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Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Jul-20-2017 8:32 PM

He laid on the destroyed, rubbled city grounds - defeated...tired...no more signs of fighting in him left as he slightly tilts his head to the side and drags it to the right; his lower massive, strong & powerful jaws to than stop and be placed upon amongst the rubble. His powerful figure breathing heavily as he veers his weak eyes towards the sun, shining it's yellow-orangish warm rays of light upon him and overlooking all of the apocalyptic-like destroyed city.

Large amounts of heavy, thick smoke flow out of the skyscrapers whilst the fires from within the many floors of the buildings crackle softly, not posing any threats to what remains of the tattered buildings. The waves from the nearby ocean splash upon themselves, its peaceful sounds matching to help create a sense of calmness from the complete & utter dead silence in the city. As he remains laying on the ground, he slowly moves both his weakened eyes to the many hundreds of seagulls flying above in the skies - soaring around with complete freedom and gracefulness as the while the sunlight continues to shine upon him; helping to bolster the strength within him as the spines upon his back slowly, but faintly glow in blue colors; only to than stop.

He keeps his head as it is, moving his eyes around and breathing in the cool, fresh air that's blowing softly from the shoreline. He looks up to the sky once again, seeing the sun's rays shining on him still, the cloudy, but yet, yellow-covered sky, and the ocean from a distance in front. Slowly and carefully, he attempts to stand himself up; struggling heavily in the process for all his strength in his body has been diminished. He collapses to the ground - the process repeating for six times as each crash to the ground only weakens him more; blood spilling from his mouth, flesh torn from different areas of his body, four of his spines ripped off from his back, deep gashes on his tail and legs.

All around, skyscrapers tumble down; falling with what seems like a peaceful grace as smoke fills the area. He raises his right hand - allowing it reach forward as if he's attempting to reach out for the light, not wanting to have to live anymore and endure the pain he's experiencing. His eyes are focused on the sun's light, his hand still reaching out...but only for a sharp, spear-like object to slam down upon his hand, stabbing right though it easily; becoming stuck to the ground.

He roars in extreme pain; not able to bear any other injuries brought about to him. His head turns to the side, trying to hold on the pain, but in his weakened state, the added pain could just kill him. As he lays on the ground, heavy, thunderous footsteps are heard; slowly walking near his body. The building rubble that's scattered around is kicked near to his face as the being approaching gets closer; still walking slow and giving low, deep growls.

He continues to remain on the ground, turning his head weakly to the right to see the being approaching. The next footstep stomps on the ground near his face; the foot appearing to be covered in brown fur - leading up to what seems to be legs attached to a bipedal monster. All he can do is lay there; weakened from his injuries, no more signs of fighting in him left; wanting to give up on his life now. The monster standing over him looks down upon him on the ground, staring at him with no expressions as he just watches the King of the Monsters lay on the ground...defeated...and broken.

2 Responses to The Struggle

Something Real

Jul-21-2017 10:00 AM

G:KOTM - This was an extremely evokative piece! I greatly enjoyed the way in which you described the ruination surrounding Godzilla and his slow and determined attempts to regain his feet. Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Jul-21-2017 10:04 AM

^Thank you very much SR. I may include another two parts, maybe not. But do you know who the other monster is that's near Godzilla?

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