continue to give him the presence of that of a demonic figure. His dark black sunglasses continue to conceal his eyes; eyes burning of pure evil.
-"Well, it's like what the people say about us, we love to keep secrets from them.", the president replied, all the meanwhile he gives a stare to the Strange Man with pure hate.
-"No need to continue on giving me that stare...Mr. President. There's nothing you can do to hurt me.", the Strange Man said, as he pulls out a phone, playing a video with the president's wife and daughter, beaten and tied to ropes, huddled in a corner together in fear.

The president's face boils with pure rage. His eyes become stone as he directs them to the Strange Man, still giving off the snarly evil smirk he previously had. He clenches his fists. Sweat slowly starts to come down his forehead, but...the president must do anything rashly stupid. He must remember first that his wife and daughter are counting on him to rescue them.

-"You're right, I can't hurt you, but someday, something will.", the president says, without a fear of doubt.
-"Very confident words Mr. President. Perhaps someday...it will happen, but not today. I do hope you continue to do doing your part for our cause. It would be a shame to see the two people you care about die because you let your hate and anger over me get the better of you."

All the president can do is listen to the words of the Strange Man. Ironically though, with all the power he has, he's powerless against this Man. The entire motorcade begins driving off into the further streets, headed toward the White House. Thousands of people line up against the streets, shouting and throwing things at the First Car, demanding to know of the world's discovery of giant monsters. But nothing can be done to stop the president and ask him for the truth. All the world can do is wait and hope that the next risings of monsters don't attack them where they live.

Two days following the Presidential State of the Union Address:

The Base of Control
Location: Classified

Blankets of gray clouds cover the night sky. The full moon shines it light over the surface ground of Earth. Peace among the skies is set upon the moment. Somewhere in sky however, something with great power flies with daring risks and motives.


A Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, a strategic and tactical airlifter, flies at a ceiling of 45,000 feet in the air. Its cargo, a world-class special elite team consisting of four men, sit about in the cargo bay, all staring straight towards the wall as the red lights inside flicker on and off inside. The constant turbulence causes them to move about wildly in the seats, but it's not a problem for them, for they are solely focused on what's required of them for the mission.

While continuing flying, the pilot asks to any of the four men a question that he's been pondering for quite some time.

-"Hey, so, I just wanted to know...how are able to fly up here. We've been in the air for about half an hour and one would think that the only Rodan left would come after us, but nothing's been heard about what happened to it ever since the Carrier Strike incident!", the pilot asks, raising his voice very highly so as the soldiers can hear and understand what of what he's asking.

Three of the men ignore him entirely, not caring for whatever may happen to him, so as long as he does his job. The fourth man, Ghost, slowly turns his head towards the pilot, looking at him with a blank expression, but still staring as if he doesn't know what that pilot is. He turns his head back to how he previously had, looking at the cargo bay's wall and prepares to give an answer.

-"We took a chance.", said Ghost, in a deep soulless tone, unafraid of what's yet to come. "All you need to know is that you work for us. Fly us to the point we need to go to, open the bay doors, and we'll take care of the rest. Got that?"
-"Oh...yeah, I uh...I understand."


The C-17 continues to fly to the destination point. The red lights continue to flicker until it permanently stops. One of the four men, Wolf, the leader of the group, raises his just barely with at the same time, his forehead and ears move up also, acknowledging that he's aware of what just happened. He grabs his weapon from beside him, stands up, and readies himself to speak to his men.

-"Grab your gear and pack up. We're making an early jump.", said Wolf, in his British commanding accent, as he walks about towards the pilot. "We're jumping out now. Forget the parachutes that were using, we'll be hang gliding towards the base. Open the bay doors in exactly thirty seconds, and than, you can make your way back home."
-"Yes sir!"

Wolf walks back to his seat. He prepares all his gear, as does Ghost, Snake, and Owl. All men check each other's gears, ensuring that it's properly functional and won't malfunction along the way. Fifteen more seconds to go as Wolf gives one last word to his men while the bay doors slowly open, the noise overcomes by the sudden loudness of the C-17's engines and wind blowing against the plane.

