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Godzilla V.S. Indominus

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TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

May-23-2019 11:13 AM

Yeah, not sure what forum to put this in, but since it's kinda more of a Kaiju battle than a Dino fight, I'm putting it in the Godzilla forum. Anyways, of course this would be a one sided fight if some modifications weren't made to either side. Since I will never change Godzilla (he's perfect as is, like Ron Swanson), I changed the Indominus, or Indy. To make it a fair fight, I made it up to Godzilla's shoulders, because it's proportionally longer and possibly heavier than Godzilla. Also because it's not fully grown. I also have given it basic Kaiju powers, like a radioactive blast, similar to Godzilla's Atomic Breath or Ghidorah's Gravity Beam, which I have dubbed the "Wu Beam". Not the best name, but it'll do. TL;DR Made Indominus into a Kaiju so the fight'll be fair. Now, it's a fairly fair fight. Kinda. 


Isla Nublar 2015


Water. Pressure. Metal. Pain. Blood. This is all Indy can process as she is dragged into the depths by the gargantuan monster that calls these waters home. She claws its snout over and over, but the Mosasaurus will not let go. She lands a lucky strike close to its eye and it lets go, letting out a muffled roar of pain. The Indominus kicks it in the eye for good measure as she swims. She luckily makes it onto a small beach at a far end of the lagoon before the Mosasaurus can get her. It's very far from the main beach and has a gargantuan cave at the end of it. Indy runs as fast as she can into it, just as she does the monster breaches from the water yet again in an attempt to subdue her. It misses, however, and struggles back into the water. The Indominus simply retreats further into the cave, not wanting to risk being anywhere near the water's edge. She goes deeper into the cave, looking to see if there's an exit, but after an hour of walking, she finds none. Indy takes a break to contemplate how her life has turned out. A few hours ago, she was having the time of her life, she was killing the creatures that tried to keep her in a tiny enclosure, she killed all kinds of new prey, made some allies with some Velociraptors, and scared all the humans into hiding. However, it all turned south when the Pack Hunters started fighting back against her. She easily beat them, but then a predator as large as her came to fight her. She managed to beat it with some effort, and as she was about to finish off her last enemy, a Pack Hunter came back and attacked. Then the Tiny Arm got up and helped the Pack Hunter, and started to kill her. Lastly came the icing on the crap cake, out of no where, a giant monster leaped out of the water and clamped onto her neck, then proceeded to drag the howling hybrid into the water. Now here she is, in a giant cavern that seems to have no escape. She grows resentful, then fairly sad, not that she will die, but that she did not manage to fully exact her revenge onto the humans. However, something grabs her attention. She notices a light near the end of the cavern, and she proceeds to limp towards it. However, it is not the exit Indy hopes for, but a gem. It's quite an odd gem, quite bright, vividly green, but the oddest thing about it is that it seems to call out to her, begging for her to touch it. She can focus on nothing else but touching it, as she reaches out one claw to touch it. Upon contact, she's outside. What just happened? Indy thinks, and suddenly she notices she's far above the tree tops. She close her eyes and braces herself for the fall, but doesn't feel it. She opens her eyes again and looks down at her claws. Each of her arms are longer than multiple trees put together. She looks around, and sees that Mount Sibo is nowhere near as large as it used to feel. She looks South and sees the lagoon. She heads towards it, and despite being a distance away, gets there within a few minutes at a light walk. She notices some tall necks by her feat, and they barely reach her knees, if that. She keeps walking and sees that the monster that grabbed her earlier is miniscule compared to her. She's about to go in to exact her revenge on it when she hears a roar many miles away. It strangely calls to her, like she wants to follow it, like an alpha. Indy decides to investigate the call. She reaches the edge of the island and sees enormous dorsal spikes rising from the water.....


