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Insane Godzilla vs Kong fan plot

Insane Godzilla vs Kong fan plot


Aug-25-2017 9:08 AM

Here is a plot I made for GvK, tell me what you think!

After the terrible destruction in Godzilla 2, the United States Government feels that MONARCH and their mindset to let the creatures roam free, isn’t enough to prevent disaster. MONARCH is then suspended, and taken under military control for disasters. Sort of like a martial law.

On Skull Island, the skull crawler species struggles to survive after the death of the skull devil and Kong's increased size, which is now 310 feet. The Skull Crawler in fear of extinction, migrate north. The find there way to a new Island that looks similar to their old home. Kong follows the creatures, as his revenge for the death of his species still hangs overhead.

Once on this new island Kong starts roaming around to explore his new environment. It looks similar yet different than old home. Kong hears a noise and looks up, he sees Rodan (assuming he didn’t die in Godzilla 2) come out of a cave and fly around the island. Kong then follows Rodan to where he landed.

One his journey there, Kong hear a noise just ahead. He follows it, until he can see the fogged silhouette of a creature bigger than himself; Godzilla. He approaches the silhouetted creature until he can see him completely. Godzilla comes out of the shadows, face to face with Kong. Godzilla gives an angry look. Sending Kong the message that he should go home. Knowing his size disadvantage, Kong doesn’t fight it, and turns the other way.

Meanwhile Dr. Serizawa is looking back at the works of Houston Brooks. Wondering where Kong could be. Vivienne suggests the idea that Kong could stop any hostile monsters as he had a relationship with the humans he saw on the island. Serizawa says that according to the trip in 1995, Kong was much bigger, suggesting that he has grown since then as well, and he tells Vivienne that Kong’s size would make the humans less noticeable to Kong, meaning they wouldn’t be a cause he would fight for.

That night, Kong stays on the island waiting until morning to leave. When Godzilla awakens he mysteriously starts swimming away, so Kong follows.

    Dr. Serizawa who is still disappointed over the failure of the oxygen destroyer (from the last movie) confronts the head of the G - Team, the military branch of MONARCH and tells him that there is nothing else that they can do. Dr. Serizawa and Vivienne Grahame were assigned to create weapons that could kill these monsters, but they have no ideas. Serizawa explains once again that their guns will do nothing to these beasts. They don’t listen.

   It turns out Godzilla was heading straight for New York city, mysteriously as there were no monsters. Serizawa concludes that Godzilla is attacking man for the harmful things they have done to the environment, seeing us as a threat to all species. Once he makes landfall in New York he starts wreaking havoc, destroying buildings, taking down planes and what not. He uses his atomic breath to incinerate the city. Godzilla rampages for 10 minutes at this point. The G - Team is sent out immediately, as they have control over MONARCH in emergency situations.

    Kong quickly comes ashore and sees the wreckage. And then Kong finally sees it, Godzilla. He sees all of the people running in fear. Kong thought back to when he was saved by humans in the 1970s on skull island, he remembered how caring the people were. Thinking Colonel Packard was the one bad one. Kong decides to step in, he lets out a big roar and all goes silent, Godzilla turns his head and sees him, Godzilla roars back. Kong being faster, charges in first and punches Godzilla right in the face, pushing him back aways. After many more punches, tail strikes from Godzilla knock Kong down. The tired monster lays there in pain. Godzilla turns away continuing his rampage. Kong is struck by lightning. His face glows blue and nothing appears to happen. Kong soon stands up and grabs Godzilla by the tail trying to pull him away. Godzilla flips kong of with a swipe of the tail. The two monsters fist fight their way to the empire state building. Where Kong climbs to the top of the tower roughly 4 times his size. Godzilla unable to climb, looks up and sees kong atop the tower, beating his chest and roaring in all his glory, He finally jumps off the building, landing right on top of godzilla.

Kong gets up first as Godzilla acted as a meat shield. Kong ripps of the top of a building, and shoves it down Godzilla’s throat. Godzilla then lets out a huge roar. Kong goes in to pry open Godzillas mouth, but Godzilla fights back by scratching Kong across his face with his claws. Kong then quickly grabs the jaws of Godzilla and tries to pry then open, presumably to break them. While fighting to get them open, Kong notices a blue light, that gets brighter and brighter, until he hears a noise to, he looks at Godzilla who is looking straight back, and Godzilla let Kong open his jaw which allows him to shoot his atomic breath. Kong, now with burns on his face, tries to get back up but Godzilla shoots him again, this time in the chest. The battle worn Kong makes one final attempt to kill Godzilla, he rips a pole of the ground and swing it at Godzilla. He hits him right in the eye. The enraged Godzilla pushed Kong and they wrestle each other into the water, Where all is silent, until Godzilla surfaces and swims away. Leaving Kong’s remains in the deep waters below.

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yeetman #TeamRodan

Aug-31-2017 4:45 PM

Wow this is really great. I think that they should enter new kaiju to the monsterverse as a cameo instead of rodan such as...

you know what, I really can't think of any others that everyone knows. I was thinking gamera but like thats ever gonna happen

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