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Mothras army (mild spoilers I guess)

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Mothra LarvaeMember69 XPJun-04-2019 4:34 PM

does KOTM mothra have an insect army?

in the movie when we see her leave her cocoon in her Imago stage we are shown something that at first appears to be stars in the sky but what turns out to be a swarm of fireflies that fly down towards mothra as she leaves her cocoon 

also there is the quote that connects her to the egyptian plague of locusts with scorpion tails who attacked mankind, I know in the bible these are meant to have been summoned by god but in the monsterverse events like this are all said to have been caused by titans mistaken for gods, also she has a stinger so that also sort of ties her to the locusts

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4 Responses to Mothras army (mild spoilers I guess)


RodanMember1789 XPJun-04-2019 4:45 PM

This is a very interesting topic!

I don't think Mothra has an army, I think the swarm of fireflies was just for show

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


Mothra LarvaeMember69 XPJun-04-2019 5:40 PM

I'd like to imagine she can communicate with insects and recruit billions of insects to follow her into battle and command them like an army haha

don't know if she can but that was my interpretation as I was watching the movie and I like the idea so I hope that was the intention, I'd love to see her do that some day, if the monsterverse continues I'd like to see her do it in a mothra movie


BaragonMember159 XPJun-04-2019 6:14 PM

Don’t think so. I do think that insects are just attracted to her because she is a super species.


Mothra LarvaeMember69 XPJun-04-2019 6:55 PM

YeOldFossil I did also consider stuff like that, I thought maybe the fireflies are drawn to her because she glows like they do but the reference to the locust plague of egypt made me wonder if she is actively calling on them

I also thought maybe insects follow her like a god because she is an insect super species which is similar to what you said but I thought of it as maybe they are more like worshipers than an army but again the plague thing made me think they might be an army

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