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Godzilla or thanos from FANDOM | Imagine battles, not my work

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BaragonMember150 XPDec-13-2022 8:22 AMTeam Godzilla

In the depths of the Pacific, Godzilla rest amid the undersea volcanoes in the trenches at the sea floor. Suddenly, his eyes open, and he glares, for he sensed something amiss on the surface that awoke him from his slumber. With a roar, the Kaiju burst from the trenches, swimming to the surface.

Tokyo, Japan

Thanos' flagship, the Sanctuary II, fired down on the city below, raining massive blasts of energy. The explosions from the blasts decmated massive tracts of the city. The Avengers, who had come to battle Thanos, had all been strewn across the wreckage. Thanos looked down upon them, a grin on his face.

"All that fighting, just to crumble amid the rubble," Thanos said. "Once I bathe this planet in your blood, the Universe will finally be balanced."

One of Thanos' minions rushed over to him with an anxious look.

"Sir!" the officer said. "There seems to be a massive energy signature. It appears to be.. nuclear radiation."

"Energy signature?" Thanos said shock.

"Its approaching from the oceans over there, and it is moving high speeds," the officer said pointing over the horizons.

Thanos looked in the direction that his minion pointed. Then, amid the waves, emerged spike-like dorsal spines.

"What is..." Thanos said.

The spines sped towards the shores, and a spray of ocean water erupted up. As it faded, there stood the King of the Monsters himself.

Captain America looked over.

"Godzilla," he said in shock.

Godzilla looked up at Sanctuary II, and roared. Thanos glared at Godzilla.


"Fire on that creature!" Thanos said gestureing at Godzilla with his double-edge sword. The flagship blasted Godzilla with streams of the energy blasts. However, Godzilla merely growled as he advanced forwards, a glare on his face.

"Blasts ineffective on him, sir!" a person operating the cannons said. Thanos glared watching as Godzilla continued his advance.

"Send some Leviathans," Thanos said.

A group of metallic, flying serpent creatures flew at Godzilla. Godzilla swept at one with his claws, knocking it to the ground. The creature was crushed by Godzilla's foot.

The other Leviathans attacked at Godzilla. One bit Godzilla on the arm. Godzilla roared in agitation. The other circled around to attack form behind, but the King of the Monsters tail whipped it, sending the Leviathan flying into a building. Godzilla shook his arm, attempting to get the other Leviathan off. Then, Godzilla grabbed the metallic creature. Pulling it to his mouth, he bit down on it, ripping off a chunk of it before tossing it aside.

Godzilla turned his attention back to Sanctuary II. Then, his dorsal plates began to glow, and a whirring sound began.

"Sir, there appears to be something happening with the creature," Thanos' minion said. Thanos was watching as Godzilla turned his head to face Sanctuary II.

"Oh my-" Thanos began.

Then, Godzilla sent out an atomic breath, blasting Sanctuary II. Thanos shouted out as the ship trembled, and fell to the ground in two halves. He rushed inside, and grabbed the Infinity Gauntlet, complete with the six stones.

Godzilla watched as the ship crashed with an explosion. Then, he noticed a strange light. Godzilla growled in curiosity, for he knew something was not right.

Then, Thanos leapt outside of the ship wreckage. The Mad Titan bore his gauntlet in front of him, an evil grin on his face.

"So, your Godzilla... now lets see what you've really got," Thanos said maliciously.

Godzilla roared, stomping towards Thanos. However, Thanos used the Reality Stone, morphing the metal of the crashed ship into spikes, and sent them at Godzilla. Godzilla growled in agitation as he was pelted by the projectiles. While Godzilla was distracted, Thanos sent out a blast from the power stone, striking Godzilla. The God of Destruction roared as he skidded into a cluster of buildings, knocking them to the streets below.

Godzilla looked up to see Thanos leap at him with the Infinity Gauntlet. However, Godzilla tail whips the Mad Titan mid air, launching him into a building.

Godzilla charged up an atomic breath to fire at the building that Thanos was in. However, Thanos used the Reality Stone, and turned the blast to bubbles as Godzilla fired it.

Godzilla clacked his jaws in confusion.

Using the Space Stone, Thanos teleported out of the building, and over Godzilla, landing a blow to the Kaiju's head. Godzilla growled at blow, then took a swipe at Thanos with his massive hand, knocking Thanos aside.

Thanos landed atop a building, skidding along the roof. Thanos gets up as Godzilla advances towards him. Just as Thanos prepares an attack, Godzilla tail whips the building below Thanos, and Thanos begins to fall to the ground. However, using the Reality Stone on the rubble, Thanos built himself a platform.