Sleep. Beautiful, beautiful sleep. Godzilla has no idea why other Kaiju decide to wake up and wreak havoc, sleep is the best thing there is. He only wakes up if he has to, whether to put the other Kaiju to sleep like the babysitter he is or for some radiation to feed off of every few centuries. Other than that, he gets to enjoy his beautiful, amazing sleep. He's healed up nicely from his MUTO fight last year. He still has no idea why he was weaker than usual then, he must have been off his game because it's been a LONG time since a Kaiju challenged him, or maybe he was just hungry and didn't have enough radiation to fuel his true strength. His wounds are gone, but he still is sore in some places. He's not quite at his old strength, but he is a bit larger and is getting close. No matter though. His next movie isn't for another 4 years and he should be back to full power by then, possibly stronger than before. However, his dreams are interrupted by a strong feeling that something is wrong. It feels like another Kaiju has woken up, but it feels new, like something he has never seen before. It also feels incredibly twisted and unnatural. Either way, he has to go and make it sleep again. Or kill it. He really hopes he can just convince it to sleep. Why does everyone else feel like waking up all the time? Only Mothra, Gorosaurus, and Methusela, and to a lesser extent Rodan, kinda agree with him, but even then they wake up more than he would think. The rest, and even Methusela and Rodan just follow the pack leader. Ghidorah though, he's a trouble maker. He never wants to sleep, like a set of ginormous, restless triplets at night. The others always feel the need to squash the squishy humans, but as far as Godzilla is concerned, the humans supply some free radiation and create more than he's seen in an incredibly long time. The only downsides are the waters getting a bad taste and also getting warmer, but he can deal with that if he needs to. Rodan likes the warm weather, so he'll let it be to a certain point. Might free Ghidorah sooner, but maybe after all that time in the ice he'll have cooled off a bit. Then again, we're talking about Ghidorah here..... Oh, right, the Kaiju! Godzilla remembers, as he begins to swim to an island he hasn't been to for a few million years. A few dozens of miles away, he lets out a roar for the Kaiju to meet him on the beach. He keeps swimming, and just thinks about when he'll have his next few-year-nap. He gets out of the water, a little sore, and looks around. He's shocked at what he sees. He sees a Tiny Arm! A Pack Hunter! Some Tall Necks! After all this time they're still here! He didn't see them the last time he was here. They look different though, and they feel... perverted or twisted... like there's something off about them. For some reason, he feels like they're frogs too. It's a little unnerving, but this would be a fun thing to tell Gorosaurus about next time he sees him. Maybe he can bring his friend here to see them for himself, whenever he wakes up from his nap. Then again, that could be another few hundred years, and who knows if they'll still be here by then. Soon his aches get to him and he returns to the water to rest. He yawns as the cool water slides over his scales and decides he can take a few minute nap before the Kaiju gets here.....

