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Godzilla: Rebirth C-1

Godzilla: Rebirth C-1

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Big Bri

Feb-20-2018 5:29 PM

Author's Note: So this is my first Godzilla Fan Fiction, probably going to be a long one.  Please, give me constructive criticism. I like knowing what I can do better. Anyways, thanks in advance!




Tokyo Bay


2 Days after the death of Godzilla

In the murky depths of the desolate Tokyo Bay, a lone submersible traverses the seafloor, with just two people inside it. It seemed out of place in this time period, but that’s because it was, it had technology more advanced than anything in the mid 1950’s.


“Where are all the fish?” One of the occupants of the submarine said.


“You idiot,” the other one said aggressively. “Did you listen at all?”


“Probably not,” the first said.


The second one sighed, “Alright, Scott. It’s because of the Oxygen Destroyer that was deployed.”


“Oh yeah,” the one now known as Scott said. “Hey Frank?”


“Yeah?” Frank responded.


“How are we supposed to find the skin particle if the Oxygen Destroyer dissolves it all?” Scott asked.


“Because,” Frank said. “We’re not looking for the skin particle, we’re looking for the Oxygen Destroyer.”


“Why?” Scott said.


“My God, Scott!” Frank said angrily. “You are an idiot!”


“Geez,” Scott said, hurt. “I thought w-”


“Hang on,” Frank interrupted. “There it is.”


Scott looked to where Frank was looking. “That’s what the Oxygen Destroyer looks like?”


“Yep,” Frank said. “Our clue to locating Godzilla, is right there.”


“Isn’t Godzilla dead?” Scott asked.


“This one is,” Frank said. “But the thing is, there is more than one Godzilla. Not here, of course. But what the late Serizawa didn’t know is that even though the Oxygen Destroyers purpose is obsolete now that it’s been used, it still has other purposes.”


“Like what?” Scott asked. But instead of answering, Frank just smiled deviously.



New York City, New York


“‘The Multiverse is Real’?” Howard Carr read aloud, in a disbelieving, yet questioning tone.


“Yes!” I said ecstatically. “It took me years to gather this evidence! And I am so h-”


“Nope,” Howard said, disapprovingly. The short, balding man looked at me like I was an idiot.


“But Mr. Carr-” I started.


“I am NOT going to publish this dogshit!” Howard angrily interrupted my pleads, he then took off his glasses and calmed down a little. “Mr. Davis, nobody’s going to buy this.”


I looked down, picked up the stack of papers I had given him, and went for the door, feeling like I just got the crap beat out of me.


“Patrick,” Howard called to me as I reached the door. “Please stick with fiction. You’re good at that.”


“Okay,” I mumbled and left the office. What a waste of time that was, maybe I should just stop with this Multiverse idea. After all, it was just that, an idea. Most people wouldn’t take it seriously anyways. I scratched my scraggly brown hair with my pale hand. Maybe Mr. Carr was right, my fiction books do very well in the market. So I went back to my office and sat at my desk. I flicked the Godzilla bobblehead on my desk and sat down. I grabbed my soda and drank almost half the bottle in one go, I had an unhealthy lifestyle. I turned on the TV in the corner of my office and looked at my notes for my next book idea. I listened idly as the news turned on, nothing interesting to note. But as I kept taking glances at my Multiverse story, the sound of the breaking news pop up came on. I looked over at the TV, and barely caught a glimpse of them showing a shaky video, the camera was pointed at something. But before I could get a better look, the TV started humming and the screen went gray. On the TV screen, in big bold letters, was a three letter warning.




“What?” I asked noone in particular, why just those three letters? This was kind of scary, was it a drill? But then sirens started sounding, I didn’t have any windows in my office so they were probably pretty close. Suddenly people started to run past my office, this was definitely something real. But whatever the something was, it was causing a panic! Taking the blaring sirens as my cue, I got the hell out of my office, leaving everything behind, hopefully, I would be alive to come back and gather my belongings when this was over. Once I was out of my office, I looked around the long hallway, no one was in sight. I started to run towards the exit stairwell to the right when I heard a shouting the other way, it sounded like Mr. Carr! I couldn’t make out what he was saying but he sounded like he was in pain. I knew I had to do something, so I ran towards his office where the shouting was coming from. As I was running, I felt the Earth rumbling!


“Earthquake?” I wondered out loud, but once I reached my boss’s office, it stopped. I ignored the fact until it happened again. It wasn’t that bad though, I could still keep my balance. So I decided to not think about what the occasional rumbling could be, and opened the door to Howard’s office. He was lying on the ground, clutching his chest, unmoving.


“H-Howard?” I said nervously. He did not answer. I cautiously reached for his neck and checked his pulse, there was none. My boss was dead, probably from a heart attack, but from what? I felt my phone ring as another rumble happened, was it getting stronger? I pulled out my phone and checked the name, it was my friend George Daniels. I answered it as I looked around the room.


“Hello?” I questioned. I noticed the window was slightly open and realized that I hadn’t looked through one single window since this started, could it be?


“Dude!” George shouted into my ear as I walked towards the window. “Are you okay?!”


“Y-yeah, why?” I asked. I had reached the window. Was something out there?


“What do you mean why?!” he exclaimed. “There’s a giant-”


“Monster…” I finished as I dropped the phone. Outside, in the distance, was none other than Godzilla himself. I would’ve soiled myself if it weren’t for the fact I went to the bathroom an hour ago. I tried to think rationally for a second, maybe this was just a dream. I pinched myself, slapped myself, I even banged my head against a nearby wall, but this was no dream. This was reality, a fictional giant monster was destroying the city, and I was scared shitless. I just stood there looking at him, he was at least 100 meters tall, one of the taller ones. His eyes white as snow. Weird, his eyes were only like that in GMK. His skin coloration was oddly more bluish than any other I’ve seen on him in the movies. But there were also red streaks on his body, like the ones in Godzilla VS Destroyah. His dorsal fins were pure white, they looked like the originals fins. And his body type was that of the Final Wars Godzilla. It was like somebody mashed all the Godzilla’s together. As I was watching him, mouth agape, I didn’t notice his fins becoming purple until a bright light came out of his mouth. Suddenly, a wide purple beam came out of his mouth, just like in the movies. Immediately, the fighter jets that were aiming at him exploded on touch! A piece flew right into the side of the Empire State Building, which I was in, knocking me out of my stupor. I had to get out of here if the military was here! But before I could do anything, Godzilla looked towards my way. It was as if he was looking right at me! I felt cold chills go down my spine.


“Jump…” I heard a faint voice from somewhere around me, I looked around, nobody except the body of Mr. Carr was in the room with me. I didn’t know who said that, but for some reason, I knew what they were trying to say. I looked at the window, it was more open than it was before.


“Jump!” the voice said again, this time louder. Why not the stairs? But then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Godzilla’s fins were turning purple again. That was why.



“JUMP!” the voice said one last time, and I did just that. I soared out the window and started to fall wildly. I was pretty high up and the wind was blinding me, so i couldn’t tell what was going on. I started to black out halfway to the ground, at least, it might’ve been halfway. And the last thing I remember was the sound of the Empire State Building exploding. Then nothing...

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