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Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters

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How big of a threat should the MonsterVerse King Ghidorah be?

How big of a threat should the MonsterVerse King Ghidorah be?

Godzilla: King of the Monsters



Posted Jun-15-2017 4:29 PM

Now, since Godzilla 2014 came out already, three years to be exact, it's already established that Godzilla only rises out to fight when certain enemies have the potential to disrupting the balance of the world as Ken Watanabe's character, Dr. Serizawa put it.

In less than two years, we'll be having Godzilla: King of the Monsters (that's me!) coming out with the known monsters to be featured being Mothra, Rodan, Godzilla, and of course, King Ghidorah himself as the villain.

King Ghidorah will undoubtedly draw Godzilla to want to restore the balance from him, but just how exactly dangerous should King Ghidorah be? In the Showa Era, King Ghidorah was a planet destroying monster danger level. In the Heisei Era, King Ghidorah was somewhat like a country level threat - not exactly dangerous enough to the point where he might've destroyed the world.

I don't know what King Ghidorah's origins will be in the Godzilla 2 movie, but how big of a threat I'd want him to be is dangerous enough to where he threatens the very skies that Rodan and Mothra flies in, the natural balance of the world that Godzilla and Mothra protect, and just the entirety of the world itself that he's just capable of destroying whenever he pleases.

I don't expect the MonsterVerse King Ghidorah to be Showa Era level dangerous, but I just want him to be feared upon, cause chaos, dominate other monsters in a fight, and show why King Ghidorah is a monster that can never be fought alone with - only with other monsters teaming up against him so that way they may win.

"Remember, remember the third of November; for a monster brought fear, on all those near."


Something Real



Posted Jun-15-2017 4:32 PM

G:KOTM - What a compelling topic! Hmm...I believe King Ghidora should be able to deal with any one given Kaiju (Godzilla included) with relative ease on his own. However, against multiple Kaiju, Ghidora should be hard-pressed to claim victory. :)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters



Posted Jun-15-2017 4:40 PM

^Thank you very much SR. King Ghidorah isn't no monster to fool around with. But I believe though if the monsters fighting him are determined to live and win, despite how big and mighty he is, King Ghidorah will lose. Though I will be sad to see him die should that happen. He's a monster of extraordinary power.

"Remember, remember the third of November; for a monster brought fear, on all those near."

Draconus Tyrannus



Posted Jun-15-2017 5:15 PM

It should be enough of a threat that he rivals Godzilla in power.







Posted Jun-15-2017 8:03 PM

This is King Ghidorah. The King of Terror. The Planet Killer. The oldest monster in the Godzilla franchise that has remained an arch-enemy and has never fought along side him (not counting King Kong, who wasn't an original Toho monster). If Legendary does this right, and given how they've been treating Godzilla and King Kong they have been, then King Ghidorah will be a true threat. Godzilla 2 is going to have Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah. That means this could be a remake of Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster. In that movie, Ghidorah was a threat to the earth. So I'd have to say, I want my Monsterverse King Ghidorah to be a threat to all life on Earth. If not, then I'm happy if Ghidorah is evil.

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla

The King of the Monsters



Posted Jun-15-2017 8:26 PM

In my ideal scenario, King Ghidorah is a colossal, unstoppable engine of death. A monster that obliterates everything in his path, which cannot be reasoned with or halted. He should be a foil to Godzilla and the other more sympathetic creatures in the MonsterVerse: while monsters like Godzilla and Kong fight to defend their territory and avoid unnecessary conflict, King Ghidorah constantly kills and destroys everything he sees, making him a true threat and potential common enemy for Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra.

As for his motivations and why he poses a threat, there's two ideas I've considered. First, maybe he somehow feeds on the life he destroys, similar to his motivation from Rebirth of Mothra III. Not sure how they could go about that and make it believable beyond him "feeding on life forces," but it's always a possibility. I suppose he could always just eat other creatures he comes across.

Another possible motivation behind him is that he kills and destroys simply because he can. There's no discernible reason for why he does what he does, he just exists to destroy. A creature whose entire existence revolves around killing whatever he can, with his motivations completely imperceptible to humans. If the filmmakers do indeed make King Ghidorah an alien, I'd like to see them follow this route. It makes him truly mysterious and alien, a force beyond human comprehension.

Either way, I imagine those cave murals from Kong: Skull Island depict a past encounter with King Ghidorah, and/or prophesize his appearance in the future. King Ghidorah may be an almost mythological apocalyptic beast, with the kaiju being living gods that humanity believed would rise to oppose him. I have a feeling this aspect could be explored through Mothra and the people who apparently worship her.

To sum up, I imagine King Ghidorah will be a terrifying force of destruction whose power far exceeds that of Godzilla and makes him a threat to all life on Earth.

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters



Posted Jun-15-2017 8:51 PM

^I totally agree with the things you've just said, especially with your second theory. Maybe the MonsterVerse King Ghidorah will be the type of monster to just want to kill and look for worthy opponents. But I really like your theories.

"Remember, remember the third of November; for a monster brought fear, on all those near."




Posted Jun-16-2017 4:33 AM

Obviously, King Ghidorah needs to be really threatening in terms of pure strength and intimidation.

But I think we forget that he needs to be seen as imposing out-of-universe, too. The antagonistic monsters that have been shown thus far have been serviceable but not long-lasting. They serve their purpose as an enemy for our hero monsters to overcome, but aren't needed afterwards.

I think King Ghidorah could change that formula up. In the Showa continuity, after his initial appearance, he continued to show up sporadically, always a threat, if a bit more subdued compared to his original appearance.

I believe that Legendary's take on the character should display a similar tenacity for not staying down and popping up again. The character could become what Loki or Thanos has become to the MCU: an overarching villain that's either always around or will always come back.




Posted Jun-19-2017 5:30 AM

I think he should be as powerful or more powerful than Godzilla , and dont kill King Ghidorah off until the last movie of the monsterverse and if they do kill him earlier in maybe a Destroy All Monsters remake then have him come back later on as Mecha King Ghidorah ! 

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