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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Godzilla 2) is the upcoming sequel to Legendary Pictures' and Warner Bros. Pictures' Godzilla (2014) movie. Directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters will see the introduction of other Toho monsters Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. All three superspecies will vie for dominance of Earth and Godzilla will rise again to restore nature's balance.

Chapter 5: What lurks inside the Building of the Plains?

Chapter 5: What lurks inside the Building of the Plains?

Draegar: The Hooded Figure



Posted Jun-14-2017 5:40 PM

Ghost & Owl make their way out of the eastern wing building, jogging rapidly down the steep hills as carefully as they can. They gasp for breath; sweating constantly as the heavy packs they carry begin to take a toll on their legs. Within some time later, they arrive at the bottom of the steep hills, breathing heavily hard; trying to catch their breath as than Owl looks to the building in the plains and speaks what's on his mind.

-"Look how far that building is man.", said Owl, continuing to gasp heavily for his breath. "There's no way we can make it there with us like this."

Ghost looks to Owl, giving no whatsoever reasoning to that they won't make it, but rather states something else.

-"You don't think you can make it, fine, stay here than. Or better yet, go back to the center point, find yourself a chair, take something out to eat, and kick back & relax while I go and help with what Wolf and Snake needs."

Owl stays looking at Snake only to than look to the ground, staring at his boots, watching them churn up the dirt from underneath, but looks back to Ghost and says only five simple, but yet, unhonorably words.

-"Yeah sure, I'll do that.", said Owl, as he than turns back around and makes his way to the center point, taking his time as Ghost stays looking at him; becoming enraged with him from the choice he picked.

Ghost, however, doesn't have the time to pick a fight with Owl as his other partners need help with their objectives as well. He gets himself ready and begins making his way to the plains, running through all the dense high grass, but it doesn't give him no problems of any sort.

Within ten minutes of jogging, he arrives at the edge of the building in the plains, seeing also the many stars up in the outer space, the cool air blowing against him, the sounds of the grass being blowed against, and just not anything else that could disrupt the visual and sounds of nature itself.

-"This really is something, isn't it?", Ghost says as he looks about the surroundings of himself; enjoying nature and taking it all in as much as he can before having to continue on with his mission.

He heads to the main entrance of the building, still pouring a massive amount of sweat as he pulls out the keycard he found from the eastern wing building and places it against the scanner, slowly opening the door. The massive titanic of a door, 450 feet in height and 600 feet wide, opens very creakingly slowly; its heavy swinging giving the impression it'll fall off. Ghost enters the massive building, seeing large hangars of what seems to be designed to hold something...something very large.

As he walks in, his footsteps echo throughout the dark, empty stadium building; as not seeing no signs of anyone around. He continues walking forward, seeing very large traces of blood on the ground, the walls, and even the ceilings. Destroyed walls and machinery are present, but there doesn't seem to be of any kind of danger currently in the area. Ghost flashes his light upon the ceiling of the stadium, seeing large writings in blood; referencing to the two creatures of the bible: Behemoth & Leviathan. Ghost looks to the writing of Behemoth, recognizing it from the eastern wing building, but still doesn't know what means.

-"Hmm, what do you mean by that?", Ghost mutters to himself, still trying to understand what the text means.

While Ghost continues watching the text, he hears footsteps and voices approaching his direction from another room. Ghost immediately readies his weapon, pointing it to the direction it's coming from, but only to see that it's his partners, Wolf & Snake.

-"Hey, hey, hey...whoa, whoa, whoa; easy there Ghost. You don't recognize a friendly when you see one?", Wolf stated, surprised to see Ghost in the building.
-"Sorry sir, things haven't been easy so far."
-"Nothing's ever easy in this world Ghost, remember that.", said Wolf. "Where's Owl? He's suppose to be with you."
-"Owl...Owl decided to take easy way out."
-"He did huh...well...I'll see to it that he's dealt with."

Wolf looks up to the ceiling, seeing the text as well that's written in large blood and speaks what's in his mind.

-"That again? What's with the connections to the bible being so important?"
-"The bible, sir?", Ghost asked, looking to Wolf with a questionable facial expression.
-"Yes Ghost. Earlier, Snake and I saw a reference just like this, except it was speaking of Leviathan. The other text that's written up there, that's Behemoth its talking about."
-"Who are these...creatures, sir?", Ghost asked again, his curiosity now at all time high.
-"Leviathan is the biggest creature of the water and Behemoth is the biggest creature of land Ghost. These beings are capable of great power and destruction, but whether they actually did ever exist...no one knows."

As Wolf finishes explaining to Ghost, he realizes something on how was Ghost was able to enter the building.

-"How did you get in here Ghost?"
-Through the main entrance sir. I found a key card."

Wolf looks to the entrance that Ghost is referring to, but sees nothing.

-"What entrance Ghost? I don't see anything."
-"The entrance right that's right over ther-"

Ghost looks to see that the main entrance door is gone. Nothing was ever there. Just a huge wall that's part of the building.

-"There was an entrance right there. That's how I entered. And that's how I found this room."
-Well, there's only one way to know what's going on here and that's to-"


Ghost, Wolf, and Snake feel a very loud thunderous shaking in the ground. They realize that it's coming from outside, so they immediately head out only to see that multiple large beings are rising out of the ground. Beings with somewhat a large shell with spikes on them, slowly, rising out of the ground.

Wolf looks the beings rising out and can only give one statement to what's happening.

-"What the hell is that?"

All Wolf, Snake, and Ghost can do is watch in shock and awe as the many beings continue to rise out of the ground.

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