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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Godzilla 2) is the upcoming sequel to Legendary Pictures' and Warner Bros. Pictures' Godzilla (2014) movie. Directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters will see the introduction of other Toho monsters Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. All three superspecies will vie for dominance of Earth and Godzilla will rise again to restore nature's balance.

Draegar: The Hooded Figure



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Ghost, Snake, and Wolf - all three men fell through the collapsing of the building; whether of their status being alive or dead...remains uncertain.

The monster from deep underneath the ground; a monster not of Earth origin; a monster...only rising to kill...for its own personal enjoyment, slowly rises out - bringing out one of its massive pincer-like hands and slamming it on the ground with a vast earthquake rumbling. It than brings out its other pincer-like hand to slam on the ground as well; only than for it to lift itself up from the massive hole its dug itself out of; slowly beginning to stand upright as mighty being it is; standing up to 137 . 16 meters in height with a heavily armored body, a hideous face, but most of all, it presents itself...as the Behemoth it is. The Behemoth lets out a thunderous roar - cracking the ground of the plains itself; shocking the four-legged armadillo monster itself that's ready to fight the Behemoth. The Behemoth turns its head slowly in a left to right direction, examining its surroundings to see what kind of world this is. It sees beyond the horizon - watching the many cities bustle with movement all over, the birds flying high in the nightly skies under the blanket of stars shining and covering over the Earth, the vast amount of empty space the plains offers as the Behemoth looks about...but all this means nothing to the mighty Behemoth.

A military base 45 miles away from the building of the plains, detected the sudden destruction of the building and decide to take advantage of the airspace as the Delta Rodan hasn't been active lately. Four Apache and three Blackhawk helicopters are sent to the area, but as the while they make their way there, somewhere...faraway in high tips of the Canadian Rocky Mountains...there lies the Delta Rodan - grieving over the loss of two of his members upon from the causes of the Ebirahs. He stays standing on a mountain top; leaning against the walls of it as the cold, hard blizzardy winds blow against him - making him truly feel like a lone being...but yet, he's still a monster...and he must be the monster that he is. He slowly lifts his head up, feeling the presence of aircraft within the skies of the Earth. He unfolds his wings out; showing the magnificent wingspan that he possesses and looks to the sky - thinking of one thing and one thing only: FLY!
The Delta Rodan leaps off the edge of the mountain only to head downwards...nowhere to be seen within the heavy clouds and blizzard winds covering the area, but than...the Delta Rodan, flying faster than he's ever done before...explodes high into the air; causing the clouds to break apart; allowing some moonlight to glow upon the peaceful mountains. He flies with so much speed...so much determination...so much...anger...within his body. He constantly increases his speed - letting out numerous sonic booms upon his flight path. But before he can go after the helicopters, Rodan wants to test out his new speed...wanting to test how much ramming power he can give to an enemy. He flies to the nearest city, Chicago...spotting the many tall buildings that are present as he than flies a great distance away, but makes a turnaround; flying head on towards four buildings lined up in a row with so much extreme speed he's built up and finally...
...he slices though all four building with relatives ease as they than collapse to the ground. Rodan, while flying, watches the buildings fall and let's out a victorious roar and begins to make his way to the helicopters...leaving more sonic booms upon his wake.

Meanwhile, back in the plains, the Behemoth gives low, deep, and unsettling growls as he continues looking upon the world around him. The red-orangish glows from his mouth glow brightly as he than looks down to see a monster much smaller than him - a four legged, armadillo-like creature, in a defensive battle position. The Behemoth takes a few slow, sluggish steps towards the other monster, but the four legged monster quickly moves back, realizing that the Behemoth is a creature he won't be able to defeat alone. The Behemoth growls angrily at the monster for stepping further back, but only to than spot something from the corner of its eye: the mother and her young, moving away from the area as to which the the Behemoth attempts to head towards their direction, but the father makes certain that it doesn't happen as he charges forward towards the Behemoth's front legs and rams them; catching him off guard and knocking the Behemoth down to one leg still standing and the other having his knee on the ground. The Behemoth looks to the father in an a very raged expression; lifting his arm and slamming his pincer into the ground - breaking apart the ground, sending pieces to blow out and only to turn his head slightly back to the hole he came out of and lets out a low roar - only for some more rumbling to begin; for something else was coming out of the hole itself. The Behemoth slowly rises up again as the while at the same time, the other beast shoots out of the hole in tremendous speed, the father was only able to catch a blur of what the thing was - but it lands down on the ground; shaking it upon the full force it gave. This dragon is 100 meters in length, has a 100 meter wingspan with curved horns on its head and spikes sticking out from its neck and arms.

