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How to include Battra into the Monsterverse

How to include Battra into the Monsterverse

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Mothra LarvaeMember98 XPJan-25-2021 11:57 AMTeam Rodan

For years, I've dreamed about seeing Battra In the monsterverse. When KOTM first came out, I realized that Battra would work REALLY well in the same place as Mothra or rodan in some scenes. So here I'm gonna compile my ideas for a Monsterverse Battra.



So appearancewise, He would be very similar to The male muto. Similar colors, although with a more Mothra-esque Body and a lot more red and yellow accents. 

His roar would be very similar to some of Monsterverse Ghidorah's sounds, specifically the sound he makes when summoning Rodan at the end of the movie. (I love that sound so much!!). I feel like he would also make a lot of chirps and coos, each crackling with electricity.

As a way to introduce him, I can visualize a similar introduction to the Male MUTO. Having him breach some kind of containment by emerging from his Pupa, and causing Mayhem the whole time.

Something really interesting would be a similar event to his original appearance, where him and mothra bond overtime. Maybe in the climax of the film Mothra manages to "Talk" to him and calm him down. Maybe in some future adaptation they'll have weird Moth babies. Wouldn't that be cute?

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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GiganMember4185 XPJan-25-2021 8:39 PMTeam Mothra

Wonder if Battra could be the male dimorphisim of Mothra or a rival species if Mothra Leo/Rainbow Mothra is brought into the monsterverse to serve as the male form instead

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