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Fans are calling to Continue the Monsterverse and Legendary have taken notice!

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With the growing success Godzilla vs. Kong continues to see in theaters and on demand, fans are rallying on social media calling for the Monsterverse to continue past this latest installment. Godzilla fans have initiated the movement using the hashtag #ContinueTheMonsterverse on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Enough fans have got on board that it actually got the hashtag trending on Twitter and Legendary took notice:

Not only that, but director of Kong: Skull Island also jumped on board, quoting Legendary's tweet and saying give the people what they want:

The call for this movement comes as a result of Godzilla vs. Kong being potentially the final film in the Monsterverse series due to the fact that Warner Brothers and Legendary would need to renegotiate terms with Toho if they wished to continue using their rights to produce new films. Given the success Godzilla vs. Kong is exhibiting and the positive relationships with Toho throughout the entire Monsterverse production, it's very possible Legendary, Warner Brothers and Toho will come to a new deal whereby the Monsterverse can continue. However, until we hear official word from studio sources, all we can do as fans is continue to support these films by watching them and engaging on sites like this one and social media to spread the word and express just how badly we want these films to continue!

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MemberTitanosaurusApr-08-2021 11:02 AM

Although I wasn't the biggest fan of GvK, it would be awesome if the Monsterverse continues. Off course I'd also love to see Toho get back to making their own movies, but who say's we can't have both right?


MemberGiganApr-08-2021 11:33 AM

The reason Toho shut down Godzilla Heritage, they worry two Godzilla’s might confuse the public.


MemberGiganApr-08-2021 4:00 PM



MemberMothra LarvaeApr-09-2021 1:48 AM

For me, the biggest thing is I REALLY want to learn about the myhology of the Titans.  Backstories are hinted on but not really expanded on; 15min more in GvK would've addressed this.....aaaargh.  I also really really want to see Biollante, Angilas and Destoroyah pop up here...I feel they're both credible and would fit in with whats gone before.  DNA from Maia Simmons' remains would make for a vengeful beast, and the OD used in GKOTM has already birthed Destoroyah?  Angilas?  He need no reason! :-)  Fingers x.d we get more films, as a 54 yr old fan I feel so blessed to have seen Hollywood give is FOUR all expense sfx laden kaiju spectacles...but like Hedorah...I always want more ;-)


MemberBaragonApr-09-2021 8:12 AM

Yes Godzilla vs Kong was the greatest film of all time and I hope they do continue the monsterverse but I am still upset they killed King Ghidorah in KOTM. The treatment of the war bats was also disappointing 

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaApr-09-2021 12:16 PM

I think the whole #ContinueTheMonsterverse thing is pretty silly at this point. Why would they not make a sequel to the film that spring boarded the recovery of cinemas all over the world? According to sources it will beat King of the Monsters' total box office gross next week and breakeven soon.


MemberGiganApr-09-2021 1:08 PM


Thats very true. Successful Movie? Make sequel. It’s how civilizations have developed. Got a good idea? Copy it.


MemberGiganApr-09-2021 4:42 PM

Due to the massive success, GVK accomplished what it wanted to do.  Start a new universe, which it will probably get now.


MemberAnguirusApr-18-2021 2:44 PM

G. H. (Gman)

At least it shows that people want more. It may seem a little silly, but people are showing their support for something they enjoy, and the fact that the studio is acknowledging it shows that it's working.


MemberAnguirusApr-18-2021 2:46 PM

Also, RIP Jordan Vogt-Roberts' beard.


MemberGiganApr-18-2021 2:47 PM


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