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What monsters should get their own movie in the Toho Godzilla cinematic universe?

What monsters should get their own movie in the Toho Godzilla cinematic universe?

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KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Jul-04-2018 4:24 AM

after hearing the news of the new plans for the future of Toho with their new Godzilla cinematic universe, I became very excited. not only are we getting more Godzilla movies, but also some other monster movies.

That is why I have created this topic. I want to hear your thoughts on who could get, deserves or can carry their own solo movies. this will obviously be aimed at only Toho monsters and not monsters like Gamera, but I think that explains itself.

still waiting for a good modern kaiju game. *sigh*

13 Responses to What monsters should get their own movie in the Toho Godzilla cinematic universe?

KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Jul-04-2018 4:36 AM

Before I go, I wanted to let you guys know what monsters I think should get their own movie and some explanation to why. 

  1. Gigan

a while back, Glitchgaming9578 made a topic about his take on a Gigan solo movie and I quite like the idea (link to Gigan solo movie idea forum). though his version took place in the monsterverse, I think there is still a lot of possibilities with this idea (especially if it is an origin movie).

  1. King Caesar

I made an entire topic on how a King Caesar movie could be like in my "how to include into the monsterverse" series (link to King Caesar forum), but for the people who don't want the read the whole thing. this could be an origin movie for him and which could include some Japanese history. just an awesome image in my opinion.

  1. Varan

if there is one monster that gets undeservedly no attention from their maker, it would be Varan. even though the idea of Varan is very simple, it is still very unique and interesting. his original movie should totally get a reboot of some kind and give this monster the attention he deserves.

  1. The Gargantuas

the original movie is loved by many people and yet we haven't seen them since. there are some interesting directions to go with a remake of the original movie and to see the 2 Gargantuas team up/fight Godzilla.

  1. King Ghidorah

just imagine how awesome this could be. this could basically be Gojira 1954 in space and with King Ghidorah in the place of Godzilla. this is if they go with the alien Ghidorah, which is something I would love to see return.

still waiting for a good modern kaiju game. *sigh*

KingKaijuGojira #TeamGodzilla

Jul-04-2018 5:25 AM

Mothra, Anguirus, Rodan, King Ghidorah, King Caesar, Jet Jaguar, Battra, and Biollante.

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla

KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Jul-04-2018 5:49 AM

Interesting chooses. Jet Jaguar would be perfect for this series to bring back. Battra I imagine more as a villain in a Mothra movie, but I can see it happening.

still waiting for a good modern kaiju game. *sigh*


Jul-04-2018 8:02 AM

At the moment, all I want is a new Varan movie.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


Jul-05-2018 8:04 PM

Varan is a must! 

Rodan needs another one as well

i would love to see king Ghidorah in a solo-ish movie. But I fear it might get boring by himself  

I just know mothra will get one

Need to see a Dogora reboot!




KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Jul-05-2018 10:31 PM

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about Dogora. That would be a nice inclusion as well. Imagine how he would look like with modern effect. They can do some very creative and eye-catching ideas with that design.


Maybe an idea for making a Ghidorah movie less boring is by bringing the entire Ghidorah family along for the ride. I am talking about King Ghidorah, desghidorah, Keizer Ghidorah, grand king Ghidorah, etc.

still waiting for a good modern kaiju game. *sigh*

MinecraftDinoKaiju #TeamGodzilla

Jul-05-2018 10:55 PM

Can we have a movie about Mothra, Battra, and that advanced civilization idea that they had in the Godzilla Heisei era be explored further? Or that idea of a Gigan vs Mothra vs Battra film? Or a remake of the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy that can later connect to the Godzilla Cinematic Universe (You know, for the return of Mothra Leo, DesGhidorah, and the inclusion of King Ghidorah?)? Those would be awesome. That, and maybe a solo Anguirus film.

KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Jul-05-2018 11:25 PM

I am more than 100% sure that we will get one of those concepts. Mothra is their 2nd most popular character (Godzilla being #1 of course) and if they don’t give her a new movie in this universe, they must be crazy. Mothra could probably carry a trilogy of movies in this Universe if they really wanted too.

still waiting for a good modern kaiju game. *sigh*

KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Jul-06-2018 10:09 AM

Did Micheal Dougherty just confirm a trailer for Godzilla 2 at comic con?


still waiting for a good modern kaiju game. *sigh*


Jul-15-2018 8:30 AM

Maybe on future mechagodzilla but now mothra and maybe one evil kaiju like gigan or ghidorah( mind control)

MinecraftDinoKaiju #TeamGodzilla

Jul-15-2018 7:04 PM

Or a movie about Megaguirus' reign in the Carboniferous? Or a Gorosaurus movie that takes place in the Jurassic (or an Anguirus that takes place in the Cretaceous)? 

Desugoji61206 #TeamGhidorah

Jul-16-2018 3:33 PM

A destroyah movie would be pretty cool. 

Godzilla's_Tail79 #TeamGodzilla

Dec-07-2018 9:35 AM

A Gigan origin film taking place on another planet would be pretty interesting, though it would require a large budget. Otherwise I think Mothra and King Caesar would make for good solo films. King Caesar had a decent story-line in the Rulers of Earth comic they could adapt from, where King Caesar fought Megalon. 

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