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Can Monster Island survive a Gyaos swarm????

Can Monster Island survive a Gyaos swarm????

Chris Briano

Nov-23-2017 7:31 PM


Team Monster Island consists of...

Godzilla (1968)-Anguirus-Rodan-Minya-Baragon-Varan-Gorosaurus-Mothra Larva-Mothra Adult-Kumonga-Kamacuras-Gabara-Ebirah-Minya



A Million Gyaos


Monsters with long range attacks...


Godzilla- Minya- Kumonga- Mothra Larva- Baragon


Verdict- For me... Monster Island might win but not without blood and death   


3 Responses to Can Monster Island survive a Gyaos swarm????


Nov-25-2017 6:39 PM

Maybe not- depends where eggs are stored- possibly off island or somewhere in space?


Nov-27-2017 8:18 AM

Are we dealing with the Gyaos of the 90's or the Gyaos of the 60's?

With the picture above I'm guessing the 90's. The Gyaos have many advantages, but they cant win against such a force of all of Monster Island. Mothra, Rodan and Varan would be great feats for the Gyaos since they can all fly and fight. Seeing how well the monsters fought together in unison against King Ghidorah, Im sure they can come up with a basic battle plan to defend Monster Island. If Kumonga were to spin a protective web around the mountains on the island that would stop a lot of the Gyaos. Same with Mothra Larvae. Collectively those two can stop a wave of them just on there webs alone. But when that barrier eventually breaks down due to the Gyaos ray, the two might become chum.

Gabara(even thought he isn't in the same reality with Monster Island, and is a figment of a boys imagination, but for the sake of the discussion I will add him anyway) shouldn't be trusted, but im sure can take out a small number of Gyaos if they came on land. He would be taken out pretty quick. Minya even gave him a hard time. Imagine an adult Gyaos.

Anguirus, Gorosaurus, Baragon, and Minya. Anguirus can hold his own against many Gyaos. Baragon may take a few, but given his small size he could be easily carried away if he doesn't burrow underground to retreat. Gorosaurus im sure can take on an adult Gyaos, but a swarm of them? Nope, hes going to be taken out. Poor little Minya. Sure he can take out Gyoas with his atomic breath, but if the Gyaos don't blast right through him, he would be easy picken's for the Gyaos based on Minya's small size. Minya doesn't stand much of a chance if his Fathers not around.

Ebirah may have the element of surprise working for him, there isn't any known incidents where we know the Gyaos can even swim. But given the location of Monster island the Gyaos would need to eat and since the ocean provides the only food source outside of Monster Island, Ebirah can indefinitely starve out the Gyaos by grabbing whatever unsuspecting Gyoas that tries to grab any fish or dolphin and cut those buggers in half with his powerful claws. That goes on speculation that the Gyaos cant swim or breath underwater.

The Karmacurus would suffer a great loss in its population(Im assuming there would be a good number of them on the island). They can fly, they have sharp claws, but they are not all that powerful. They had a hard time trying to penetrate through Minya's egg and hide. So trying to combat fast and cunning adult Gyaos would be a hard time for the giant insects. I think the Gyoas would actually use the giant insects as a food source on the island, destroying that ecosystem. The Kamararus might even flee the fight altogether. I would not trust them.

Godzilla.... well... if Gamera can take on these overgrown bats, then Godzilla has this in the bag. Not saying there wont be blood. But Godzilla has his fighting experience, his weight, size, strength, his durability, his amphibian traits, and above all his atomic breath on his side. Godzilla can take on these guys.

The Gyaos are a great force if they have the numbers. If we are dealing with the Heisei Gyaos then Monster Island has a lot of problems if the Gyaos reach there full size before invading the island. If the gyaos are not full size then forget it, Monster Island has all of its size against these pests. The Gyaos ray is indeed their ace in the hole, but given the fact that the ray cant penetrate Gamera's hand, gives us a clue that the ray has its limits against fellow kaiju.

If this were the Showa Gyaos, we may want to take a moment and think about the possibility of how this could go down. As far as I know the Showa Gyaos are always big. There size is about the same as Godzilla. Their ray goes right through gamera's arm, but not through his shell. So you can either argue Gamera's durability against Godzilla's skin, or take it that the Showa Gyaos Ray is much stronger than the Heisei Gyaos. They also can regenerate there limbs completely! Something many Toho kaiju can not do with the exception of Godzilla and the Gargantua's and Frankenstein(I know the Gargantua's and the Franekenstein monster are the same). We don't see that ability in the Heisei version.

However, one of their biggest weaknesses in the Showa Gyaos is that they cannot stand the sunlight. It kills them! You cant take on Monster Island and win in one night and then fins shelter before the sun comes up. There is no way! All the monsters on Monster Island can fight day or night. If the Gyaos retreat to a nearby island to hide from the sunlight after attacking Monster Island, Godzilla and the crew are coming for you and attacking you during the day. If Godzilla and the others don't get to you, the destruction to there layer will expose the daylight and the sunlight will get them in the end.

The Losers- Gyaos

The Survivors - Godzilla, Anguirus, Varan, Rodan, Adult Mothra, and Ebirah.



Nov-27-2017 11:36 AM

Hey what happened to Manda?


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