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What New Titan Would you Make for the Monsterverse? (Name, Size, Abilities) (Show Gods and Animals that Inspired it)

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James Smilus #TeamGodzilla

Nov-08-2019 10:57 AM

 Tell me what new monster would you make for the monsterverse, give its name, inspiration, size, and abilities.

"A Dino Doesn’t Win

Because of Popularity, It's Because of Science"

James Inkton, August 28th, 2019.


51 Responses to What New Titan Would you Make for the Monsterverse? (Name, Size, Abilities) (Show Gods and Animals that Inspired it)

Ganimes V.8 #TeamGhidorah

Nov-09-2019 1:06 AM

Pelicoina should have been Spinojira.

"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019

Xenotaris #TeamMothra

Nov-09-2019 9:17 AM

Well I have a Spinogojiras as a basal godzillasauroid

Mufo12364 #TeamGhidorah

Nov-12-2019 6:07 AM

Name:God Ghidorah

Classifacation:godeos ghidoraeos

Height:999 feet

Length:1000 feet

Behavior:Calm,but destructive when fighting

Emergnecies:Anywhere,but mostly New york

Description:God Ghidorah is a creature that was formed when Godzilla´s atomic breath and King Ghidorah´s Gravity beams collided,creating God Ghidorah.God Ghidorah´s middle head looks like Godzilla´s head,his arms looks like Godzilla´s,and he has spikes are like Godzilla´s,execpt when you shoot something like fire at them,he absorbs it.The rest of God Ghidorah´s body looks like Legendary Ghidorah´s.   

Flyleaf-Rapt0r #TeamMothra

Nov-12-2019 7:03 AM


"Cutting it up!"

-Cut Man

Mufo12364 #TeamGhidorah

Nov-13-2019 6:14 AM

I got him from legendary Ghidorah and Godzilla.

Mufo12364 #TeamGhidorah

Nov-13-2019 6:16 AM

I'm even making a movie about God Ghidorah.

Flyleaf-Rapt0r #TeamMothra

Nov-20-2019 2:24 PM

This is Chad and he is epic

"Cutting it up!"

-Cut Man

Xenotaris #TeamMothra

Nov-20-2019 7:12 PM

cool kaiju

Gomi: Ninja Monster #TeamMothra

Nov-20-2019 8:16 PM

Flyleaf-Rapt0r, you have just struck gold. That has got to be one of the best original kaiju I've seen in a long time, komodo dragon and Dunkleosteus is such a perfect combination. Please allow me to be the first to draw fanart of this epic boi.

Flyleaf-Rapt0r #TeamMothra

Nov-21-2019 4:55 AM

Thank yooou! It captures the epicness of Chad very well! Very n0ice.

"Cutting it up!"

-Cut Man

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Nov-21-2019 7:52 AM

Aww, he is even more cute.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Nov-21-2019 8:21 AM

Yeah, Gomi's picture looks adorable, yet like an actual Titan at the same time lol

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Xenotaris #TeamMothra

Nov-21-2019 10:54 AM

Pretty cool

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Nov-21-2019 12:12 PM

Reminds me of the Koolasaurus from Jurassic World The Game, or Skoolasaurus in Jurassic World Alive lol.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Gomi: Ninja Monster #TeamMothra

Nov-21-2019 1:17 PM

Oh, thanks everyone! Like I said, Flyleaf-Rapt0r's idea was brilliant, all it needed was a few tweaks to the proportions and a feeling of weight to sell the idea that it's a massive Titan. There's still a few parts I might fine tune to really sell it, but this was just a sketch done in like 10 minutes so for that I'm happy. Those two creatures are based on the Koolasuchus, so yeah, I'm seeing the similarities, unintentional as they were on my part. :P

MinecraftDinoKaiju #TeamGodzilla

Nov-21-2019 1:50 PM

It still looks awesome. Thanks for the drawing. Can't wait for more of your work. :)

Gomi: Ninja Monster #TeamMothra

Nov-21-2019 3:28 PM

Hmm, well I don't have much time to draw anything new currently, but I do have 17 old drawings from Kaiju Monster March I could show off. Should I make a new topic for that or is there one for fanart already?

Xenotaris #TeamMothra

Nov-21-2019 4:11 PM

me don't know


Nov-23-2019 2:46 PM

Name: Ragnarök Thorson


Classification: Titanis Sapien-Prime


Nature: Living steel


Hight: 350 feet

Weight: 75,000 tons


Behavior: benevolent symbiotic


Location: found in a temple in hollow earth cavern in the island Grossgrunden Sweden.

Numbers: depictions of similar giant humanoid creatures are depicted in the temple’s carvd murails however only one other has been found in another hollow earth cavern temple near orochis resting place however this specimen well still living has suffered some damage.

Discription: the Titan appearance is like a cross between the popular tokatsu hero Ultraman and a Gundam. A large hammer shaped object made from a similar metal carbon iron based skin. The location of the creature and the hammer gave rise to its name. Gamma ray imaging using similar technology used to analyses swords show that creature has a skeleton almost identical to that of a human, however there is a open chamber like orifice Infront of its brain large enough to fit a very tall man inside, also this cavity is were the specimen in Japan codenamed Susanoo is damaged. Both creatures have a pulse and brainwave that indicate they are both in a deep hybernative slumber however troubling is that Susanoo’s brainwaves indicate it is having a nightmare.


The circulatory system is clearly shown however, and organs can be made out form the patterns of the vain. However, the density of the living steel muscle tissue makes it imposable to see anything other the the bone blood and skin. However, the forearms seem to have crystallin structures that have a very cold temperature and may be used to fire some form of freezing beam.

Samples taken from the skin and cavity in the skull have revealed that the steel alloys have several new elements unknown to science. However, any attempt to take samples from the other tissues of the creature is ill advised as it may wake the creature. Its luck that both Susanoo and Ragnarök’s temples block out all outside sounds from entering preventing Monster zero’s cry form waking these dangerous creatures.


Not likely to come about but i would love to see a Ultraman like kaiju. #TeamGodzilla

Mar-23-2020 8:21 AM

My monster is called dracozilla  gender male abilities can breathe fire that is Green can throw spikes from his back and can fly use a shadow slash and at the end of the tail is a cannon that can shoot toxic gas that can cause a explosion when near fire emerges from a cave monarch name titanus dracojira  when near heat it can cause some pain but not for long behavior calm and also agressive God like 

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