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Godzilla vs Gamera (who would win?)

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James Smilus #TeamGodzilla

Feb-04-2020 8:59 AM

Both of these Kaiju have been Box Office Rivals for a long time, But who would win in a Fight? In this Fight we are using all the Powers from every Godzilla and Gamera Movie. Gamera has been known to Copy Godzilla Films when there is Millions of Dollars on the Line. I'm Kidding, Anyways Lets Look at the Stats.  



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Classification: 'King of the Monsters'

Height: 119.8 Meters

Length: 177.394 Meters

Weight: 99,634 Tons

Running Speed: 100-300 MPH (Sprinting)

Signature: Atomic Breath, Atomic Pulse, Flying Dropkick, Radioactive Form

Record: 48-8-10

Durability: Godzilla Took a 15 Megaton Nuke and didn't even flinch, as Stated by Dr. Serizawa in the 2014 Movie, He Survived a Black Hole in Godzilla vs Megaguirus. He Even Took a Huge Meteorite Right to the Face and Didn't Even Flinch. In Godzilla: King of the Monsters he Got Dropped from a Huge Height from King Ghidorah and Survives. In the 2014 Godzilla Movie Prequel Comic, It is stated that Godzilla Survived the Permian Impact, which was said to have killed all life in that Era. In the 2002 Movie Godzilla X Mecha Godzilla, Godzilla Tanked the Absolute Zero Cannon Point blank when Godzilla and Kiryu Flew into the Ocean, The Force of the Absolute Zero Cannon Was said to have been between 250-550 TeraTons of TNT.

Strength: Godzilla's Best Feet's of Strength was when he Lifted and Threw Keizor Ghidorah, Who Weigh's Over 100,000 Tons, over 500-700 Feet into the Air. Godzilla Also was Tossing around King Ghidorah in KOTM, and this version of King Ghidorah Weigh's between 140,000-158,000 Tons.



 Image result for Gamera 2016 city

Classification: 'Guardian of the Universe'

Height: 80 Meters

Length: 66-80 Meters

Weight: 1,200-10,000 Tons

Running Speed: 60-120 MPH (Sprinting)

Flying Speed: Mach 3-3.5

Signature: Flying Shell, Fire Ball, Mana Blast, Self Destruct

Record: 11-3-4

Durability: Gamera Has Survived a Nuclear Explosion that Leveled A City. Gamera could also Eat Fire to Heal. He cant do this all the time though. 

Strength: Gamera has Lifted up Viras who weighs between 2,000-12,000 Tons up iinto the air when in his UFO Form.


Advantages for Godzilla:


Physically Stronger

Faster on Foot

Tougher Hide


More Durable

More Fighting Experience


Advantages for Gamera:


Faster Flying Speed

More Agile


Faster Flying Speed 

Protective Shell



Image result for Godzilla vs Gamera

Godzilla Rises from the Ocean to Find Radiation to Eat. He sees Nuclear Power Plants on Land and Walks towards them, People are screaming and Running for their Lives to Escape Godzilla. Godzilla Roars to scare people out of his Way, until A Huge UFO Like Object comes in at the far end of the city. Godzilla turns and looks. 

Image result for gamera 2016

It's GAMERA! Godzilla Looks Confused if he should keep Going for the Radiation or Target Gamera, He Places his body towards Gamera and Faces forward. Gamera Roars to make Godzilla think he is more powerful. But Godzilla Doesn't care and Walks towards Gamera.

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Godzilla Roars and Charges in a Burst of speed, Gamera Was Shocked and Dodges Godzilla's Ram Attack, Godzilla Swings around Grabs Gameras Shell, Gamera Swipes Godzilla in the Face. Godzilla Roars and Picks Gamera over his shoulders and Slams him into a Building. Gamera Roars and Bites Godzilla's Leg and Trips him. Gamera Gets up and waits for Godzilla to get up. Gamera turns around and Lunges his Shell against Godzilla's Chest. Gamera Charges up and Shoots a Fireball at Godzilla's chest, Godzilla Roars and Swings his tail while on the ground. Gamera Dodges and Turns into his Flying form. Godzilla is Suprised and Gets up Quickly, Gamera Goes full speed and Rams Godzilla in the Chest with his Shell. Godzilla Roars Fires his Atomic Breath at Gamera's Chest. Godzilla sees that Gamera's Underbelly just Cracked. Gamera Grabs a Building and Hits Godzilla hard in the Face. Godzilla Hits Gamera in the side with his tail and Gets up. Godzilla charges in and grabs Gamera's Shell and Punches it Twice. Gamera Shakes Godzilla off and Steps Back. This was his chance to End it. Godzilla Gets up and Looks at Gamera. Gamera Roars and Charges up. And....

Related image

Godzilla Roars in Pain and Tries as hard as he can and Pushes forward walking slowly. Then suddenly, Everything turned white.....

the Smoke Clears and Gamera Roars thinking he won, But then....

Image result for Burning Godzilla hot radiation

Godzilla Comes out and is Burning Hot. Godzilla Roars in Anger. Gamera is shocked and Shoots Fire Balls. Godzilla doesn't feel a thing. Godzilla Charges up and Fires his Powerful Atomic Pulse. Gamera Roars in pain. Godzilla fires again and makes gamera turn into bone. Gamera does a final breath and Passes away. Godzilla Roars in Victory and returns to the Ocean. The End.


Winner: Godzilla

Image result for godzilla victory roaring

Godzilla Has Made Turtle Soup for Dinner! Godzilla Outclasses Gamer in Many Ways. Power, Strength, Agility, Durability and Running Speed. You Might think Gamera could just Absorb godzilla's Atomic pulses from his Burning form to heal. But since it was Pure Radiation. Gamera couldn't Feed off of it. Godzilla Also survived much worse than Gamera. Gamera almost died from a Nuclear Bomb. Godzilla Toko the Permian impact and Didn't even Flinch. Godzilla has been Fighting Monsters and Mechs over millions of Years. Some of you gamera fans might think gamera could just leave godzilla in space. But godzilla wouldn't simply let him do that. Godzilla Basically Outclassed Gamera in almost Everyway that counted. There is a Reason why they called him the king of the monsters. I could keep going all day but I got thing's to do. But who do you think would win?


Youtube Channel: James Inkton 2

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"A Dino Doesn’t Win

Because of Popularity, It's Because of Science"

James Inkton, August 28th, 2019.


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3 Responses to Godzilla vs Gamera (who would win?)

Kattozilla #TeamMothra

Feb-04-2020 9:47 AM

c00l. Wasn't this based on Death Battle?

I make these really weird crossovers just for fun

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Feb-04-2020 10:57 AM

I mean, Godzilla winning was kind of expected. Still cool.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

James Smilus #TeamGodzilla

Feb-05-2020 8:04 AM

this my own version of this, not death battles version.

"A Dino Doesn’t Win

Because of Popularity, It's Because of Science"

James Inkton, August 28th, 2019.


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