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riggzamortis86 #TeamGodzilla

Sep-28-2017 7:48 AM

Where would the Godzilla franchise be without aliens attacking Earth once in awhile? Godzilla fought ancient dinosaurs, giant deities, monsters from the future and other universes, bio-copies of himself, and mutated insects and other crawly monsters. But aliens seem to be the go-to for the franchise. There have been so many in the Toho science fiction world. So my question is which one is your favorite? Your least favorite? Which ones are the most advanced in your opinion? Which took over the world the best? Who had the best monsters? There are soo many to choose from:

The Mysterians

The Xillians from Planet X

The Kilaaks

The M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens

The Seatopians(I Know what your saying here, not technically aliens. But Im throwing them in there)

The Black Hole Aliens(1974-1975)



The Xillains(2004)

Please tell me what you think.





riggzamortis86 #TeamGodzilla

Sep-28-2017 7:53 AM

IF there is any I forgot, let me know.


The Legend of Brian

Sep-28-2017 10:48 AM

Xillians from Planet X. Classic aliens.


Sep-28-2017 10:53 AM

I love the Black Hole aliens.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

riggzamortis86 #TeamGodzilla

Sep-28-2017 11:27 AM

I think the Xillians from Planet X set a golden standard for Japanese Sci-Fi alien flicks. Although I think they where kind of sadistic. The whole beginning of the movie you think that they are there to help mankind with the "Cure To All Diseases" along with taking Godzilla and Rodan off our hands. But the whole time they were doing whatever they wanted. They didn't need the earths permission to operate and take Godzilla and Rodan. They could have done it anyway without anyone knowing.

Instead they plant operatives down to earth and one of them to seduce Glenn, then they play off that they need help from Ghidorah, then drag them all the way back to planet x, make the monsters fight anyway(even tho they could have controlled them the whole time). then send them back all the way in a brand new space ship. Then mock earth and threaten our existence with the tape supposedly holding the Super Drug that was supposed to help mankind(why didn't the astronauts ask how to make the wonder drug while on planet x is beyond me. what if we had questions?). Then destroy the space ship they made for the earth anyway! Then after the warning of response to their demands, they attacked 2 hours early than they warned us about!

They are probably the most evil out of the Toho aliens. Or the most clueless. They also told earth how they were controlling the monsters with super sonic waves. Pretty clumsy if you ask me. They had it all in the bag up to that slip up. But I get the message behind Honda's tragic alien story. They do not love, mankind can not be controlled by machines that whole drama. But all in all The Xillians stand out in my mind to be the best aliens in Godzilla fandom. They are a stand alone favorite for many.



Im Durp

Sep-28-2017 12:53 PM

The Xillians from Planet X and The Black Hole Aliens are the first that come to my mind. Hard to choose between the two

EmptyH #TeamMothra

Oct-02-2017 6:16 PM

I love me some Xillians from Planet X.

Host of the podcast Giant Monster Messages where we watch EVERY giant monster film and look for the messages.

G. H. (Gman) #TeamGhidorah

Oct-02-2017 8:17 PM

I think I'm going to have to go with the, "People from Planet X" in their original 1965 debut. Damned if they aren't the most iconic adversaries in the Godzilla franchise. And Yoshio Tsuchiya's portrayal of the Controller has all but solidified him as the series' greatest villain.

But based on the awesome designs and colors alone, it's a close race with the Mysterians. Lets face it, Honda, Sekizawa and Tsuburaya wouldn't have merged Toho's space sci-fi with kaiju fare if it weren't for the debut of those aliens. And I'm still of the mind that they inspired the super sentai costumes.

"It wouldn't be a true Godzilla film if you didn't touch upon those things. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not a true Godzilla fan." - Mike Dougherty, fellow gatekeeper-elitist ;)

The King of the Monsters

Oct-03-2017 9:41 AM

My favorite Toho alien race currently would probably have to be the Mysterians. Not only are they Toho's first alien race, but they're also one of the most iconic and memorable. There's a great deal of development behind them, and they're incredibly unique among Toho's alien races. The audience is actually made to sympathize with them to an extent and there is a clear implication that humanity could be in the same situation if nuclear weapons continue being made. Plus they just look plain cool. Their color really makes them stand out from the other alien races.

