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My Prediction Of Where The MonsterVerse Will Go After Godzilla Vs. Kong

My Prediction Of Where The MonsterVerse Will Go After Godzilla Vs. Kong

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GiganMember2128 XPFeb-09-2021 10:47 AMTeam Godzilla

The MonsterVerse could go in any direction after Godzilla Vs. Kong, so let's take a look at my prediction for the MonsterVerse in the future!  Have a look:

2022 - MONARCH TV series on HBO Max

March 2023 - King Kong

June 2023 - Rodan The Fire Demon

October 2023 - Gamera

December 2023 - MONARCH: Season 2

February 2024 - Mothra: Queen Of The Monsters

May 2024 - Gigan

July 2024 - The Beast From 20,000 Depths

August 2024 - MONARCH: Season 3

November 2024 - Monster Island

January 2025 - Destroyah

April 2025 - Godzilla: Rebirth

August 2025 - Varan

November 2025 - MONARCH: The Final Season, Part 1

January 2026 - Ghidorah: Orgins

May 2026 - MONARCH: The Final Season, Part 2

April 2027 - Destroy All Titans: Act I

March 2028 - Destroy All Titans: Act II

And that's all folks! After that, we'll probably wait a few years and get some reboots and then another reboot and then another King Kong Vs Godzilla in 2100....just kidding (Kind of).  That's all!




“I act as if I don't care if people dislike me. Deep down…I secretly enjoy it.”
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5 Responses to My Prediction Of Where The MonsterVerse Will Go After Godzilla Vs. Kong


GiganMember4125 XPFeb-10-2021 6:38 PMTeam Mothra

would be awesome if they add Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah in the monsterverse



BaragonMember159 XPFeb-13-2021 6:58 PM

I just want a classic Destroy all monsters  movie after GvK. Have it be that ghidorah revive more powerful than before and other unique alien titans come to earth to challenge all of earth’s titans. Kong will lead a charge on half the titans and Godzilla will lead one on the other half. Then Godzilla and Kong come together after defeating their own big battle with a powerful large titan and Jump Powered up Ghidorah with a few other titans.


GiganMember2128 XPFeb-16-2021 11:36 AMTeam Godzilla

That would be super cool.  And that could be true if the 2017 monsterverse leak is true as it said Destroy All Monsters was going to happen after GvK

“I act as if I don't care if people dislike me. Deep down…I secretly enjoy it.”


GiganMember3193 XPFeb-16-2021 1:21 PMTeam Ghidorah

Um, a destroy all monster film would have to be on the same level as Avengers endgame. So DAM would have to after much longer.

Also interesting note. Endgame and Infinity war were called very daring for bringing together so many characters. It was a good movie, but bringing money making characters together is not daring.

So DAM would probably require a lot of success from monsterverse

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


GiganMember2128 XPFeb-16-2021 1:45 PMTeam Godzilla


“I act as if I don't care if people dislike me. Deep down…I secretly enjoy it.”
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