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Random Godzilla battle #1 Godzilla (Heisei) vs Ultraman

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Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Apr-06-2019 12:24 PM

First battle. Please tell me if you want to see a specific battle.

The morning sun shone brightly on the beautiful city of Tokyo, and the city's people carried out their daily routines.


Sitting in a modest tea shop by the docks, Shin Hayata, the secret identity of the alien hero Ultraman, sipped tea from his cup, minding his own business. It was then when he noticed something odd. A certain spot in the bay leading out to sea was bubbling and frothing.


Confused, Hayata walked out of the tea shop to take a closer look when suddenly, Grayish, maple leaf shaped dorsal spines began to rise out of the water! Emerging from the water was the King of the monsters, Godzilla!


Godzilla let out a powerful roar and began to walk towards the docks. Hayata, wasting no time, took the Beta Capsule out of his pocket and clicked the red button on it.


Enveloped in light, he grew in height and turned into the warrior of light, Ultraman! Crossing his arms in a “+” shape, he shouted “Shuwatch!” and got into a battle stance.


Godzilla, surprised by the sudden appearance of this strange humanoid, roared a challenge to Ultraman, flexing his claws as he did so.

Ultraman, taking the challenge, jumped up and delivered a quick combo of kicks to Godzilla’s face, followed by several karate chops to the neck. Godzilla roared in pain and let loose a point-blank Atomic ray at Ultraman. The beam hit Ultraman in the shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain. Quickly crossing his arms in the “+” shape, he blasted the Specium Ray from his upright hand, hitting Godzilla in the face. Godzilla howled in pain and fury, staggering back slightly. Godzilla quickly swung his tail at Ultraman, knocking his legs out from under him.

Ultraman hit the water with a splash, but he got up quickly, firing his specium ray as he did so. The ray hit Godzilla square in the chest, knocking him over.


Godzilla gave a piercing roar of fury as he got up, only for Ultraman’s foot to hit him on the head. In retaliation, Godzilla blasted his atomic ray at the color timer on Ultraman’s chest.


Ultraman fell back, groaning in pain. He looked down at the timer and with a jolt of horror, saw the timer flashing red. He only had around a minute left! Shouting “Shiah!” and jumping into the sky, Ultraman flew up into the Earth’s atmosphere to recharge his color timer.


Confused at the Ultra’s sudden disappearance, but content with his “win”, Godzilla turned and marched into the city of Tokyo. He hadn't gotten far when he felt a specium ray hit his back! Turning around, godzilla saw Ultraman standing before him!


Godzilla roared angrily at the hero of light, and in response, Ultraman cut his hand through the air and discharged an ultra slash.


The burning beam of energy sliced into Godzilla, drawing his blood for the first time. Godzilla howled in both pain and fury, and blasted his Atomic ray at Ultraman, only for him to leap out of the way and punch Godzilla in the jaw.


Ultraman took advantage of his foe’s momentary dizziness, and with a grunt, grabbed Godzilla’s tail. Lifting the monster off the ground, Ultraman gave a great heave and threw Godzilla!


Godzilla began to get up but was forced back down by a specium beam. Godzilla growled in frustration and blasted his atomic breath sideways, hoping to hit Ultraman, but missing once more.


With a yell, Ultraman jumped up and hit Godzilla in the side with his feet, make the Larger Kaiju roll over onto his back. Godzilla blasted Ultraman with hit atomic ray, and this time, he hit his mark.


Ultraman, wincing from the pain, summoned a energy sawblade and threw it at Godzilla, who was now on his feet. The saw cut a gash in Godzilla’s neck, causing blood to spurt out of the wound. Godzilla roared in pain, and in response, charged ultraman and knocked him off his feet.


Rolling away just in time to avoid being hit by Godzilla’s swinging tail, he jumped up to his feet and blasted a Specium ray just as godzilla fired his atomic breath. The two energy beams collided in midair, and engaged in a beam lock. Ultraman felt his feet beginning to give way as Godzilla’s beam slowly overpowered his. Ultraman yelled in defiance, and jumped into the air just as the Atomic breath overpowered his specium ray.


The Color timer on Ultraman's chest flashed red again, causing Ultraman to become quite alarmed. He had to finish this quickly.


Godzilla, blood leaking from the energy saw wound, roared in anger and hate, his eyes burning with fury at this being who defied him.

Likewise, Ultraman glared at Godzilla with disgust at the nuclear abomination.  

Godzilla’s dorsal plates began to glow with an eerie crimson luminescence, as he began to open his mouth to discharge a crimson spiral ray. Ultraman crossed his arms in that all too familiar T shape and shouted “Shuwatch!” as loud as he could, unleashing his most powerful attack, the Ultra attack ray, just as Godzilla fired his Red spiral ray.


Both beams collided with explosive force, and for a second, the beams locked together before both combatants were enveloped in a absolutely massive explosion.

When the smoke cleared, both Godzilla and Ultraman were lying in a 1000 meter diameter crater. The city of Tokyo was nearly in ruins. But the damage done to Godzilla and ultraman seemed to be worse.


Godzilla lay face down in a semi-sprawled position, his wounds cauterized by the severe heat of the explosion. What was worse, his entire lower jaw was completely gone.


Ultraman was in an even worse position. His entire head had been blown to pieces. The color timer on his chest was dark and unlit.


None of them moved.


Until Godzilla, groaning in pain, rose unsteadily to his feet, alive despite the odds, victorious over his foe. Standing tall, he gave a Roar of victory. But then he roared even louder, roaring his victory to the world, showing that he, Godzilla, was the true King of the monsters!

Winner: Godzilla (Heisei)


3 Responses to Random Godzilla battle #1 Godzilla (Heisei) vs Ultraman

MDK 2 (MinecraftDinoKaiju) #TeamGodzilla

Apr-08-2019 9:19 AM

Until the Red Spiral Ray part, I was wondering which version of the Heisei Godzilla was fighting Ultraman, but now I know it is the "vs. SpaceGodzilla" version. Nice fight. Can't wait for the others.

"Let's just wait and see." - MinecraftDinoKaiju

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Apr-08-2019 9:32 AM

MDK 2 (MinecraftDinoKaiju) Thank you!


MDK 2 (MinecraftDinoKaiju) #TeamGodzilla

Apr-08-2019 9:33 AM

Gmkgoji You're welcome.

"Let's just wait and see." - MinecraftDinoKaiju

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