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My top 10 favorite Kaiju and why I like them

My top 10 favorite Kaiju and why I like them

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Kattozilla #TeamMothra

Nov-07-2019 9:50 AM

10: Ebirah. I think he's a cool character, I have yet to see the movie though.

9: Biollante. GIANT PLANT MONSTERRR!! Kinda reminds me of Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors.

8: Titanosaurus. He's a cool looking character, I like 'em.

7: Kong. I like Kong. It's cool how he gets to hang with dinos (or fight them...), and it's interesting to use an ape as a kaiju base.

6: Kamacuras. I like insects (I know, weird). Praying mantises are my second favorite insect. I'd like to see more of these dudes.

5: Rodan. Giant fire-pteranodon? Really cool. Kinda reminds me of a phoenix, which I like because I like phoenixes. 

4: Anguirus. We need to see more of this guy! He's cool. I like him.

3: Kumonga. Yes I like spiders as well. (wow I'm really weird...) I would like to see more of him too! Spiders are really cool animals.

2: Gigan. I love dis boye, he's a cool cyborg dinosaur chicken from space. With scythe hands. I want to see him again.

1: Mothra. I like moths, they're my favorite insects. She's one of the main (and very few) females, like me. She was one of the ways I got into Godzilla in the first place, so thanks, Mothra.


I just wanted 2 do this, and what is your favorite? 

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17 Responses to My top 10 favorite Kaiju and why I like them

Kattozilla #TeamMothra

Nov-07-2019 9:52 AM

This is more about me saying I like them and not so much WHY...


Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Nov-07-2019 9:59 AM

10. Anguirus



7. Mothra

6. Godzilla junior

5. Ghidorah

4. Kong

3. Kiryu

2. Godzilla

1. Shrek (Jk) 


Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Ganimes V.8 #TeamGhidorah

Nov-07-2019 11:01 AM


"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Nov-07-2019 11:26 AM

Not sure if I can do top ten... I'm going to start from the top and work my way down to see if I can actually figure out top ten, though.


1. Godzilla

2. Rodan

3. Destoroyah

4. Zilla (and Junior)

5. Ghidorah

6. Gorosaurus


8. Mothra

9. Battra

10. Mechagodzilla



If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Nov-07-2019 11:28 AM

I know, right?

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Xenotaris #TeamMothra

Nov-07-2019 12:59 PM

10. Heisei Godzilla

9. Gojira 1954

8. Rodan (all incarnations)

7. Battra

6. Final Wars Gigan

5. Desghidorah

4. Monster X/Kaiser Ghidorah

3. Godzilla 1998 (Zilla and Zilla jr.)

2. Monsterverse Godzilla & Monsterverse Ghidorah

1. Mothra (all incarnations including Leo)

Kattozilla #TeamMothra

Nov-07-2019 7:38 PM

Some I was forgetting: Zilla, Destoroyah, Battra

Gomi: Ninja Monster #TeamMothra

Nov-07-2019 8:46 PM

Ah, finally, some appreciation for Titanosaurus. :P And nothing wrong with liking our invertebrate compadres, we're all weird here. :P Hmm, if I had to rank them, I guess it would look like:

10. Spider Uros
9. Gappa
8. SpaceGodzilla
7. Hedorah
6. Rodan
5. Kiryu
4. Mothra
2. Anguirus
1. Titanosaurus

Honestly it boils down to looks mostly, and I'm fairly confident I'd have a different top ten if you asked me the same question a week from now. :P

Xenotaris #TeamMothra

Nov-07-2019 9:18 PM

I also like invertebrates, my favorite kaiju Mothra is a dead giveaway

Ganimes V.8 #TeamGhidorah

Nov-08-2019 1:30 AM





5.Yongary (Don't ask me why,also its not the remake one)




9.King Ghidorah


"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019

KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Nov-08-2019 3:22 AM

1. Godzilla

2. King Ghidorah

3. Mothra

4. Kiryu

5. Anguirus

6. Rodan

7. Destoroyah

8. Gigan

9. Biollante

10. Showa Mechagodzilla

I love all of these, but ranking them was VERY hard.


Long live the king...

Kattozilla #TeamMothra

Nov-08-2019 4:55 AM

 I have Mothra to thank for helping me get more into Godzilla :3

Michael Monachino #TeamGodzilla

Nov-09-2019 5:31 PM

1. Godzilla (duh)

2. King Ghidorah

3. Gigan (Get this guy in a movie please)

4. MechaGodzilla (I love all of them...except for the anime)

5. Kong

6. Anguirus

7. Rodan

8. Jet Jaguar

9. Mothra

10. Destroyah


I love these guys with all my heart.

Mufo12364 #TeamGhidorah

Nov-11-2019 6:08 AM

I don´t know I can do top 10,but I can do top 5.





1.King Ghidorah

I don´t know why I like King Ghidorah the most.He´s just really cool.


MinecraftDinoKaiju #TeamGodzilla

Nov-12-2019 2:24 PM

This is awesome.

MinecraftDinoKaiju #TeamGodzilla

Nov-12-2019 2:24 PM

This is awesome.

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