-"Meet at the center point here!", Wolf said, as he places his finger on the map, in the center of the base.

5 seconds to go left.

-"I'll see you all down there."

The lights come back on, but this time being green. All four men move quickly and jump out, free falling for a bit until they feel it's right enough to start gliding. They begin gliding towards the target with fast speed. Luckily so far, the Rodan hasn't been active since the loss of its other species members, giving Wolf and his team, all a more easier time to do their mission. They continue gliding in the dark gray clouds, only to be accompanied by the full moon's light, providing them some visibility on the ground. They're closely approaching the base which they can now see in the distance.


They're great speeds are fast enough to create a sonic boom, but they are to cautious to do such things to impress themselves. They are now within required zone to pull their emergency parachutes and pull do they do.


Rocky moving occurs for the men for which they steady their parachute to land on their center point. As they get closer, they ready their weapons in case of such sudden attacks to happen upon them. They finally land, quickly taking off their hang gliders and parachutes, but do not stop there. They raise their weapons, pointing in all key point directions, readying themselves for a fight. The area is clear, for now, but they make haste of their time as to which Wolf calls his men, having to have all of them split into two teams.

-"All right, this is what's happening men, we're here to look for any important information regarding the attack that happened here. Doesn't matter if it's discs, papers, flash drives, or tapes. Hell, if there's an animal here that can talk and tell what happened, you grab it. Everyone understood?!"
-"Yes sir", said Ghost, Snake, and Owl, simultaneously.
-"Good. Ghost, Owl, you two are to investigate the eastern wing here. Snake, you're with me. We'll be looking into the northern wing. All right everyone, break!"

Ghost & Owl and Wolf & Snake jog to their designated locations. Each with a common goal; to look for the answers regarding the destruction of Control.

[All happening at the same time]

Wolf & Snake don't spend that much of a time looking for the northern wing for it happened to be right around the corner. It happens to be the smallest building on the base, yet though, it overlooks huge wide fields of plains, with a massive dome-shaped stadium looking building concealed in the dark very well in the distance. It may be of interest to go investigate that building as well, but they have their objectives on what they must fulfill. They approach the northern wing building, with Wolf standing beside the door and Snake planting a small charge against the heavy steel entrance.


The steel door blasts away from its connecting point. Wolf & Snake enter the room, with guns pointing throughout the entirety inside. Despite the base being a total blackout, they are very glad they have the full moon to provide them some light to search upon inside the buildings.

-"All clear.", says Wolf, as he and Snake lower their weapons and begin their search.

Wolf immediately heads towards the terminals in hopes that any of them have power, but sadly no, all dead. He than walks towards the filing cabinets, grabbing any sheet of paper he finds to make quick skins through it, but still nothing. Snake checks the discs left behind by inserting them in his portable disc player; all static to be shown apparently. Snake brings out his laptop, turns it on, and looks for whatever flash drives may be on the floor. He finds a couple of them which he sets his laptop on a desk, causing him to kneel down on one knee, and insert the flash drive into his port. Sweat glistens off his face as he hopes that he may be given some answers.


-"Well that's just brilliant.", Snake said sarcastically.

The voice from the computer disappears as does the laptop's screen goes black; infected with what the flash drive was corrupted with, resulting in no evidence to be found for the cause of Control's destruction. Wolf & Snake look to each other, realizing that there's nothing to find in building, so they decide to join up with Ghost & Owl in helping them to find some answers.


Ghost & Owl make their way towards the eastern wing, the furthest building from the center point of the base. It takes them ten minutes to get there, but the very steep hills they are jogging is proving to be a huge factor playing against them. But it matters not to them, they are two among four of the world's elite soldiers. They won't let steep hills stop them from doing their mission. They breathe hard from the journey, but finally, they make it to the building. Its appearance alone is very grand, overlooking the entire base with the ocean seen in the distance. The giant mountains located in the background and the beautiful wonderful stars of outer space hovering over the sky, the views seen from here on the base certainly is a sight to behold.

