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YukisSpecial #TeamRodan

Nov-05-2018 4:43 PM

*EDIT*  Am trying to actually post this in the FAN WORKS forums, but it's not going there.  If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong and why it's not going to the proper place I'd appreciate some help, thanks.

Figured I'd throw in here since I've been obsessively making fan art and comics for years now (of varying quality but so it goes).  I'm over at Deviantart at Kaijukid.deviantart.com, have a Godzilla/Toho art folder in the gallery, a folder of my personal collection under Kaiju Toybox, and several complete fan comics, and as far as I know I'm the only fan over at DA who has several Godzilla projects completed there.  Thanks to any and all who give it a gander.







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Chris #TeamRodan

Nov-10-2018 6:24 AM

Brilliant fan art thanks for sharing! I'll move this topic to the fan art section for you. :)

YukisSpecial #TeamRodan

Nov-10-2018 6:29 PM

Thank you, Chris!  I appreciate the assist.  I'll just keep all the updated art going through here so I don't bork that up again.

YukisSpecial #TeamRodan

Nov-26-2018 4:18 PM

Got a couple of new pics to chuck on here, some new Toho actor honoring pics and one-shots


Leto #TeamMothra

Nov-27-2018 1:05 AM

Wow! Great! Who is on the last art?

G. H. (Gman) #TeamGhidorah

Nov-27-2018 8:59 AM

That's one of Godzilla's 5th forms from the end of Shin Godzilla.

"It wouldn't be a true Godzilla film if you didn't touch upon those things. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not a true Godzilla fan." - Mike Dougherty, fellow gatekeeper-elitist ;)

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Jan-24-2019 3:24 PM

This is really cool art!

"Nothing on Earth is it's equal-a creature without fear. It looks down on all that are haughty, it is king over all that are proud".~Job 41, 33-34

YukisSpecial #TeamRodan

Jan-24-2019 3:56 PM


Thanks, fanart and fancomics for the kaiju genre have been a part of my life for so long now it's hard to imagine not doing it most days, but I know it's not Grade A stuff.  Just the enthusiastic work of a never-die fan.  Glad you like it.

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Jan-24-2019 4:35 PM

You're welcome

I plan to post some (In my opinion) horrible fan art soon


"Nothing on Earth is it's equal-a creature without fear. It looks down on all that are haughty, it is king over all that are proud".~Job 41, 33-34

YukisSpecial #TeamRodan

Jan-24-2019 4:58 PM


Awesome, the more fan works the better imo.  Looking forward to it.

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