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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Godzilla 2) is the upcoming sequel to Legendary Pictures' and Warner Bros. Pictures' Godzilla (2014) movie. Directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters will see the introduction of other Toho monsters Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. All three superspecies will vie for dominance of Earth and Godzilla will rise again to restore nature's balance.

Draegar: The Hooded Figure



Posted Jun-16-2017 2:34 PM

Ghost, Wolf, and Snake all stayed standing outside from upon exiting the building from a blown out hole in the wall; watching three mighty, armadillo like creatures rising up from the ground ever so gently and smoothly. The dirt collapsing from their many spikes upon their backs - coming down as if its a avalanche. The three soldiers quickly head to nearby bushes, only for Snake to than to establish to make contact with the C-17 that dropped them off earlier, but all static in the area.

-"Come on, WORK!", Snake said frustratingly. "Ahh dammit - it's no good sir, connection isn't all that great here. We'll need to find somewhere else to establish a secure connection with the C-17."
-"Whatever you need to get that radio to work Snake, just tell us where to go.", Wolf replied, giving Snake the call to go where he must to have the radio work.

Snake looks around; trying to find a high ridge anywhere, but all there is to be seen are the plains and the tall grass. Snake continues to look around, turning his head consistently, but looks to the building and comes up with only one response.

-"We have to get to the top of that building - it's our only shot at getting this thing to work.", Snake said, breathing heavily as he speaks whilst sweat continues to pour down his face; drained from all the running he's been doing, despite with that the gear he carries doesn't necessarily help.

Wolf looks to his men; clenching his jaws as he knows that going to the building means crossing through the large, armadillo-like monsters that have risen out of the ground - though they don't seem to pay no mind to anything other than what appears to be a juvenile; staying close to the big ones.

Wolf watches the three monsters, realizing that they must be a family; the parents not wanting any trouble from anything as keep their attention on their young one - whom is barely half the size as its parents are. Wolf decides to give the order to proceed to move forward with the plan to head to the roof of the building, though at the cost of them to potentially be killed by the parents. The three men eventually meet up to where the family is at; the parents - watching the men with their cold, hard, blank black eyes - just staring at the men as they move forward.

They eventually reach the building, looking for a ladder of some kind to climb up, but nothing is currently present at the moment to help aid in their efforts. They must go back inside the blown hole of the building and find their way upwards - should they want to make it out alive. They travel through so many rooms, so much blood, so much destruction; they think to themselves - "What possibly could have happened here? What being is capable of such incredible power that it could do this?"

Through the constant running they do, their feet kick through garbage, rubble, papers, and just so much more trash that the inside of the building is hardly recognizable anymore. Ghost however, ceases from his running and looks to the ground at the crumbled and blood-stained papers that he carefully picks up and attempts to read; the dark shadowy environment of inside the building not giving so much help, but he works with what he can. He breathes heavily still - squinting his eyes as the sweat slowly makes its way down to them; giving him a burning reaction, but he wipes away with then using his glove - clearing the sweat for he moment. Snake, while running, looks back to Ghost and sees that he's looking at a paper and not running with them to the roof; causing Snake to stop and wanting to ask Ghost why he did such.

-"Ghost!", Snake said loudly, doing the best he can to control his breathing while speaking. "What are you doing man...the roof is this way; were not here to read some...papers. If we want to leave outta here...we have to continue on right now."

Ghost doesn't respond to Snake - he continues standing in the same spot; reading the paper he's holding, but only for than to look at the other papers on the floor; seeing that they hold somewhat similar information that he's reading on. He slowly kneels down and sets aside the paper he was previously reading, only to pick up another one and see exactly what the building was meant for.

-"Ghost, you ok man?", Snake asked, only for than for Wolf to stop running and look to Ghost's direction and speak to him.
-"Everything all right here? We do after all have somewhere we need to be.", Wolf said, as he walks over to Ghost's direction with Snake following as well.
-"These...these papers...look at them. What...what are all these "things"?", Ghost asked, as he points to the pictures on the papers of what seem to be monsters and lifetimes of research upon them. "Look, right here! This is that Delta Rodan creature that attacked those F-22's recently. And here! These "Ebirahs", they seem to match the descriptions of what the remainder of the Carrier Strike Group described them as. But could anybody know about them if they lived underneath Challenger Deep?"

Wolf and Snake kneel down as well to look at the papers on the floor of the other creatures. Their faces shocked with disbelief as they look to see that all these monsters coexist with the rest of humanity. Snake looks picks up a few papers, looking at them to see that it not only limits to Earth, but beyond out in space as well.