-"We made...we made...OH SHIT! We made it!", said Owl, barely able to speak what he wants to say as lets out deep breaths of tiredness.
-"As if I didn't know, thanks for pointing it out.", Ghost replied, not particularly fond of what Owl has to say.
-"Problem buddy?", Owl answers, as he places his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath.
-"My problem? My problem is that you tend to slow down the group a lot lately. Four times already so far this night and not counting all the other times in the past. You're lucky to even be a part of this group; only because Wolf has pity over you, you're still here.
-"Oh yeah, well, what happens to be the four times you're talking about?", said Owl, as he slowly rises up, able to now get a breather from the exercise.

Ghost ceases walking. He leans his neck back in frustration and turns around with his right hand on the trigger of his weapon. He lets out a deep sigh, stressed that he has to explain himself so that way the mission may continue.

-"First, being in the plane. As we were getting our gear ready and almost about to jump out, I saw that you couldn't attach the emergency parachute to yourself. We spent an extra five seconds inside the plane when Wolf looked back to see that you weren't ready.
Second, being just before you touched down onto the center point. Wolf, Snake, and I were already disassembling our parachutes from us when you were a few meters off target landing. You needed extra time, again, to adjust your course of trajectory, thereby slowing us down again.
Third, bring our jog up the steep hills. Was it difficult, yes, but aren't we the world's elite soldiers for a reason. You began slowing down in your jog while I remained constant, arriving up here before you did.
And fourth, well, need I explain any further as to which one that may be or are you smart enough to know what it is?", Ghost said, as he crosses his arms with each other.
-"No, I don't know the answer to the fourth one, but you may as well finish your explanations since you don't seem to approve of me in any way.", Owl said, in a cocky manner.
-"Hmph, all right than.", Ghost said chuckling, while he took a few steps forward in Owl's direction. "The fourth one is the conversation happening right now. Of what importance does this conversation have to benefit the mission we are to uphold & execute? So, tell me that.

Owl stays quiet, realizing he made a fool of himself and turns his head to look at the ocean view all the while that he wishes he could improve his performance better.

-"I thought so. Now come on, we still have an entire building to search."
-"Roger that.", Owl mumbles to himself after he sees Ghost begin jogging and begins jogging himself towards the building's entrance.

Ghost & Owl continue to make their way towards the entrance of the eastern wing building, but when they arrive there, they notice that the entire front of the building is blown off to a massive hole.

-"Damn.", Ghost mutters to himself, taking upon on how much damage is present.
-"Wow! That's a big ass hole. What do you think did that?", Owl commented, arriving just before Ghost did and also taking in the view.

They pay no mind to the damage. They keep moving forward, entering into the building using the large hole. Their footsteps echo throughout the large interior. They see bats fly away from the ceiling, their wings can be heard fluttering as they make their way out of the building.

-"Hmph, they're spooked about something.", Owl said, as he sees cold air exit from his mouth, indicating that its to be colder the further they go.

They still move forward, going deeper into the building. They haven't seen any rooms to find, but they're starting to believe that there isn't anything to find. As they're jogging, Ghost notices something from the peripheral vision of his eye. A tiny crack of light is seen from behind of what is to be a concrete wall.

-"Ok, well, let's blow this fucker up.", Owl said excitingly.

As Wolf & Snake make their way towards the steep hills, they are stopped by some very strange noises. Noises that in situations like these would only be found in movies dealing with the supernatural. They steadily walk towards the origin of the noise, being inside another small building. Their guns are raised, ready to fire for if any danger is to come their way. As they still walk, they become closer to the noise. Their hearts beat faster as they finally turn the last corner and see a man dressed in a lab coat, scratching heavily at a wooden board. His nails, bloodied with splinters, his eyes are engulfed in redness, pieces of his hair missing from his head, but overall though, his behavior was like that of a zombie. His speaking could not be understood; he was just rambling gibberish to himself. Wolf & Snake cautiously move towards to him, with their guns ready to fire and ask him if he's alright.

-"Sir, are you alright? We're here to help you. If you come with us, we'll find you some means of protection.", Wolf said, attempting to calm the man down.

