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parceval #TeamMothra

Jan-01-2019 10:22 AM

Hi guys,

Just seen recently first Godzilla (2014) Movie and spotted in a scene when Ford and his father follow back to their abandoned home after the Janjira Power Plant accident, a "Dad's Mothra" inscription over a Aquarium Glass Tank.

Is this supposed to be a golden easter egg, planted by the director so we can discover or find it as a clue for the next Godzilla movie? King Of The Monsters...

Did any of you spotted any clues of other titans across the 2014 Godzilla movie?

Sorry for the image quality, but it's a screenshot realized on my mobile phone.

PS. Happy New Year,


3 Responses to Is this a golden egg?

Draegar: The Hooded Figure #TeamGodzilla

Jan-01-2019 8:33 PM

Merely a reference to Mothra for the Godzilla fans to spot and enjoy. At the time of Godzilla (2014)'s filming and release, the thought of a MonsterVerse did not exist until July of 2014 with the announcement of Legendary acquiring the rights to Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah, and September-October of 2015 with the planning and making of Kong: Skull Island under Legendary for a shared universe to take place between the two.

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GojiFanPat #TeamGodzilla

Jan-02-2019 9:55 AM

I accidentally came across that reference while watching 2014. When I first saw it, I'm like "Hey that says Mothra"

Cecegames02 #TeamGodzilla

Jan-02-2019 2:30 PM

It's just a cameo. When Godzilla 2014 was first pitched, the monsterverse had just been born, and plans for future films were still rolling around in the creator's heads. The words on the tank are just a coincidence, but I like the cameo, considering Mothra's my second favorite Kaiju, next to Goji.

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