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Godzilla (Legendary) VS King Kong

Godzilla (Legendary) VS King Kong

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Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

May-24-2019 5:25 PM

Hope you enjoy this battle!

Farou Island.


The massive island's village was silent, as the natives knew something was coming…


The shaman of the village had warned of a massive beast coming to the island, a monster with jagged swords on his back. The natives knew that they could not protect themselves from whatever was coming. But they knew that their God could.


One of the natives shouted something back at the village. The creature had been spotted.


Jagged, maple leaf shaped dorsal plates cut the through the water towards the island. As the mass neared the shore, the owner of the dorsal spines raised himself out of the water, revealing himself to be…




Godzilla stomped his way onto the island and headed inland, cutting a swath through the outskirts of the natives village. He eventually made his way to a massive gate which he prepared to destroy, but he suddenly heard a loud roar from behind him.


Godzilla turned around to look at a massive Ape, who beat his chest and roared again.


The ruler of Farou island, King Kong, had arrived!


Godzilla gave an ear-splitting roar that would have shattered a human’s eardrums, but Kong was not so easily deterred.


Running up to Godzilla, kong smashed both of his meaty fists onto Godzilla’s head, who in turn, body-slammed Kong.


Kong stumbled backwards a little, than did a swift uppercut to the rapidly approaching godzilla. Godzilla growled in pain, and swiftly swung his massive tail to slam Kong into the wooden gate.


The wooden gate shattered like glass as the force of Godzilla’s tail slam and Kong’s weight hit it. Kong groggily attempted to rise, but Godzilla attacked, slashing and biting at the ape.


Kong tried to fight back, but the huge Godzilla was too strong. In desperation, Kong reached out his hand, grabbed a log from the broken wooden gate, and swung it like a bat straight at Godzilla’s face!


Godzilla howled in pain as the wood exploded in his face, taking several steps back, shaking his head.


Kong stood up, slightly wounded, but charged at godzilla, slamming him into a cliff with all of his might. Godzilla roared in pain and anger, and swatted kong across the face with his claws.


Kong winced, but kept on the attack. He grabbed Godzilla’s tail and lifted him off the ground! Kong then threw Godzilla into the ocean with a mighty heave!


Godzilla slammed into the water with a great splash, then vanished from view.


Kong huffed, catching his breath. He then walked into the surf,wanting to finish off Godzilla. He looked around, looking for Godzilla, but suddenly…


Godzilla burst out of the water, roaring ferociously! Godzilla tackled kong and they tumbled and splashed in the water.  


Kong got up and punched Godzilla several times in the face, then slammed Godzilla’s head onto the seabed. Godzilla fought back, stomping his clawed foot onto Kong’s own foot, and then slashed at Kong’s leg.


As the two titans fought the oceans rumbled and splashed, turning red with blood.


Godzilla used his dorsal plates to slash at Kong, than bit his shoulder.

Kong bellowed in agony, he was losing badly.


Godzilla decided to pull out all the stops, as eerie blue luminescence traveled up his dorsal plates. Godzilla took in a huge gulp of air, than blasted his Atomic ray straight at Kong!


Kong’s eyes widened as the nuclear beam flew at him, but too late. The beam hit Kong’s chest with a explosion, and Kong was blasted backwards onto the beach, where he lay still.


Godzilla breathed heavily, and walked over to Kong’s limp form. A huge wound was smoking on his chest. Godzilla was about to smite the ape when a sudden, strange bolt of lighting hit kong. The lighting didn’t hurt Kong, but it instead, rejuvenated him! Kong’s eyes opened, and he got up, his eyes filled with fury!


Kong’s hands sparked with electricity, as he leaped towards Godzilla, electrocuting him with the lighting that arced from his hands.


Godzilla roared in pain, the electricity burning his skin, sizzling his flesh. He blasted another atomic breath at Kong in desperation, and it worked.


Kong stumbled back, pain and anger mixed together. Godzilla took this chance to slam his tail onto Kong’s head with all his strength.


Kong dropped like a stone, crumpling onto the wet, blood-soaked beach.


Godzilla growled at the seemingly comatose ape, Unwilling to let his guard down. He peered closer at the ape, nudging him with his foot.


Satisfied, Godzilla let out a deep breath, keeping his title as king. He had prevailed once again.


Or so he thought.


With a swift motion, Kong lunged at Godzilla, surprising the alpha predator. Godzilla staggered back, shocked that the ape was still alive. Kong wrapped his hands around godzilla’s throat, squeezing his hands tight around Godzilla’s large neck.


Godzilla struggled furiously, slashing at Kong’s arms and chest, but Kong would not let go.


Godzilla finally ceased his struggle, exhausted. Kong relinquished his hold on Godzilla, letting the titan fall to the ground, breathing heavily.


But Kong was not done with Godzilla just yet.


Kong grabbed the beaten king’s head with his hands, and slammed it onto the ground. Godzilla tried to weakly resist, but Kong was not about to let Godzilla get any sort of chance.


Kong beat Godzilla’s head over and over until Godzilla was completely still.


Kong got to his feet, placed his foot on Godzilla’s body, and beat his chest, roaring. He, King Kong, was the king of Farou Island!


Kong left to the remains of the village, where the remaining natives brought him a barrel of soma juice to ease him after his battle. Kong gratefully took the massive barrel, but before he could drink it, a blast of atomic breath hit him in the back, bursting out of where his heart was.


The great ape keeled over, dead.


Standing behind him, bruised, bloody, and battered, stood Godzilla. He was not going to let some ape dethrone him!


Godzilla roared, as thunder and lightning rumbled and flashed around him, as the natives cowered behind what was left of their village.


Godzilla was the true king, of the monsters!

Godzilla x Symphogear:


2 Responses to Godzilla (Legendary) VS King Kong

dantefrancis #TeamRodan

May-24-2019 5:30 PM

This was pretty good!

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

May-24-2019 6:21 PM

That was great man! Can't wait to see something like this in Godzilla: Extinction!

If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done

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