The man immediately stops what he's doing. He turns his head in a jerking manner to Wolf & Snake and stares at them like a rabid animal. He quietly mutters something to himself.

-"Sir, we're trying to help you. We don't know what you're trying to say. We can't understand you.", Snake said, already getting nervous.

-"On this day, a monster shall pay; on this day...two beasts shall slay.", the man said, as drool hangs from the side of his mouth.

The man looks to his left and spots a knife on the floor. He picks it up and looks to Wolf & Snake, planning on doing something that will result in a shooting happening.

-"Sir, don't do it. We don't want to shoot you, but don't...do...it.", said Wolf.
-"Ahhhhhhh!", the man yelled, as he charged towards Wolf & Snake with the knife raised high in the air.


Wolf & Snake fire their guns at the man, killing him. Wolf leans down to the body, checking for any information regarding the attack, but he finds a key card; a card that's used for the large building in the plains.

-"Sir, take a look at this.", Snake said, while flashing his light towards the wooden board.

Wolf stands back up and shines his light as well. The board all covered in blood and torned pieces, but something else stands out as well.

“Can you pull in Leviathan with a fishhook
    or tie down its tongue with a rope?
Can you put a cord through its nose
    or pierce its jaw with a hook?
Will it keep begging you for mercy?
    Will it speak to you with gentle words?
Will it make an agreement with you
    for you to take it as your slave for life?
Can you make-"

-"It just ends there sir. Who is this "Leviathan" that he's talking about sir?", Snake asks, having no idea of what any of the words mean.
-"A monster from the bible Snake. Now, let's worry about the mission. I found a key card leading to the building out in the plains. We're going to go there and investigate as well. Let's go."
-Yes sir.", Snake said quietly, as he takes one last look at the text upon the board, wondering why the man scratched it on there before making his way out of the room.


Ghost brings out C-4 from his backpack. He plants it on the wall, arming the devices. Ghost & Owl head take cover down the hall as they await the countdown to finish.


Smoke fills the entire hall as Ghost & Owl cover their mouths and noses, coughing from the sudden amount of smoke there was. They make their way towards the room, only to see that the light has disappeared. Owl takes out s flare, ignited it, and tosses it to the center of the room. Light fills room to which they now enter and see that this room is no average one. It is one big mansion sized square room with nothing inside. Just empty.

-"The hell? Look at that.", Owl said, as he points to the high wall that has something written in very large words, but written in blood apparently.

“Look at Behemoth,
    which I made along with you
    and which feeds on grass like an ox.
What strength it has in its loins,
    what power in the muscles of its belly!
Its tail sways like a cedar;
    the sinews of its thighs are close-knit.
Its bones are tubes of bronze,
    its limbs like rods of iron.
It ranks first among the works of God,
    yet its Maker can approach it with his sword.
The hills bring it their produce,
    and all the wild animals play nearby.
Under the lotus plants it lies,
    hidden among the reeds in the marsh.
The lotuses conceal it in their shadow;
    the poplars by the stream surround it.
A raging river does not alarm it;
    it is secure, though the Jordan should surge against its mouth.
Can anyone capture it by the eyes,
    or trap it and pierce its nose?"

-"What the hell is any of this suppose to mean?!", Owl blurted out.

Ghost doesn't know what it means as well, but he decides to take a picture of it. After he takes the picture and puts the camera away, he notices a key card on the floor. It's a card that belongs to a scientist. He reads it and sees that it leads to another building, but out in the plains. Ghost exits the room and walks to some nearby windows, seeing the building in the distance, despite it being very well concealed in the darkness. As he continues looking, he sees two faint lights slowly moving toward the building . He realizes that it's Wolf & Snake, so Ghost calls out to Owl and tells him what's next.

-"This key card leads to a building out in the field of plains. Wolf & Snake are already halfway there. That's where we'll regroup with them. Let's go."

Owl makes his out the room, while Ghost prepares for what he needs. He looks to the high wall, giving it one last look before the next journey to building in the plains.

Up next:
Chapter 5: What lurks inside the Building of the Plains?

What did you think of it? Tell me where I should improve on more. Thank you for reading!

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