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The role of Kong and Skull Island in the monsterverse

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BaragonMember159 XPJun-21-2019 8:47 AM

I have been thinking for a while about what exactly is Kong’s role in the monsterverse and why Skull island is such an important place to monarch. The theory I came up with is that Skull island is a convergent point where the majority of earth’s hollow tunnels meet. That is why it is a titan ecosystem. I believe that many other ancient titans sleep in these tunnels waiting for their day to rule the island because if you control the island, you control the majority of the titans. 

This is where Kong’s role is revealed. Kong’s race was the keeper of the island. The island houses the largest titan population on earth and if that got out than everyone is screwed. Kong’s family kept the other titans in check making sure that stayed where they are at. Kong is the one keeping the skull crawlers in line. If Kong were to die, the sleeping titans I mention before would rise up and try to take the island. King Ghidorah’s call probably woke them up and now along has to put them in place as per his role. What I expect to see in GvK is Skull island in disarray. Kong is angrier than ever trying to keep order. Godzilla’s titans are probably going to the island to face the threats to his rule or they could be going to raise an army to challenge it. 

This is why Godzilla and Kong will fight. Kong is seeing red and fighting any titan he sees as a threat. Godzilla is sensing challenge on the island and goes to stop it. Both want to fix it but see each other as the cause. At least that’s what I think. What do you guys think?

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