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Ice Gojira: New Godzilla 2020 anime incarnation design revealed!

Scified2020-01-10 16:40:44https://www.scified.com/articles/ice-gojira-new-godzilla-2020-anime-incarnation-design-revealed-70.jpg
Written by Chris83,897 Reads14 Comments2020-01-10 16:40:44

You've heard of Burning Godzilla, Fire Godzilla and even Space Godzilla. Now get ready for... Ice Godzilla!

Godzilla will be making yet another anime debut this year in the upcoming film titled *deep breath* Shinkansen-Transforming Robot Shinkalion the Movie: The Mythically Fast ALFA-X That Came From Future (translated). Although Godzilla is not one of the title characters for this specific anime, he will have a cameo appearance - adding yet another official incarnation of the King of Monsters to the already, long list of variations. Below are two new images of what the new Godzilla will look like, courtesy of our friends KaijuNewsOutlet and BigBen:

Interestingly enough it seems this Godzilla is covered in ice! Why? We don't know. Feel free to post your theories below!

As we learn more about this new anime and discover footage of Godzilla's specific cameo, we'll be sure to keep you updated!

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MemberTitanosaurusJan-10-2020 4:56 PM

...say what, now?

Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJan-10-2020 5:06 PM

Dangit, am I going to have to get into another multi-series anime franchise again so soon after Symphogear? :P

Kind of looks like he was just hibernating in the snow and woke up a few minutes ago, I wonder if the ice will fall off later in his cameo?


MemberRodanJan-10-2020 9:00 PM

Now thats one spicy boi.

Also Gomi, how was Symphogear G?

Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJan-10-2020 9:31 PM

Actually I believe he may be a chilly boi.

An absolute blast. I didn't like the slight shift in art style initially, but that turned out to be a good thing overall as it was a sign of a bigger budget and better overall animation. Songs were great, story was great, characters were great, this is fast becoming an all-time favorite series for me. Did you hunt down the OVAs?


MemberBaragonJan-10-2020 10:28 PM

It was an eventuality that Godzilla would develop ice powers as he grows to master all elements like a true Celestial Dragon.  King Ghidorah should have won KOTM and Godzilla should have smoked that parasite bastard Muto


MemberTitanosaurusJan-11-2020 9:01 AM

"It was an eventuality that Godzilla would develop ice powers as he grows to master all elements like a true Celestial Dragon."

Uh...hate to break this to you, pal, but Godzilla isn't a dragon.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJan-11-2020 10:34 AM

...or real.


MemberTitanosaurusJan-11-2020 11:16 AM

G. H. (Gman) That too.


MemberRodanJan-11-2020 11:45 AM

Gomi: Ninja Monster

I personally havn't.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJan-11-2020 2:59 PM


The 2 for G are 13 minutes each. They don't add much to the main story, but they do some background worldbuililding and, most importantly, show off all the characters being total goofballs. If you still need more Symphogear in your life, the OVAs are the thing to watch.


MemberRodanJan-11-2020 4:04 PM

Godzilla Earth... Burning Godzilla... and Ice Godzilla... Long ago, the three elements of Godzilla lived in harmony, until the Burning Godzilla attacked. 


We only need an air-power Godzilla. Oh wait,


MemberRodanJan-11-2020 4:26 PM

Gomi: Ninja Monster

Yep lol. What did you think of the new Symphogear users in G? As villians, I hated/loved them, as heros, I love them.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJan-12-2020 9:22 AM


I don't know, it's hard to hate a tortured soul and two cinnamon rolls. :P They successfully made picking one favorite character a lot harder.


MemberRodanJan-12-2020 2:55 PM

Gomi: Ninja Monster

I know. OOF to Maria. Most people like Chris the most. I personally like the two cinnamon rolls the most, hence my pfp.

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