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Yin and Yan

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BaragonMember161 XPDec-01-2019 8:28 AM

Godzilla and Kong and are like yin and yang. Both have their strengths and both have their weaknesses.

Kong is fast and agile and can use trees and rocks to help him out.

But he has no natural armor, he needs time to heal, and get wounded pretty easily.

Godzilla has natural weapons, armor, and experience, like his scales, claws, and the atomic breath.

But he has a hard time dealing with opponents that are quicker and have a longer reach than him.

That'll even them out. Their both intelligent, in their own and will figure out ways to counter each other.


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19 Responses to Yin and Yan


RodanMember1789 XPDec-01-2019 4:53 PM

That is rather true. Good analysis.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


TitanosaurusMember968 XPDec-01-2019 4:54 PM

Nice analysis. Can't wait to see if this is true.


GiganMember3918 XPDec-01-2019 9:06 PMTeam Mothra

yeah very cool idea



GodzillaMember8212 XPDec-01-2019 9:27 PM

Good point, but I think it will be a draw with both going away and licking their wounds.


TitanosaurusMember616 XPDec-02-2019 5:06 AM

See, it was when I began thinking like this that I realized this match may not be as one-sided and uninteresting as I previously thought.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.


AnguirusMember1261 XPDec-02-2019 8:19 AMTeam Godzilla

Never even thought of that. Good analysis.

Cosmo is best dog


BaragonMember161 XPDec-02-2019 8:40 AM

Yeah, it's been going through my head like a record. Like JurassicKaiju14 said, when I started thinking like this, it wasn't a one side matched fight as everyone thinks.

And besides, they both got their warmup fights. Kong is going to fight the Death Bat Camatotz, while Godzilla fought King Ghoridah.

And Kong as shown that while he doesn't have as much experience. He's pretty clever and smart, as he managed to survive on Skull Island since he was a newborn. And during the time of Kotm and GVK, we don't what he fought other than Camatotz.

And Camatotz might teach Kong how dangerous Titans are when fighting,as this is the first time he's fighting something else other then Mire Squids,Skull Crawlers, and Sirenjaws.

And we might see more of his brains while fighting Godzilla


TitanosaurusMember968 XPDec-02-2019 8:48 AM


The Mother Longlegs that attacked the Iwi village in Skull Island: The Birth of Kong: "Am I a joke to you?"

Lol :)


BaragonMember161 XPDec-02-2019 8:55 AM

Godzilla, on the other hand, has experience. He thought a different amount of monster for probably, as long as he lived

However, that experience might not be so useful when fighting Kong. He going to have to get used to a Titan, who could not only move faster than him but would bash his head with a rock quicker then he could get up.

The Atomic Breath is out of the question as if Kong sees it and dodges it, Godzilla ain't going to use it for the rest of the fight as Kong just wouldn't let him.

So he going to use his jaws, claws, tail, and strength.

And that's one of the ways that this fight could end up even.



AnguirusMember1261 XPDec-02-2019 8:55 AMTeam Godzilla


Cosmo is best dog


BaragonMember161 XPDec-02-2019 9:11 AM

The Death Bat:Camazotz


AnguirusMember1261 XPDec-02-2019 9:12 AMTeam Godzilla

Oh, never seen it. Until now.

Cosmo is best dog


AnguirusMember1443 XPDec-02-2019 10:00 AMTeam Mothra

bats are c00l



AnguirusMember1261 XPDec-02-2019 10:01 AMTeam Godzilla


Cosmo is best dog


TitanosaurusMember616 XPDec-02-2019 10:04 AM

Monster_Zero 2112 Battra's a moth, not a bat. The name is short for "Battle Mothra".

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.


AnguirusMember1261 XPDec-02-2019 10:07 AMTeam Godzilla

Are you sure, 'cos I just looked it up and it didn't show me Battra.

Cosmo is best dog


TitanosaurusMember616 XPDec-02-2019 10:27 AM

Monster_Zero 2112 Wikizilla has more info on it. I tried to copy the text over, but it wouldn't let me for some reason.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.


AnguirusMember1443 XPDec-02-2019 10:36 AMTeam Mothra

Yeah, Battra's kinda like Mothra's "evil" twin (though I don't think he's actually that evil, he's more just the darker Mothra.), so he's a moth.



AnguirusMember1261 XPDec-02-2019 10:38 AMTeam Godzilla

I guess you're right.

Cosmo is best dog
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