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Godzilla vs. Kong art book release date gets delayed to 2021

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The Godzilla fan community is a blaze right now with speculation that the Godzilla vs. Kong movie release date is being delayed again. The fact of the matter is this is not true. What sparked the speculation is that news of 2 of the film's official publications, an art book and children's book have been delayed.

The official Godzilla vs. Kong art book has been bumped from its November 2020 release date and is now set for a May 21, 2021 release date with the children's book moving to April 2021 as well.

It's fair to assume this could be a precursor for news that Warner Brothers will be shifting Godzilla vs. Kong's theatrical release date as well, but no official sources have yet claimed that is the case.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, many studies have opted to release their new films directly to consumers via Video On Demand, which is a very real possibility for Godzilla vs. Kong if this pandemic lasts any longer. Of course a theatrical run could be something to revisit after the lockdown procedures lift if they choose to initially release the movie digitally.

The fact is we simply do not know what the fate of Godzilla vs. Kong is right now. We will likely know within the next month or two but as it stands, there's no need to jump the gun in assuming the release date has been shifted yet again.

Would you support a digital release for Godzilla vs. Kong or would you rather the release date shift to take advantage of a proper theatrical release? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-05-25 07:16:23

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MemberBaragonMay-25-2020 3:22 PM

I'm for whenever WB releases it, whether November (before or after).  Was a time there was no internet and we waited to be surprised when a movie like this just showed up at the theatre.  There might have been an "upcoming" blurb in Famous Monsters, et al, but it was still "wait and see".


MemberGiganMay-25-2020 7:07 PM

Probably delayed, so even the mild spoilers aren’t known.

Trash panda

MemberAnguirusMay-25-2020 9:45 PM

Um, I don’t know about that because I found it on the Barnes and Noble website and you’re able to order it. But I might be wrong or not. I don’t know.


MemberBaragonMay-26-2020 7:30 AM

@Monster_Zero 2112  I had already pre-ordered mine from Amazon, but the release date has since been changed to 2021.  We can always hope for a change.

Gabriel Salomon

MemberBaragonMay-26-2020 6:04 PM

Biggmonsterman666, apparently your wish just came true.

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