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Godzilla: Final Wars Questions.

Godzilla: Final Wars Questions.


Oct-10-2018 10:05 AM

Hello, this is my first time here on these forums. I've been meaning to sign up for quite some time, but finally decided to. I know Gman Hudges from a Facebook Godzilla page, and I appreciate his overall Kaiju knowledge. However, we are in opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to GFW. I absolutely adore GFW. 

IMO Gojira is the Godfather, while Godzilla Final Wars is Scarface of the Kaiju movies.

With that said, I wanted my first topic on the forums to be about my favorite Godzilla movie. It seems like every so often, questions do arise when I watch the movie. One of the many questions I have, that seems to be lingering for a long time is this one:

It is generally stated that Godzilla Final Wars is perhaps the strongest Godzilla on film alongside perhaps Burning Godzilla. However, in the last part of the movie, Keizer Guidorah basically easily killed GFW. I estimate Keizer Guidorah being about 3x more powerful that GFW.

I've read on occasions over the internet naming Final Goji charged with Keizer power (Unlimited power), Keizer Godzilla. Which I can agree with. This Keizer Godzilla I estimate to be about 3x more powerful than Keizer Guidorah. As thus, cementing once and for all that Godzilla is the one true King of all Monsters.

This Keizer Godzilla IMO could finally and convincingly defeat other characters like Ultraman, Ultra 7, King Kong, any version of Tchullu etc.

I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on this. Thanks everyone, and glad to be here!


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Oct-12-2018 6:57 PM

Maybe, but I don't really think he could survive Burning Godzilla (alive or dead), or even Godzilla Earth. But other than that, he seems pretty overpowered, and I actually agree.


Oct-16-2018 5:27 PM

Godzilla 2000 is the strongest. 


Oct-16-2018 5:57 PM

Tiamotzilla, what do you base your statement on? Just curious.

G. H. (Gman)

Oct-16-2018 7:14 PM

What if Godzilla in Final Wars isn't that strong? What if the monsters he's plowing through are just weak?

The problem with power scaling fictional characters from different continuities is that there's no baseline to compare them with. For all we know Rodan, Anguirus and King Caesar are weaker than the Showa Kamacuras.

And again... they're fictional characters. The only reason that Burning Godzilla and GFW Godzilla seem so powerful is because they're written that way.


Oct-16-2018 9:34 PM

And what about your opinion on KingOfTheMobsters' statement about you, G.H. (Gman)? Also, have you seen (or can you please see and comment on) Xenotaris' Gojiverse forum?

G. H. (Gman)

Oct-16-2018 10:21 PM

All he said was we don't agree on the film. He likes it and I think it's a dumpster fire. Not much more to say.

And no I haven't. I don't read much fan fiction anyway, but I don't really have much interest in stories without characters.


Oct-17-2018 6:51 AM

Hey G.H I couldn't add you on Facebook. Send a request?



Oct-17-2018 9:04 PM

G. H. (Gman) Xenotaris' Gojiverse does have characters in it (a bunch of them, each with their own story lines), and I actually think it might be good enough and developed enough (even though it is still being written by Xenotaris) to become a prequel to something like Toho's "World of Godzilla" (At least, in my opinion.). You've got to check it out. Please.

I highly recommend it to everybody reading this, too. It's an interesting idea and it should get more attention.


G. H. (Gman)

Oct-17-2018 9:23 PM

As best as I can tell it has monsters and dinosaurs which illustrate their own personas, but no actual characters. Just not my thing.


Oct-17-2018 9:44 PM

Ok, that's cool. But could you also leave a similar comment on it, please? Honestly, having it be just me and Xenotaris in the comments section of the forum is, for me, at least, kinda repetitive sometimes. A comment from someone besides us would really diversify the comments section more. But that's just me. Plus, he might appreciate it.

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Oct-18-2018 10:42 AM

When it comes to reading the works of others (in this case, fan fiction), a reader should not make an individual read the stories of others who clearly have no interest in them despite them even commenting fan fiction holds no interest for them. Now, do not get me wrong, fan fiction – while seemingly pleasant at times – may be the gateway for many beginning writers’ passion into writing or lifelong careers into the field of writing, there comes a point where an individual should not read stories because they are told, rather, an individual should read a story because they want to due to it striking interest for them, thus allowing said individual to enjoy the material. I will admit that I, at one point, wrote fan fiction at a younger time in my life that led to my passion for writing, but eventually, I came to realize that it would not be something I would not want to do for the rest of my life since I have original ideas of my own I want to pursue (of which I am currently). I hold no negative views towards fan fiction. If fan fiction is something a writer enjoys doing, then by all means, continue doing what you enjoy, but just remember: not everyone is going to agree with what they enjoy doing towards one another. We are all special in our own unique way.

As for the topic itself, FinalGoji – while a powerful version of Godzilla – never struck me as the most powerful. The monsters within the film were severely underpowered as compared to their Showa counterparts, in my personal opinion, but it did not stop Godzilla from establishing his dominance. Would Keizer Ghidorah have defeated Godzilla if not for Ozaki instilling his energy into Godzilla? Of course he would have. Then again, Keizer Ghidorah is no different from the other monsters who have come close to defeating Godzilla only to be defeated themselves in the end. The only difference is the approach to how it came to be. In all, however, no matter the monster Godzilla faces – whether more, less, or evenly powerful as him – Godzilla continues to overcome his enemies through sheer will and determination, thereby continuing to establish himself as the King of the Monsters.

"Anything you can imagine. Our galaxy has billions of stars. Each of those stars could have many worlds. Every world could be home to a different form of life. And every life... is a special story of its own." ~ Stargazer


Oct-18-2018 10:52 AM


In that case (for both parts), I'll only say this: To each his own.

Im Durp

Oct-19-2018 10:59 AM

I think Final Wars is almost a parody style bottom 5 g movie. I also don't find the monsters from what we see to be particularly powerful, in comparison and not sure where they base estimates are coming from. What makes Keizer Godzilla 3x more powerful, and what makes you think Keizer Ghidorah is 3x more powerful than FWG? That's a pretty large difference, and not sure where the jumps come from.

G. H. (Gman)

Oct-19-2018 11:38 AM

The only baseline we have to go off of is Toho advertised Monster X as Godzilla's "strongest" opponent in the entire series. Of course they also called Shin Godzilla the most powerful incarnation in the franchise--So Toho says a lot of things.

Still, from an official standpoint, it's all we have to go on.


Oct-19-2018 3:37 PM

Like GMan has already stated, it's pretty much impossible to compare these things over different movies and especially different eras. Also, what narrative point is there to? If you were to ask "Does the embodiment of dead Japanese soldiers rank stronger than the embodiment of human pollution (GMK Godzilla vs. Hedorah)" I would see that as an interesting discussion topic and dive right in.

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