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Who Is the Kaiju in the Mountain in Trailer 2?

FireRodan93 #TeamRodan

Dec-18-2018 2:33 PM

One of the main things that caught my attention in the second KOTM trailer right off was the 2nd new Titan, the mysterious moving mountain. A lot of people jumped on Anguirus immediately, but I always take 'inside info' with a can of salt. Some say Baragon, others that mountain Kaiju from the Monsterverse comic. It wasn't til I listened to the trailer with a good pair of headphones that I heard the ambient background noise of the scene: the monster's roar. Certainly a familiar sound! It is lower-pitched, and guttural but nonetheless unmistakably Anguirus-esque.  You can also see the horn on his head, and just as it cuts to the next clip, the horn on his nose. If I wasn't excited before (I was) I sure am now! the sound is at the 0:56-0:57 mark. Tell me what you think!

4 Responses to Who Is the Kaiju in the Mountain in Trailer 2?

SpaceGman #TeamRodan

Dec-19-2018 9:59 AM

I really want the monster to be anguirus but I just don’t see it happening

Godzilla's_Tail79 #TeamGodzilla

Dec-19-2018 10:00 AM

Its probably just an OC Kaiju. I think there will be a montage of Kaiju emerging at the end of the movie to leave the audience with an impression of a greater threat to come. 

However, if it is a Toho monster, it is more likely Baragon. Baragon also has a horn on his nose, and is well-known for burrowing under the Earth. Baragon is also far more popular than Anguirus in Japan so it could be a little Easter egg for fans over there. 

FireRodan93 #TeamRodan

Dec-19-2018 10:26 AM

But Anguirus is arguably more popular over here in 'Murica, and it is an american film, directed by an American Godzilla fan. 'Sides that, that roar ain't Baragon.


Dec-20-2018 11:57 PM

Great...troll advertisements. Where is the moderator to delete these nuisance posts?

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