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Mothra verus Ghidorah? Could she win?

Mothra verus Ghidorah? Could she win?


Jul-20-2018 5:04 PM

Mothra verus Ghidorah?

What would happen if Mothra battled against Ghidorah on her own? Could she possibly win?

2 Responses to Mothra verus Ghidorah? Could she win?

Desugoji61206 #TeamGhidorah

Jul-21-2018 5:22 AM

I think if mothra was big enough , had her magical golden spray dust seen in the heisei mothra , and she some how could regenerate or have some sort of shield that she could beat king ghidorah

EmptyH #TeamMothra

Jul-22-2018 6:51 PM

I have always viewed Mothra as the most magical and least constrained by what little "physics" are in these movies. So, while it doesn't appear physically like much match for Ghidorah, I think a plausible enough reason could be written for 1 Mothra to take out 1 Ghidorah.

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