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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 12: Last Ditch Effort

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TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Oct-02-2019 9:03 AM

Original Idea By Dantefrancis


Made In Collaboration With:


Flyleaf-Rapt0r (They changed their name)

Titan Of Water





Location: Mounti Fuji, Japan


Wraith watches from the beach. Christ, Rodan just had his ass handed to him. Real good thing I didn’t help him. There is no way in hell that they could beat that thing; it’s huge! And the destruction it’s causing… Jesus… However, soon she’s going to have to worry about whether that thing will come for her, too. It probably won’t be as friendly as Rodan was… which isn’t saying much. Damn, he’s dead. Well, at least he didn’t suffer for too long...

Rodan stops breathing. It’s too much of a burden on him at this point. He only starts again when he absolutely has to, but he stops this odd pattern quickly because it just puts him in even more pain. This is absolute hell. However, as Ghidorah continues his crusade into another section of the city, he hears incredibly small footsteps coming closer to him. He keeps his eyes closed, he’s too tired to open them. Then, he feels a very, very small hand touch his snout. Normally, the creature would have incinerated from touching him, but since he can’t even generate heat anymore… it isn’t. However, Rodan makes a mental approximation and realizes the hand is too small to be that of a normal human. He opens his eyes very slowly and sees a very small human, even by human standards this thing is absolutely tiny. It’s dragging a small object that vaguely resembles a lava- shit… even I thought I was a lava bird.. Rodan takes a small bit of joy from this moment, until the human speaks in a very high pitched voice. He can’t understand it, but he feels like it’s calling out to him somehow. Maybe it’s just his concussion, but he feels kind of attached to the little thing. Then he hears more footsteps coming out from the destroyed buildings around him. He hears some of them calling out, probably not to him. But the small one; the child keeps calling out to him. More footsteps come out, and they all start coming towards him. He can’t fend them off, even if he wants to. They end up standing a small distance away from him, but the human hatchling keeps calling out to him, with tears in its eyes. Ghidorah’s going to kill this little thing. He’s going to kill it and Rodan can’t even stop him. Rodan wants to just take this hatchling back to his cave and hide it there, but he knows when- if he gets his energy back he’ll end up incinerate it. I have to get up. Rodan tries with all his might, and gets his head and chest off the floor. However, his wings can’t hold him up and he falls down, almost crushing the human child beneath him. One of the humans runs up and tries to pull it away, but the hatchling stands firm and keeps calling out. Soon, another human starts calling out, he can’t see it but it’s call has a much deeper pitch, but hits the same notes as this hatchling’s call. Then more of them start somberly doing it, and soon all of them are doing the call very somberly. Now Rodan’s certain they’re calling out his name, or whatever they decided to call him. They need me… No, they need someone like Godzilla… but they want me… I have to get up. Rodan pushes with all his might, trying to get up. The human chants get louder and more excited, and much less somber than before. There’s much more variations, as if they’re telling him in different ways to get up. He keeps pushing, fueled by the chants of the humans. He manages to get his head and chest off the ground, and his wings are just able to support his mass. Now for his legs. He slowly brings his legs under him, and gets his footing. He puts some weight on to them, and almost falls, causing a gasp from the crowd of humans beneath him. However. He stands strong, and eventually is able to shift most of his weight onto his legs. The humans are chanting very loudly and with extreme excitement, and seem incredibly happy and hopeful. They went back to the single chant that he knows is his name, and most of all he can hear the screaming chant of the hatchling from earlier. He slowly turns around, mindful of the humans behind him, and limps forward. However, his limp eventually becomes a walk, and his walk becomes a run. He runs and runs, and when he thinks he’s a safe distance away, he flaps his wings with all his might and begins to fly. He flies straight upwards and straight towards Ghidorah. Even through the sound of the wind generated from his wings, he still hears the excited chants of the humans…

“Come on Rodan!” Yells the little child. Misa can see her favorite titan flying straight towards the giant dragon! Come on Rodan! Kick that dragon’s butt! Rodan flies full speed ahead towards Ghidorah and lets out his iconic roar. “GHIDORAH!!!! YOU SON OF A BITCH I’M GOING TO TEAR YOU APART!!!” Ghidorah turns in the air and roars back at Rodan, “COME AND TRY LAVA BITCH!!!!” Wraith watches from the beach, in complete and utter shock that Rodan actually got up and is still trying to attack Ghidorah. The two charge towards each other. Maxsones tries to blast him with his gravity beam, but Rodan easily evades this meager attack, he charges towards Ghidorah, and stretches out his talons, ready to rip Maxsones to shreds! “RODAN!!!! COME ON RODAN!!!  WOOO!!!! KICK GHIDORAH’S ASS!!!” The crowd’s screaming gets louder and louder as Rodan nears Ghidorah. Rodan roars at Ghidorah, “I’M GOING TO FUCKING GUT YA!!!! YA HEAR ME YA SON OF A BITCH?!!!!” The weak dragon roars back, “LEARN YOUR PLACE BIRDIE!!!!”. Misa yells out, “RODAN!!!!!! KICK GHIDORAH’S BUTT BACK THE ARCTIC!!! Wraith says to herself, “Holy shit, he’s actually going to do it!” Mighty, heroic Rodan is about to claw straight through Ghidorah’s weak, bloodied chest… and at the last moment he turns upwards and flies straight into the sky. 

Everyone stares excitedly for a few moments, waiting for a huge slam. But nothing happens. Minutes go by, and Rodan’s nowhere to be seen. “No way… did he just… oh shit…” everyone just stares where he left for a long time, but nothing happens. Wraith watches in total confusion, and with an odd sense of deja vu. Even Ghidorah’s sitting there, as if though waiting there, expectantly. Come on Rodan! I know you wouldn’t leave us! I know you’re coming back for us! “He left us! He just left us!” says Misa’s mother. “No he didn’t! He’ll come back for us!” Says Misa. “Misa, it’s just an animal, he probably just wants to escape Ghidorah and has already forgotten about us.” Replies her father. Misa stares up at the clouds, with a hopeful certainty that her favorite Kaiju will come back and save her city…

Seriously? What a fucking tease. I was really looking forward to beating his ass again… Oh well, at least he learnt his place. I should still destroy the human colony, just to be safe. Maxsones begins to leave when he hears something very far off in the distance. Even Wraith can hear the noise, as can Misa and the rest of the crowd. Whatever it is, it’s getting louder. It’s getting closer. Oh shit!  So that’s where he went! Wraith finally realized why this is so familiar… That took a little too long for me to realize… 

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

2 Responses to Godzilla Extinction Chapter 12: Last Ditch Effort

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Oct-02-2019 9:04 AM

Here's a *short* list of music that goes along with this chapter, if you want to listen to something while reading! Though start playing when Rodan starts to get up, then it syncs up better...

Speed by Tom Player:

Gravity by Tom Player:

Forever Lost by Tom Player:

Takedown by Tom Player:

Resonance Theory by Tom Player:

Requiem For A Dream Full Song (Skip to 5:06):

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

Flyleaf-Rapt0r #TeamMothra

Oct-02-2019 9:17 AM


"We're gonna need a bigger boat."


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