From the Godzilla films alone, I'd say my favorite alien races are the original 1965 Xiliens and the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens.

Visit, the encyclopedia of Godzilla, Gamera, King Kong, Toho monsters and more that anyone can contribute to.

riggzamortis86 #TeamGodzilla

Oct-03-2017 11:20 AM

damn, its pretty damn clear that the Xillians from Planet X are the HIT! The Mysterians are really cool as well, Moguera is a fun robotic monster.

But I cant tell who is more advanced in terms of technology or planet conquest.

The Mysterians had us on the run but I think far away from taking over planet earth.

The Xillians(1965) came pretty close. They had the 3 strongest monsters on their side. If they hadn't t revealed how they were controlling the monsters I feel like they could have come closer to taking over the earth. BUT we still would have figured out their one vulnerability. All things that give off certain sounds. But in terms of technology they are way more advanced then lets say the Mysterians. They can control animals and can travel near light speed.

The Kilaaks are the closest in the Showa series to take over the earth completely. They possess both the ability to travel through space and can control monsters and human beings! they are close to immortal! can project images like holograms,  can emit energy barriers to protect them from bullets and other contact. they were destroying cities by the hour. Following the same pattern as the Xillians, they controlled the Monsters off of Monster Land(pretty easy since earth bunched them all up together for them), then sent them out to destroy cities without warning.

The Nebulans, boy they wanted to try so bad but could barely get one city fully destroyed. They had very limited resources and needed a human to make all space technology for them. Even tho the Chairman possessed advanced mathematical equations around planetary orbits, they still lacked any ability besides taking on human form to take over any planet. The only thing that gave them anything was Gigan and Ghidorah. That even seems like they were a gift. Gigan might not even be their own creation but the species that inhabited the planet Nebula creation. They just kind of took Gigan over. They have to be the weakest race in my mind in terms of alien tech and conquest. I mean, a comic book artist out smarted them! Nothing against comic book artists but just saying. There wasn't any scientist or secret agent involved in this caper.

The Seatopians, well.... they made an underground sun! Somehow made Megalon their puppet. But cant make robots....??? Not sure what to rank these guys. Giant insect god, but robots are out of the realm of there understanding that they wanted to steal Jet Jaguar. They seem advanced, but seem to be stuck in their own ideology of what technology best suits their societies needs and wants. Made an underground sun but no shirts or armor to cover up with. So go ahead and place them where you want.

The Black Hole aliens have a lot under their belt! Interstellar travel, advanced weaponry and robotics to create the single greatest robot monster in Toho history. They can shape shift into humans and back into apes(it seems to be only under stress, this might be the way they take over other planets. Taking on the form of the species and slowly destroy the civilization). They cant control other monsters though, they needed Dr. Mafune's machine for Titanosaurus. I feel like they never needed this technology because they figured that they can just build a better machine and kill whatever gets in their way.

Yog, well.... not advanced but maybe well evolved. He is a conscience space amoeba. He could take over the world if the space ship landed in a city populated with enough humans he could take over with. But one thing that makes Yog special is that he can make his own monsters out of anything around him. Even though he had slim pickin's for making monsters around that island, I would hate to see what he can do if he landed on Monster Land and take over Godzilla or others there.

Orga is something to think about. He can travel through space, live possibly forever, can produce great energy to decimate cities. Somehow absorb information through the internet almost putting mankind back to the stone age in just a few hours. Can scan lifeforms, take their cells and adapt to the atmosphere. then mutate into a giant monster while still controlling the spaceship. He could be a something more advanced than the other aliens. But that clearly is up for debate.

The 2004 Xillians basically took over Earth. They are the only aliens that actually did what they set out to do. The controlling monsters with the "Mutant Gene", teleportation, shape shifting, super strong and fast. They are basically the old Xillians, but with more fun gadgets and abilities. Even though I don't think there are the most advanced, you have to hand it to them on planetary conquest. Not sure where to put Monster X at with them? Did they make him or take him over? We know they can remodel Gigan, so Im pretty sure they made him. So that is also out there for debate.

What do you guys think? 



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