10 minutes later, Godzilla hears trembles in the ground. He slowly glides out of the water in his trademark fashion and sees a Kaiju he's never seen before. It has snow white scales, a few feathers along its arms, and looks like a really big Dinosaur. Maybe it's a female Gorosaurus? No, it feels awfully wrong to him, like an mixture of a bunch of different creatures and demonic. "Why aren't you asleep"? Godzilla roars. Indy is surprised she can understand this giant, but is also confused by the question. She chirps a "What do you mean?" Godzilla now realizes it's a brand new Kaiju, somehow. He has no idea how, but a new Kaiju just formed. He roars back "all of us Kaiju should be sleeping. No killing humans is tolerated, so if you're just hungry go eat and then sleep." Indy thinks about everything he just said. Firstly, she isn't hungry, so she guesses she can sleep. But why is this creature so focused on her going to sleep? What's a Kaiju? Is it giant creatures like them? However, nothing will stop her from killing the humans. With this new power, nothing can stand in her way! She roars back in defiance, and challenges him to try and stop her. Godzilla just lets out a long, suffering sigh, with such force that it knocks trees from their roots. Why do they always want to fight? Godzilla roars back, begrudgingly accepting her challenge. She roars and charges the larger titan, but is practically stopped dead in her tracks by Godzilla's arms shoving her back. When she slows to a near stop, he begins to punch and slash her enormous skull. She roars in pain and backs up. Indy then charges again, but before she reaches him, she quickly turns and runs to the side of the titan. She embeds her claws in his scales, making Godzilla roar in pain. He turns around and uses his tail to knock her into  the water. Indy fell deeper into the water, Godzilla's domain. Godzilla quickly swims up and clamps onto the Indominus' skull. Indy lets out a muffled roar of pain, and shakes him off. She kicks her way to the surface and gets a breath of air before diving back down. Godzilla's gone. She looks all around her, but doesn't see him. After a few moments, she finally realizes to look down and sees a hulking shape speeding towards her. It's too late to move out of the way, and the king of the monsters crashes into her with a hundred thousand tons of force, sending both of them a ways into the air. Soon, gravity reclaims them and brings them back to the water. Indy landed closer to land though, and gets to land before Godzilla can get to her. When she's on land, she begins to feel a tickle at the back of her throat. When Godzilla gets closer, the tickle grows and makes her throat feel sore. As he lumbers towards her, the sore throat starts to feel hot. Soon after that, her throat begins to burn, burn like nothing she's ever felt before. Godzilla runs towards her and punches her multiple times in the skull, then charges his atomic breath. As Indy endures this burning sensation, she then realizes that Godzilla's dorsal plates are turning bright blue. Then she's hit by more pain than she's ever felt before right in her side,  caused by Godzilla's trademark Atomic Breath. She collapses to her side, and Godzilla stomps towards her. Finally, the burning sensation becomes too much and she feels something coming out from the back of her throat, intensifying the pain in her throat. She opens her mouth to let it out, believing it to be vomit, but she's shocked when a charcoal black beam shoots from her mouth and hits Godzilla right in the chest. Godzilla screeches in pain, noticing the Indominus turned completely black as it charged its Wu Beam. It hits him right where he got clawed by the female MUTO last year. He stumbles back and looks back at the Indominus. It looks just as shocked as he is, if not more so. Slowly Indy gets up and charges Godzilla, who's still recovering from the blast. She embeds her claws in his flesh and pushes him over, and he falls into a cliff side. Meanwhile, the Metriacanthosaurus make a home on a cliff side above a beach, as they get settled in, they feel a giant tremor run through it and see a huge creature get up. As it gets up, the cliff side begins to collapse, taking all the poor Metriacanthosaurus with it. As Godzilla gets up, Indy knocks him back to the floor. Suddenly, her scales begin to turn black again. Godzilla knows what this means and charges his atomic breath. As Indy is about to fire her Wu Beam at Godzilla, he blasts it right into Indy's chest. She is pushed back and accidentally releases her Wu Beam into the beam right in front of her, causing a small explosion. She falls to the ground, and Godzilla gets up. He winces from the sharp rocks in his scales, but he's fine. Indy gets up and charges him, and begins to claw him in the skull. Godzilla roars in pain as Indy drags his head down and clamps onto it. Before she can do much damage, he lifts his head back up, causing her to somewhat dangle while she holds on with her jaws, and he punches her multiple times in the gut before she lets go. She lands on her feet and backs up, before charging him again. Godzilla uses her inexperience to his advantage, she only does this one charge every time, so he swipes his tail into her feet, causing her to fall to the ground mid run. He begins to charge his atomic breath, but she charges her Wu Beam, and the two collide, causing a small explosion. Godzilla recovers and stomps over to Indy. He grabs her skull with his arms and pries her jaws open. He initially wants to break her jaws, but realizes how wide they actually go, so he goes for plan B. He begins to charge his Atomic Breath. Even from this angle, Indy can see his dorsal spines begin to glow and the electricity surrounding them. Suddenly, her scales begin to turn black as she charges her Wu Beam. Godzilla continues to charge his Atomic Breath as Indy fires! It almost reaches his face, but then Godzilla lets out a long, powerful Atomic Breath right into it. The two meet, but they don't create an explosion as Godzilla's Atomic Breath completely overwhelm's Indy's Wu Beam. Not slowing, the beam goes right into her jaws as Godzilla brings his gaping jaws closer. The Indominus dies almost immediately and all her vital organs are incinerated. Soon, Godzilla drops the charred corpse to the floor and roars, asserting his dominance and also telling all the other Kaiju to go to sleep if they woke up or else he'll come for them, too. Then, Godzilla yawns slightly quieter. He inspects his new wounds and lets out a sigh. Every time, every time. Why do the other Kaiju hate sleep? They need to sleep for long periods of time or else there won't be enough radiation at any one time, it's why they slept for a few centuries for the first time. No one else seems to remember though, super restless, all the time. Godzilla's wounds aren't too serious, but he is definitely going to need to heal a bit longer. No matter, he'll have healed by the time his next movie comes around. With the twisted Kaiju gone, he returns to the water and goes back home to sleep. The humans will wake him in time for the next movie, in a few years. Now he gets to enjoy his beautiful, beautiful sleep.....


