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Godzilla x Symphogear chapter 7: You're a king. So start acting like one.

Godzilla x Symphogear chapter 7: You're a king. So start acting like one.

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Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Dec-25-2019 2:05 PM

Y'all better get ready for an EPIC confrontation next chapter. Enjoy!

Things had gone from bad to uncontrollable in a very short time. Godzilla was nowhere to be found, and some suspected the leviathan to be dead. Ghidorah and his newly risen army of titans had been destroying the world, and the military could do nothing to stop them. Even the Symphogear users couldn’t handle all of the titans. Kirika had managed to drive scylla away from phoenix temporarily, Tsubasa had defeated but not killed Behemoth at rio, Abbadon had defeated Shirabe, and was rampaging in Wyoming. Maria briefly stopped Methuselah, but couldn’t prevent the enormous titan from going into Munich. Meanwhile, Chris and Hibiki were stuck aboard the ARGO, and couldn’t do anything to help. “London. Moscow. Washington D.C. Almost all of the world's major cities are under attack.” said a military admiral, Admiral Stenz. “We have no way of stopping these things, and our forces are spread desperately thin. The symphogears have proven somewhat effective in driving these titans away, but they too, are spread thin. A screen showing the titan Behemoth retreating popped up on the main monitor. “One of the symphogear users has successful in defeating one of the titans. However, the other three on duty have either not been able to defeat, or have driven the titan away for a short period of time.” remarked Stenz. “As of now, Godzilla is incapacitated, so we cannot do anything to stop the titans.” “Sir, a large unidentified object is approaching!” “What?” “Bring up a monitor!” The monitor switched to show a cloudy sky. “Is it hiding?” Suddenly, the clouds flashed with light, and the clouds parted to show rays of divine light coming from angelic wings. “Beautiful…” said Serizawa. “What is-” “That is Mothra. The queen of the monsters.” “Is she a threat?” “No. Cave paintings show that Gojira and Mothra have a symbiotic relationship.” said Serizawa. “And I believe she is trying to tell us something. Listen. It sounds like...a song.” “...A song...” “Check for signals relating to Gojira.” ordered Serizawa. “Checking signals.” A deep rumbling noise could be heard from the microphone. “Gojira...he is here.” said Serizawa. 


Deep within his temple within the hollow Earth, Godzilla slowly dragged his bulk towards his resting spot. I’m tired. I’m hurt. I… Godzilla slowly neared his resting spot, and dropped to his knees. Godzilla fell forward, and came face to face with a skeleton. Godzilla’s eyes gazed into the empty socket holes in the skull of the skeleton. Brother. Always by my side… Godzilla’s thoughts showed the imagery of him and a spiked, horned titan battling against Ghidorah. By my side, always. A single tear dripped down Godzilla’s face as it evaporated quickly in the heated air. And Godzilla slowly drifted into sleep.  


Lightning flashed and crackled around the stormy sky of Washington D.C. The city was flooded, and war ships floated atop the waters. No rain fell, as this storm was… unnatural. 3 titans rampaged around the city. the MUTO Abbadon roared as it slammed one of its limbs into a ship. Tiamat hissed as it smacked a ship into the air with its tail. Rodan screeched as he gripped a boat with his talons, lifting it up into the air as he dropped it down upon another ship. High in the sky, bolts of lightning flickered around the form of Ghidorah. It was as if the sky was alive. It was.


