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Who Do You Want To See In Godzilla 3? (Choose A Monster)

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James Smilus #TeamGodzilla

Sep-03-2019 5:28 AM


Image result for biollante



Image result for Anguirus



Image result for gorosaurus



Image result for Destoroyah



Related image



Image result for megalon kaiju



Image result for battra



Image result for titanosaurus godzilla




Image result for megaguirus


Space Godzilla


Image result for space godzilla


King Caesar

Image result for king caesar



Image result for Ebirah


Which Kaiju Should Be In Godzilla 3? 

(Comment Below)


"A Dino Doesn’t Win

Because of Popularity, It's Because of Science"

James Inkton, August 28th, 2019.


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15 Responses to Who Do You Want To See In Godzilla 3? (Choose A Monster)

Leto #TeamMothra

Sep-03-2019 5:32 AM

Gigan. He appears in some arts.


Also, if Legendary goes with aliens - we can see Kaiser Gidorah, Gigan, and perhabs Space Godzilla.

Kamoebas V.6 #TeamRodan

Sep-03-2019 5:44 AM

Titanosaurus,he is my profile picture.

Kattozilla #TeamMothra

Sep-03-2019 6:48 AM

Battra, Gigan, Bio, and Destoroyah.

"It's cute, therefore it is above your silly thing called 'logic'."

-Me when I make literally anything

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Sep-03-2019 7:54 AM


Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Sep-03-2019 8:23 AM

Gigan or Biollante would make more sense and wouldn't be entirely a waste for the movie, but I feel Mecha King G would be the best fit, even though he's not in the list. Him or Mechagodzilla.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

KingKaijuGojira #TeamGodzilla

Sep-03-2019 9:24 AM

Anguirus, Battra, Destoroyah. If those aren't our only options then Rodan, Mothra, Behemoth, Scylla, Jet Jaguar and MechaGodzilla

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla

Michael Monachino #TeamGodzilla

Sep-03-2019 12:05 PM

Gigan. Definitely.

JHT #TeamGodzilla

Sep-03-2019 9:15 PM

Destoroyah because he would be like the monsterverse equivalent of doomsday and anguirus and battra and I know you didn't mention this one but just because mechagodzilla because the monsterverse already had the other four of toho's big five I feel like mechagodzilla is inevitable as all members of the big five appear together across all eras showa heisei millennium and hopefully the monsterverse not that I don't like others such as gigan whom I love i just don't think it's possible or at the very least I don't think it would be believable.

KaijuBuildz #TeamGodzilla

Sep-04-2019 1:37 AM

Biollante or Gigan as the villain and Anguirus as an ally.

Long live the king...

RR44 #TeamGodzilla

Sep-04-2019 4:24 AM

Biollante... perfect fit for the monsterverse.

Also... more than unlikely... I really would love the monsterverse to incorporate GAMERA... who would also be a perfect fit.  

And a MONARCH or Jonah Allen and the ECO TERRORIST SQUAD version of Mogera... which would make logical sense. 

No mecha G... or mecha Ghidorah or mech Kong. No "destroyah". 

A modern take on Megaguirus might be cool... then you can have Mothra fight him and just that alone would be a sight to behold on the big screen.

GojiFanPat #TeamGodzilla

Sep-11-2019 5:04 AM

Lets see here... We've seen Anguirus' remains in KOTM (Confirmed by Mike Dougherty), so at some point he was in the monsterverse. Destoroyah, since the Oxygen destroyer was used in KOTM and Destoroyah was created by the Oxygen destoryer, Gigan, because he was featured in concept arts (So was Anguirus), and KOTM Confirmed the existence of Alien monsters because of Ghidorah, Battra, because he was featured in Pacific Rim Uprising (NOT a part of the monsterverse, but its still food for thought) Biollante could be the result of an experiment with Godzilla's Radiation effects on plants Gone wrong, (Dougherty wants to incorporate Biollante and Gigan into the monsterverse) so she would be a perfect fit. Other than that, I could see King Caesar making an appearance, since he's based off Chinese/Japanese myths and legends. That's my opinion though.

EmptyH #TeamMothra

Sep-11-2019 9:10 AM

From these choices, I would say Gigan, Megalon, or Titanosaurus. I don't want to see Destroyah because Destroyah is lame. I am not purposefully trying to be obtuse, I just don't care about that movie or that monster.

Host of the podcast Giant Monster Messages where we watch EVERY giant monster film and look for the messages.

GojiFanPat #TeamGodzilla

Sep-12-2019 4:23 AM

Well we can all agree that the end of GvD was pretty freakin sad


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