Indy wakes up back in the cavern. She has multiple scratches and her insides feel really weird, and strangely burning. She feels really hot so she goes to bathe in the water outside to cool herself off. Unfortunately for her, she forgot about the Mosasaurus in the water. Suddenly she gets pulled deeper into the water. She tries to pry herself loose from the monster's jaws, but goes limp as a CRACK reverberates through the water......


Finally! Thinks Mossy. What took it so long to come back out of the cave? Ponders the Mosasaurus. No matter though, now she has a delicious meal that should keep her fed for a while. Unbeknownst to her, she'll need it. 


Winner: Godzilla!!!! Although the Indominus had larger arms and claws, and possibly rivaled him in intelligence, Godzilla has centuries, possibly even millions of years of experience in fighting Kaiju over her, while she had one fight with regular Dinosaurs in her whole life (two if you count her sibling). She has no experience against Kaiju, with such off abilities, and she literally just got the Wu Beam, there's no way she could have known that the more she charges it up, the more damage it does. She probably wouldn't even entirely good at aiming it. The Indominus just didn't have anywhere near the experience to bring down Godzilla, nor the weaponry as she was still smaller than Godzilla. Godzilla's possibly as smart as a human, if not smarter. He's an ancient being and is careful of his surroundings, to the point of realizing the people are on his side in KOTM, so he's probably very smart, just like Indy, if not more so. Also, Godzilla's the alpha Kaiju for a reason.... a similar reason for him having God in his name.... 

If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done

9 Responses to Godzilla V.S. Indominus

dantefrancis #TeamRodan

May-23-2019 11:22 AM

This is pretty good!

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

May-23-2019 12:18 PM


Godzilla x Symphogear:


TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

May-23-2019 12:25 PM

Thanks guys! What did you like about it?

If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done

dantefrancis #TeamRodan

May-23-2019 6:28 PM

The fact that you gave Godzilla more of a personalty 

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

May-23-2019 8:33 PM

Thanks guys, and I doubt Indy being a male because she'd have no reason to change from female to male, since she was the only one of her kind so there would be nothing to mate with, female or otherwise, but to each their own. Also, I kinda wanted to make Godzilla have a reason for making all the Kaiju sleep all the time, and so that he's more relatable (at least to someone as lazy as myself XD).

If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

May-23-2019 9:30 PM

Also, "this ain't my first rodeo, kid". It may be my first rodeo with Kaiju, but not my first rodeo XD

If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

May-24-2019 11:21 AM

Yeah, Indoraptor was confirmed as male. No worries, I've made tons of mistakes like that XD. Even when I wrote the title, before posting I realized I accidentally wrote "Godzilla V.S. Indoraptor" XD.

If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

May-26-2019 3:46 PM

Yeah, and then Godzilla kills him XD

If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

May-26-2019 10:18 PM


If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done

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