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Godzilla: Genesis Campaign to Make the Monster King More Accessible Worldwide

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Written by G. H. (Gman)19,221 Reads8 Comments2019-10-17 23:10:15

Gormaru Island recently reported Toho's latest announcement at MIPCOM, (“the world's largest entertainment content market”) and their mission to make Godzilla more accessible to audiences worldwide.

Toho will be offering all 29 of their Godzilla films internationally to cable broadcasters and streaming services. The films will be available both separately and as a package deal. Toho will also be giving distributors production material, including music and sound effects, so territories without dubs can create their own. Takaaki Nakazawa, Toho's head for global licensing, was excited about doing business with said distributors.

"Because MIPCOM is a market for media content we're looking forward to discussing deals for the series, but we also want to strengthen the brand value of the franchise,” he says.

Part of the plan includes marketing other kaiju in similar ways. (Rodan and Mothra were mentioned specifically.) Toho was well underway with selling Godzilla during MIPCOM. They announced a new toy line will make waves in January of 2020, an agreement with a clothing line and the recently revealed wristwatch by Seiko, emulating the 2016 Godzilla's skin.

La Presse also reported animated clips of kaiju were shown off at the panel—Allegedly the cartoon will air soon, but information regarding the clips remain scarce. Until there's an official announcement, there's no telling what the animation was actually for. Toho also seems to have interest in Godzilla having some sort of presence at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

With Godzilla vs. Kong hitting theaters next year, Criterion's Showa Series set just days away from release and Toho doing their part to push the franchise, fans can expect more Godzilla merchandise and content over the next few years.
Gomaru Island
MIPCOM (via Gomaru Island)
La Presse


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Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonOct-18-2019 4:43 AM

Hecking finally! Not just the same 6 movies on TV anymore! Maybe some new kids will grow up thinking Godzilla is more than Saturday morning nonsense, that'd be cool. This animation rumor is intriguing, but it could just be something like that animated segment KoTM got before the movie in Japanese theaters, so I'm keeping my hype restrained for now.

Elijah Thomas

MemberMothra LarvaeOct-18-2019 5:29 AM

Toho wanting Godzilla at the Tokyo Olympics.... They could release a movie next next year (I'm looking at you Godzilla vs The Legendary Wolfman) 


MemberTitanosaurusOct-18-2019 6:12 AM

Thank you Toho.


MemberRodanOct-18-2019 7:51 AM

This is amazing.


MemberRodanOct-18-2019 9:09 AM


Kamoebas V.6

MemberTitanosaurusOct-18-2019 9:47 AM



MemberGiganOct-18-2019 12:36 PM

Thank Godzilla!


MemberTitanosaurusOct-21-2019 12:11 PM

This sounds awesome. I can't wait to see what happens with this.

Also, please Toho. Let Godzilla appear for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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