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Will there be more Monsterverse after Godzilla vs Kong?

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Mothra LarvaeMember65 XPJan-28-2021 4:40 AMTeam Godzilla

 I remember I first heard of the Monsterverse when I first saw this exact image back in 2017MONSTERVERSE RELEASES 2014 2017 2019 2020 2022 GODZILLA GODZILLA DESTROY  ALL HAMSTERS Kewl | Godzilla Meme on ME.ME

Is Destroy All Monsters a real film? Is Godzilla vs Kong the final film? Just curious

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5 Responses to Will there be more Monsterverse after Godzilla vs Kong?

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4958 XPJan-28-2021 12:14 PMTeam Ghidorah

As of today Godzilla vs. Kong is the last planned film in the Monsterverse. There are currently no plans for anything after.

This could potentially change in the future, although in all likelihood it depends on how well Godzilla vs. Kong performs.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


GiganMember3193 XPJan-28-2021 2:22 PMTeam Ghidorah

Actually, Yes! Maybe not films, but HBO Max has announced a Monarch Tv Show, and A Skull island Anime has been announced, both of which will be connected to the Monsterverse Universe. Remember, Monsterverse is not just Movies, but the comics also.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


GiganMember4125 XPJan-30-2021 10:48 PMTeam Mothra

I hope they continue the monsterverse


G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4958 XPJan-31-2021 11:41 AMTeam Ghidorah

Hence why I said Godzilla vs. Kong is the last planned film in the Monsterverse.

Which leads to the interesting shift in platform. I have no interest in any further Monsterverse films, as they kinda burnt out quickly--Not that they had a whole lot to go back to anyway. But the continuation as an anime series of various types does intrigue me more. It wouldn't shock me if the Skull Island series ends up being the best and most immersive of the Monsterverse stories.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


BaragonMember159 XPFeb-08-2021 8:27 AM

I want more Kong comics where he journeys the hollow earth tunnels killing skull crawlers and other titans trying to disturb Skull island. The skull island show will hopefully focus on the ecology more so and occasionally feature kong as he is probably expensive to make in cgi.

I would like to see a final movie though. Maybe a final wars type movie with Godzilla and king working together to fight the other titans who went mad and started destroying the environment and cities. Could be a new pair of titans taking control and Godzilla and king have to go after one each as alphas are unaffected and the only beings powerful enough to take them out. Maybe mecha G could make a return after he gets repaired and reprogrammed to be piloted so he is good.

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