Godzilla took another sweep at Thanos with his clawed hands. However, Thanos delivered a punch using the Infinity Stones, colliding with Godzilla's hand.

The King of the Monsters roared in pain as his hand was disintegrated to bone. Thanos then pulled up masses of rubbles, attempting to trap Godzilla in place. Godzilla broke through collections of the rocks, but then, they began to rap around him. Seeing this, Godzilla sent out a nuclear pulse, blasting away the rocks. Thanos barely managed to shield the full effects, groaning in pain as his skin burned.

The Mad Titan landed on another building. Godzilla charged an atomic breath. At that point Thanos sent out a beam from his Infinity Gauntlet. Godzilla's atomic breath met with the Infinity Gauntlet beam at that moment. The beams clashed for a bit before Godzilla pushed the Infinity Gauntlet beam back. Then, the beams produced an explosion, sending Thanos flying to Tokyo Tower, and Godzilla skid across the city, leveling smaller buildings.

Thanos, from his perch on Tokyo Tower, saw the Moon on the horizon. Then, using the Infinity Guantlet, began to tear it to chunks. It gave off a strange light as it became chunks of dust and rock. Then, with a groan, Thanos thrust his Gauntlet arm forward, sending a rain of chunks of rock, which fell towards Godzilla.

Seeing this, Godzilla hunkered down, getting on his hands and feet, and slammed his tail to the ground. The chunks of rock rained down, and Godzilla's spines glowed. Raising his head, he sent out his Blue Spiral Heat Ray, blasting a massive chunk of rock in the center. Others crashed harmlessly on Godzilla and around him as well.

"Well, that's impressive," Thanos remarked. "But not enough. Now, you'll see the power of a deity."

Godzilla blasted another Blue Spiral Heat Ray at Thanos, but Thanos absorbed the blast into his Gauntlet. Then, Thanos sent the blast back at Godzilla.

Godzilla roared as his own beam struck him, and he flew into a taller building, which collapsed on him.

Thanos then harnessed the energy from the stones, sending out a blast from the Infinity Gauntlet. The battlefield was consumed in light.

Once it faded, the city was reduced to a crater of rubble. Godzilla could not be seen. Thanos chuckled.

"I am inevitable," he said.

However, just then, the ground trembled. Thanos' glee suddenly changed as he saw a bit of ground breaking a short distance away.

Then, dust and rubble were blown into the air around the cracking ground. The dust faded amid a red glow, and Godzilla was back.

The God of Destruction roared as his eyes flashed with sparks of energy. Though he was severely injured, he was not going to surrender. Godzilla glared down at Thanos, displaying fury matching that of a deity. Thanos looked scared. Then, he prepared to battle again.

Godzilla spines glowed more intensely red. Then, his jaws opened, and he sent out his Red Spiral Heat Ray. Thanos thrust his gauntlet arm forward, attempting to absorb the blast. However, as the Gauntlet prepared to absorb the energy of the blast, the Gauntlet began to melt. Thanos exclaimed in pain as the molten metal burned his flesh.

"NOOOO!" he shouted as the stones fell to the ground. Steam also billowed off him as he was burning due to the intense heat from Godzilla.

Godzilla glared, preparing a second Red Spiral Heat Ray blast. He released it, and it surged towards Thanos, who resignedly closed his eyes as he was engulphed in the blast.

Godzilla ceased the blast, seeing a scorched patch of ground where the Mad Titan Thanos was once.

The King of the Monsters raised his head to the air, and roared in triumph.

Having won the battle, Godzilla began to return to his home, stomping back towards the ocean. He dove into the see walking amid the waves.



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4 Responses to Godzilla or thanos from FANDOM | Imagine battles, not my work


BaragonMember150 XPDec-13-2022 8:23 AMTeam Godzilla

 This is not my work, but just thought it would be fun to post and see what you guys thought


Dark Nebula

AnguirusStaff1191 XPDec-13-2022 9:17 AM

Little reminder: when you make posts like this, just make sure to source the original article/post at the bottom or at the top of your thread.
You did acknowledge that this is not your work, there's no issue there, just a link to the original post at the bottom or top would be nice, it gives credit where credit is due.
Scified Community rules


BaragonMember150 XPDec-13-2022 11:22 AMTeam Godzilla

Will do, Here's the https://imagine-battles.fandom.com/wiki/Godzilla_vs_Thanos



BaragonMember150 XPDec-13-2022 11:27 AMTeam Godzilla

SO whenever I post these I have to put the link as well?

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