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Godzilla vs. Kong - My Thoughts

Godzilla vs. Kong - My Thoughts

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Mothra LarvaeMember78 XPJun-02-2019 8:40 AM


An official banner was released for Godzilla vs. Kong not too long ago, it looks interesting. First thing I notice is that Kong has undergone a bit of an update naturally.

I've seen a few people saying he looks like dracula, probably because of the rather "boney" appearance of his face and his pointed ears.

Obviously Godzilla is going to be consistent design-wise with the previous entry, Kong is also said to be more "rugged and aged" in this film.

Like I've said before I want both monsters to have their time in the spotlight, and even though I've always leaned closer to Kong I am fine with the thought of him losing. I just hope he takes Godzilla the distance and loses like a champ and puts up a good fight.

I also doubt the team-up aspect many people are speculating but it would be cool to see two of the most iconic monsters join forces, but much like what the banner says: One Will Fall.

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BaragonMember124 XPJun-02-2019 4:58 PM

Batman v Superman heavily teased that "one will fall" as well, and they wound up teaming up in the end. It would be a poor buisiness decision to kill one off. i think that one of them will be very close to besting the other, and then a powerful foe, like mecha king ghidorah, or something else created with ghidorah's DNA, will emerge and they have to fight, that way there is a clear winner, but both are still alive so that nobody is too upset. If one does kill off the other though, as much as i love kong, i hope it is godzilla, he would be a better lead for future monsterverse movies because he is a bigger name.


Mothra LarvaeMember69 XPJun-04-2019 4:02 PM

I love both monsters so much I struggle to route for one over the other but I think if legendary was going to kill off either monster it would probably be Godzilla since they are likely going to lose the rights to him after 2020 and so they wont be able to use him in future movies anyway

that being said Kong has already won so maybe this movies goal will be to even the score

I personally wouldnt mind seeing them team up in the end as long as there is a definitive winner, like maybe they fight in the movie and there is a winner while the loser escapes to recooperate and then later the winner tracks down the loser so that they can put aside their differences and fight a monster too powerful for either of them alone

just an example of having a fight with a definite winner while still having them team up

I would kinda love to see them be friends because I just think they are both so cool and I'd be sad to see any of them lose in a fight to the other haha 

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