Godzilla opened his eyes, staring at the skull of his long-dead friend. I failed you. I failed Mothra. I failed to protect the world I swore to protect… Godzilla snorted, his breath clearing some of the steam around his face. What can I do now? Ghidorah has won. I’m done for. “Is that so?” said a feminine voice suddenly. ...Mothra? “Why do you think you are here? Your selfish desire to “protect” the world can’t get you anywhere.” Mothra…”Your duty was to protect the world, but you twisted it to your own selfish gain.” I… “Don’t deny it. You forced the others to sleep. Ghidorah really was right about one thing. You wanted them gone so you could have the world to yourself.” But- “I’m disappointed in you. But you ARE the king of this world. What would a truly wise king do? Godzilla, Ghidorah threatens the safety of the planet. I know you will stand up, and fight. You can win, but you never do. You always relied on my help, or Anguirus’s help. But for what? Though you defeated him once, what did you do afterwards? You forced the others down. Ghidorah couldn’t stop you from doing that, so you were drunk with power. Realize it already, you idiotic lizard! Your arrogant mindset of a child was your undoing. When Rodan appeared, you sought to kill him. One less problem. Would a king kill his own subjects just to have peace? What do you need to do? I...need to fight Ghidorah… “AND?” I...must apologize to the others…I was a terrible king...I’m sorry. “Very good. But there is one more thing.” Yes…? “You’re a king, Godzilla. So start acting like one.” With that, Mothra’s voice faded. What can I do...for everyone? I failed them. I was a terrible king. My arrogance caused the death of you, my brother… I’m sorry. Godzilla gritted his teeth as he started to tremble. This time, I won’t fail. This time, I WILL be a good king. I was a selfish, terrible leader. But is time to change that. The past is in the past. But here and now...I won’t make the same mistake again! Godzilla slammed his palms onto the ground and started to rise. My duty was to protect the world. I am its guardian. My blood, sweat, and tears will be given to serve not me, not like it once was, but everyone else. I am a king. And I will protect and serve my subjects until I die! Godzilla rose, standing up shakily. No matter how much I get hurt, no matter how much I have to go through… this is my planet. This is OUR planet. TITANS! RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Godzilla’s alpha call spread through the world, reaching the ears of every titan. Ghidorah hissed as he heard the roar as well. Godzilla was challenging him! Ghidorah landed atop the building of congress and sent out his alpha call. Bear arms, and fight against Godzilla! Rodan and Abbadon heeded the call, bowing before Ghidorah. Abbadon bowed right away, but Rodan glared at the hydra before bowing. Tiamat, however, swam off to heed Godzilla’s call instead. The titan civil war had been set. 


Godzilla slouched, his tired eyes closing. He couldn’t fight in this state. How could he defeat Ghidorah, even with half the titans on his side? Suddenly, Godzilla heard a “click” sound. Looking around, Godzilla attempted to find the source of the sound. Looking in front of him, Godzilla, leaned down to inspect… a human? Godzilla got on his knees to look at the tiny human. The human smiled up at him, a sad smile of understanding. Godzilla turned around, and saw the skeleton of his long-time friend. He knows. But how? Serizawa gazed at the titan skeleton, knowing exactly what happened and why the skeleton was there. Godzilla leaned down so close, Serizawa was mere feet away from his snout. Reaching out, Serizawa touched Godzilla’s snout. “Saraba, tomo yo.” Godzilla’s eyes widened. The last thing that Anguirus had said to him was “Goodbye, old friend.” Godzilla closed his eyes, knowing what was going to happen exactly one moment before it did. Goodbye, brother. I loved you. The nuke exploded, the shockwave engulfing Godzilla and his entire home. And then, it was silent. 


At the surface, Hibiki, Chris, and several others stood at the  deck of a submarine. “See anything?” Without warning, a whirlpool slowly formed, the churning vortex glowing with blue light. Everyone stood in awe and reverence as Godzilla rose out of the sea, his dorsal plates shining with iridescent blue light. Godzilla reared up at shot his atomic breath into the sky, calling the titans to join him. As Godzilla shut off his atomic breath, he looked down to see the humans. Godzilla snorted as he made eye contact with Hibiki, his orange eyes meeting her amber eyes. Godzilla huffed, turning to dive beneath the waves. Hibiki looked on as Godzilla’s dorsal plates sank beneath the waves. “Maybe you aren’t that bad.” murmured Hibiki.


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Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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