The dragon looks to Behemoth, giving want seems to be a nod of respect to him, as it than turns its head to the father; not completely bigger than him, but enough to give him a good fight. The father gives a roar as it than charges forward to the dragon, but the dragon quickly rotates its body - slamming its tail against the father's face, causing him to slide against the ground in a hard impact. The dragon quickly takes to the air and begins to begins to breathe fire upon the father - but while the dragon and father fight, Behemoth looks back to the mother & her young and makes his way towards them; his slow and sluggish steps make it all the more terrifying as they try to get away, but he's catching up with them. The father is able to handle the fire being brought upon him by the dragon, but he looks to Behemoth whom is headed towards the mother and the young, so he quickly gets back up to his feet and starts running towards him; but only for than the dragon to slam his feet with extreme force down upon the father's spiked shell - injuring him badly. Behemoth lets out another mighty thunderous roar as the mother and her young stop and look to Behemoth who is already close to them.

The mother doesn't have any other choice, but to fight and protect her young one as she gives adopts a defensive stance and roars to Behemoth. Behemoth lets out another roar and quickly runs to the mother - using his arms to slam down upon her, but she quickly rolls out of the way and using her tail to slam it against the side of Behemoth's body. Behemoth quickly lifts his right arm up and swings it at the mother's face; knocking her off her feet. He than rises back up, looking to the mother and prepares to use his pincer to stab the mother though the stomach, but the young one, fearing for his mother's life, bravely, but foolishly, runs towards Behemoth, attempting to ram him down. Behemoth's attack is altered as his pincer strikes into the ground, barely missing the mother's stomach. He turns around to see the little one attempting to give his braved up roars, but Behemoth kicks the young one, causing him great pain and faint whining. Behemoth walks to the little one; placing his massive foot atop the little one's shell as he desperately cries out for help, not wanting to die. He moves body in a wild manner, trying to break free of Behemoth's hold, but Behemoth places more weight upon the young one as he than prepares his pincer to stab through the young one's head.

Meanwhile, in a further distance away, the helicopters are almost reaching the area as they see some dark shadowy figures in the distance fighting. The pilots can't make out what exactly the beings are, but one of them were able to be identified as a four legged armadillo-like creature. The information was sent to an disclosed location as the disclosed location in a short amount of time responded back and identified the monster as the designated name: Anguirus. The helicopters were now only 15 miles away from reaching the targets, but all would end so soon as they could faintly hear what seems to be sonic booms approaching them? Some of the crewmen inside the helicopters looked outside to see what was the sounds coming, but it no longer mattered anymore. All seven helicopters were destroyed in an instant as Rodan flew right through them; roaring profoundly in victory...until somehow...time just...seemed to slow down for the Delta Rodan. He watched the helicopters still travel with him from being destroyed, he watched the grass of the plains still moving smoothly and swiftly with each other, he watched everything that was happening around him, but only to than see the large monster up ahead that he was about to ram into unintentionally. Behemoth looked up and saw the large flying pterosaur fast approaching him - only for than to Rodan collide with him with such brutal force; knocking back Behemoth a staggering good distance away from the young one, but causing Rodan to lose his flight and spin wildly in the air; crashing into the ground and giving a painful roar while creating a large hole. The dragon, who was watching everything that happened, releases his hold from the father Anguirus and looks to Rodan; as he is a flyer as well and wants a good challenge.

Behemoth, who was knocked back such a far distance, slowly gets up, slamming his pincers into the ground, but only for than for yellow power to start surging from his body; creating so much brightness that it can be seen from the military base that the helicopters came from. The yellow power surge than begins to sparks some yellow lightning around Behemoth's pincers as which it unleashes a tremendous and powerful blast wave of yellow focused energy onto the ground - blowing so many massive holes in them while they also give off steam hissing form the high heat it gave off. Behemoth turns back around to look at the Delta Rodan, who is carefully getting back up; shaking his head to regain his senses as while the dragon walks over to Behemoth and stands next to him - both ready to attack Rodan. Rodan eventually regains his senses, but looks to see that both creatures are staring at him, ready to fight, but than Rodan looks to the fires caused on the ground by the dragon and than to the family of Anguirus's as they lay on the ground; defeated for time being. Rodan than shifts his head back to the two monsters directions, seeing that there's no way of him being able to handle them both on, but all he can do is fight them the best he can...

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