-"Look at this.", said Snake, as he holds out the papers for Ghost and Wolf to look at. "It seems that there's some of them that are from outer space as well."

Ghost and Wolf each take one, looking at the features, descriptions, powers, capabilities, threat level, and many more research that was done upon them. Ghost sees one picture of a monster taken from a satellite at a distant star - its features of that having one single, red eye, three sails on its back, hooks as hands, and a horn atop its head. Wolf looks over the picture he was handed to see something flying by a moon; its appearance that of having large wings, three necks, golden scales, and two tails.

-"This paper says that there's only one of these things so far. They call it, "Gigan".", Ghost stated as he continues reading about the monster.
-"This one is called, "King Ghidorah". And based by what's said of this thing, it has the capability of destroying many worlds."

Wolf, Snake, and Ghost continue on reading about what the papers state, but Snake remembers that he must get the radio to fix so they can in order be extracted from the area.

-"I'm sorry sir, but we have to continue on with getting to the roof. There isn't any time to be wasted."
-"Roger that Snake. Ghost..."
-"Yes sir?", Ghost asked as he hesitantly takes his eyes away from the paper he was reading.
-"Snake and I are going to proceed to the roof. We'll leave a trail for you to take of the directions we took. I need you to gather all these papers up. We may need them soon in the future."
-"Yes sir."

Snake and Wolf make their way to the roof of the building while Ghost remains behind - collecting the papers and putting them away in his pack...but only for something to catch Ghost's attention. He pulls out the paper; slowly and carefully, looking at the monster that's featured in it. He continues to pull it, but only for than heavy thunderstorms and rain to slowly start to build up in the high, nightly sky. He beers his head to the ceiling of the building - startled by the thunder, but looks back to the paper to see that name of the monster is crossed out; along with the rest of what the text says about it. The only picture that shows of it is the creature's dorsal plates above the water surface.

Ghost looks at this creature in wonder and amazement as this seems to be a monster that is rather wise to be left alone with. But Ghost can't stop now for he must continue on with heading to the roof, so he puts the last paper up and follows the trail that Snake and Wolf left for him.

Meanwhile outside the building, the young monster playfully runs around in the dark skies; enjoying the moment of having no trouble. The father rests upon on the ground not to far away form the young one as he looks to the skies as well. He lets the cool breeze hit against him with his head raised up high; seeing the grass of the plains move so swiftly from the wind - a peaceful moment that it seems for the three monsters to be enjoying. The mother stays by the young one, watching him play as the father still continues to look the stars - gazing at just how majestic they are. But despite the quiet, calm peaceful nature the family is enjoying, nothing can ever truly be a perfect moment. The father detects something...something deep underneath the ground - attempting to make its way outward. He looks to the mother and the young one; giving a low grunt for them to move away from the area. He stands back up, slowly moving his huge figure toward where the source of movement is coming from - being underneath the building of the plains.

Ghost continues to follow the trail; seeing that getting to the roof of the building is a very daunting task to do. He finally reaches to the roof and sees Wolf and Snake, attempting to get the radio to work, but only to see that they have ceased from what they were doing. He makes a few steps forward slowly - breathing slightly hard as the cool breeze blows against him, to see that Snake and Wolf are looking at the father monster. The monster seems to appear to be looking at them, but they're confused as to why it's not charging into the building.

-"Hey, what's going on!", Ghost asked, wondering as to what exactly is happening at the moment.
-"We don't know.", said Snake and Wolf in unison, they to confused as well.

Slowly though, Ghost, Snake, and Wolf begin to feel a rumbling from underneath them. They begin to lose their balance from standing and fall to the ground; with the building still shaking as well. A few seconds later, a being of extraordinary size, comes out of the ground - destroying the building from within the center. Ghost, Snake, and Wolf all fall the the ground; their fates to remain unknown for the time being.

The father monster looks to the monster that's has risen out of the ground - roaring as he stands guard to protect his family; ready to fight. But that is if the father can achieve in defeating this extraordinary monster.

2 Responses to Chapter 6: Behold...

Something Real

Jun-16-2017 3:18 PM

G:KOTM - That was an extremely neat chapter! I very much enjoy the way in which you comboine moments concerning your human protagonists and the monsters! Excellent work! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share this with us! :)

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Jun-16-2017 4:48 PM

^What are you hoping to see happen in the next chapter SR?

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