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Gorosaurus in the MonsterVerse.

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BaragonMember331 XPJan-11-2022 4:10 PMTeam Godzilla

The only way I can see Gorosaurus showing up would be as an easter egg. I just don’t see Legendary paying Toho millions to license a giant tyrannosaur when we’ve already seen King Kong go toe to toe with T-Rexes many times in the past. There’s also no need to purchase the rights to a T-Rex when you can just pay concept artists to design one from the ground up.

But let’s say that in the next movie, Kong travels through the Hollow Earth in order to assert his dominance over all the native Titans, and one of the locations he discovers is an ancient battlefield filled with the remains of his ancestors. While examining the remains of the fallen Titans, one of them happens to be a Kong with its hands prying open the jaws of a giant tyrannosaur. This tyrannosaur could serve as a nod to Gorosaurus, and imply that Kong’s ancestors have waged with many creatures besides the Skullcrawler and Godzilla species. This wouldn’t be that far fetched considering we saw Anguirus’s skeleton lying next to Godzilla’s temple before it got destroyed in KOTM. There was also a giant Triceratops skull in the boneyard on Skull Island, and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that dinosaurs also lived (or currently live) in the Hollow Earth.

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