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Godzilla vs Kraken

Godzilla vs Kraken

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James Smilus #TeamGodzilla

Jul-15-2019 11:11 AM


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Height: 119.8 Meters

Length: 177.3 Meters

Weight: 99,634 Tons

Speed: 80-100 MPH (Sprinting)

Signature: Atomic Breath

Wins, Loses, Ties: 47-7-9



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Height: 126.2 Meters

Length: 180.8 Meters

Weight: 120,000 Tons

Speed: 40-50 MPH (Sprinting)

Signature: Tentacle Smash

Wins, Loses, Ties: 12-1-8


Godzilla Advantages:





More Agile


Kraken Advantages:


"No Weapon Can Harm It"

More Arms/Tentacles




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Zeus Gives The Call, RELEASE THE KRAKEN, The Kraken Emerged From the Depths of the Ocean, Kraken Roars into the air showing his Dominance, he then moves towards the Rock formations in front of him, 5 minutes later...... Kraken goes onto the rocks, but then he sees weird Glowing Spikes out of the water in the fog, it went back down and the Kraken Growls, and Out of Nowhere it bolts out of the ground and Roars.

Image result for godzilla roaring out of the water

ITS GODZILLA, Without any Words Godzilla Charges at the Kraken, The kraken Roars back and Grabs a huge Rock with his Tentacles and Throws it at Godzilla, Godzilla Uses his tail and hits the rock back at the kracken, The Kraken was Stunned, Godzilla Rams the Kraken into the Rock Formations behind him, The Kraken Bites Godzillas Shoulder, Godzilla Roars in Pain and punches the Krakens Chest, but that didn't do anything, The Kraken Grabs Godzillas Head with his Tentacles and throws him like a Rag Doll across the Island, Godzilla Loses a Dorsal Fin, Godzilla Gets up Slowly, he Realises that the Kraken has an Exoskeleton and sees an opening in its mouth, The Kraken Walks Slowly towards Godzilla, He then sees that weird Blue light coming from his spines again, Godzilla Charges and Fires his Atomic Breath and Aims for the Head,

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Godzilla keeps firing at the Krakens Head, (While Struggling) The Kraken Grabs Godzilla by the Chest with his Tentacles, He Smashes Godzilla on the ground 3 times in a row, Godzilla Roars in Pain, The Kraken then Punches Godzillas Chest and Face, The Kraken then Throws Godzilla Far In Front of him, But then Godzilla got this Look in his Eye, The Look that he gets when the Infamous Akira Ifukube Soundtrack Kicks In, You Know Whats About To Happen.

Image result for godzilla angry eye

Godzilla Reaches Full Out Rage Mode.

Related image

Godzilla Uses his Atomic Pulse and pushes the Kraken back.

Image result for godzilla atomic pulse 2019

Godzilla Charges Full Force at his Enemy in Bursts of Speed, A Speed that Even the Kraken was Afraid of, he Grabs the Jaws of the Kraken and Shakes him, The Kraken Roars to try and scare Godzilla, But it was no use, Godzilla Looks down the Throat of the Kraken and sees the Soft Flesh of the Kraken, Godzilla Charges up and Fires Down The Throat of the Kraken.

Image result for godzilla atomic breath throat

The King Has Retained His Crown and Roars in the Air For His Victory, He then Drags the Krakens Body Down Into the Depths of the Ocean for Some Calamari Soup that he Just Made.


Image result for godzilla roars


Winner: Godzilla

Who Do You Think Would Win?

Youtube Channel:

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1112 × 719

"A Dino Doesn’t Win

Because of Popularity, It's Because of Science"

James Inkton, August 28th, 2019.


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The true shark boy

Jul-15-2019 11:57 AM

Interesting battle and I agree with the outcome, also Please check out my new topic.

The true shark boy

Jul-15-2019 12:58 PM

My new topic is called “what animal can kill megalodon?” and I want to hear your thoughts

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