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Dec-10-2018 1:19 PM

Strictly a theory here...

But I’m guessing that all the monsters will perish in order to defeat King Ghidorah.

Believe me I really hope not.

But, since it has happened to all the monsters in this version numerous times throughout these past 60+ years, my guess is yes.

Since G jr has always been handed the crown(Destroyah 1995), it makes perfect since that he would then be a fair size to be matched against Kong in 2020.

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Dec-11-2018 12:46 AM

We don't have a G jr. in this universe tho so there's no one else to be ready to fight Kong, plus Legendary said Kong will grow more to fight Godzilla.

Don't count Kong out just cause his size either! Godzilla is smaller than King Ghidorah and we will see them square up pretty soon, my money is on the big OG

Leto #TeamMothra

Dec-11-2018 3:56 AM

I hope that Mothra will survive.

KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Dec-11-2018 4:14 AM

If I would have to guess I would say that Mothra and Ghidorah will die in this movie and that Godzilla (pretty obvious why) and Rodan will survive.

If Mothra dies, she has always been able to reincarnate through her young which I can see carried over to the monsterverse.

still waiting for a good modern kaiju game. *sigh*


Dec-11-2018 3:33 PM

Since there are 2 more glimpses of creatures in that latest trailer. The possibility of there being a Gjr are high.

What monsters do you think they are hinting to in the the latest trailer drop?

My guesses are Baragon & Kumonga.

G. H. (Gman) #TeamGhidorah

Dec-11-2018 3:40 PM

Godzilla Junior is not in this movie.

"It wouldn't be a true Godzilla film if you didn't touch upon those things. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not a true Godzilla fan." - Mike Dougherty, fellow gatekeeper-elitist ;)

TheGMan123 #TeamGhidorah

Dec-11-2018 4:37 PM

Toho monsters are likely out, and a new member of the Godzilla family is also unlikely.


Jan-11-2019 5:40 AM

And now with this major hint drop from the film production team that Mothra will sacrifice herself in order to transfer her powers to Godzilla ultimately supercharging him into burning Godzilla(@2:00 in of the KOTM trailer 2 you can see him burning). Makes it more of a strong possibility that now he’ll have to destroy himself in order to defeat King Ghidorah.

And since we all know now that more kaiju are coming forward in this new trailer as well as the Godzilla vs. Kong in 2020. So if that’s the case theirs still that chance that G jr is going to take the reigns for the upcoming GvsK as well as KOTM2 which I am suspecting will be an all new version of DESTROY ALL MONSTERS for 2022.


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